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  1. black friday is the day of the year when most people go into debt from holiday shopping heh
  2. this has been brought up before and pretty much while cool its only worth it on the high end cards (even then its sorta a mines bigger then yours/rich man's overkill)
  3. well i dont think you will get far with that mobo but you need to get the stepping off your cpu so we know what core your working with.
  4. I had kirby on gameboy (sucked cause no powerups) and the nes version which ruled heh only pink character that I ever felt powerful playing as.
  5. I will stick with my 95 celi as for the engine its lasted forever lol 226k miles and still ticks too
  6. high school is what counts middle school they might glance at but wont care. As for chances of getting into college your 14 come back in a few years man...
  7. hmm I regret reading kb's posts these days too perhaps we have a new trend? As for what I regret umm lets review no girlfriend no job no money computer that is starting to give it up few friends regrets? none lol well except for reading kb's post that is
  8. Alright *cracks knuckles* Name's Mist, SinisterMist Age Unknown Reason to be picked? I will do the most humiliating things possible. Need someone to dress up in a pink speedo to gross out all of occ and cause grown men to burn their retina's out with hot pokers? Then I am your man then again I will do it anyway so you might as well pick me
  9. Mist

    2 Options

    heh well if you considered something in indianapolis I would go there all we have around here is compusa and they bite heh. As for what to do I would say go with the option thats gonna let you see your family the most. Money is nice but your only gonna have one shot with your kids.
  10. you would think schools would lobby for them because where I go to school most people havecell pjones and use them often lol(had one in england can't stand the dang things)
  11. umm I am working on my own stuff but it is serious stuff lol so I think I will pass on seeing
  12. hmm I paid 2300 for my celica (95 226k miles heh) and I would still go for it over that even though mine is white also.
  13. Mist

    Music Protection

    it rips them but unlike cdex they have no sound which is kinda interesting. Oddly enough (note I disabled my autorun) eac says contraband has no protection but I still don't get why they have no sound when all the others do.
  14. well the theory is that if you built a gigantic one then it could build smaller ones, and they could create millions. Of course to do this your going to need some powerufl computers but ohh well. Once you do this who knows how long it would take but since you would eal with atoms and not quarks it is more feasible.
  15. ok why bother with teleptoration honestly? think about it unless your talking about live beings there is no real point. Instead why not just create nanobots to build objects from raw materials?
  16. Mist

    Music Protection

    thats my reason for doing it because Id ont have an alarm on my car and if they still my cd player its bad enough GRrr I got cdex and I held shift when it start up but the burned versions are still screwed up . God this pisses me off, shouldn't be legal really as we are allowed to back up our stuff.
  17. Mist

    Music Protection

    I got a new cd player for my car two weeks ago and have been buring my cds to mp3 cds heh. Sadly two of my cds dislike being copied. Glorious burden by iced earth just doesn't play correctly in my cdrom (plays perfectly in everthing else) and contraband only allows me to wma grrr. Anyway around these and yes I own these cds and am legally entitled to back them up
  18. wow that is so cool NOT really man get a girl in your town and stop posting about her on here I know its mean but admins com'n this is getting pathetic
  19. Well I was invited to go do something with my ex girl friend (we are decent friends these days) and hang out with one of her friends but too akward. So instead I will spend the night doing history projects thatare due tomorrow and find an excuse to drive my car somewhere heh
  20. Call me stupid but I have to say last night heh. I drove up to cvs and it was closed (wohoo) so I drove 15 minutes to wallgreeens. Heh I may suck at driving my car (95 celica st/manual) but it is a blast. Pity I don't have the cash to dump into it
  21. I believe my comp won't boot if it is under 500 mhz but I managed to undervolt my system by quite a bit before it started locking up. dunno I would like to see if you could take a es p4 (northwood of course) underclock it and undervolt it to see if you could get awawy with just a small heatsink
  22. Mist

    Game For 2.48

    My father let me play duke nukem 3d in third grade and hell I turned out just fine.
  23. Arthur: I am your King. Peasant woman: Well I didn't vote for you. Arthur: You don't vote for kings. Woman: Well how'd you become king, then? Arthur: The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water, signifying by devine providence that I, Arthur, was to carry Excalibur. That is why I'm your king. Dennis: Listen. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony. Arthur: Be quiet! Dennis: You can't expect to weild supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you! Arthur: Shut up! Dennis: If I went 'round sayin' I was an emporer just because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they'd put me away!. American Pie sucks but if you didn't like the above you need your head checked yeesh.
  24. Well if you want to keep your skin clean I find irish spring twice a day and a good acne wash that is designed to scrub the dead skin off (usualy has littly balls in it which scratches your face when you wash) keep my skin clean lol.
  25. not interested in seeing the grudge because when it was a little akward when I saw the ring. Apparently your not supposed to laugh through horror movies
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