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  1. Me? 80 in my celica just because I only go ten over the speedlimit In the car? 155 2002 BMW 330 Desiel sport with m3 options Father was driving on the autobahn so it was legal (sadly that year they introduced the limiter so it couldn't go faster grrr)
  2. I own Virtua Fighter 2 so I could legally download the roms for that but I don't see the point
  3. Well vipers can be had for 30k or less if you get an older one (which imo look better). As for seeing expensive cars on the street I used to watch a guy drive his viper and another his m5 everyday while I waited for the bus. Personally here's my sports car list 65 GT350 (screw the gt500 this is before the mustang started to get bigger) Celica GT-Four (can we say 3s-gte?) Viper RT/10 Viper GTS Coupe Except for the last two I seem to like cheaper cars haha
  4. mmm I would still rather have a celica gt four from europe (lefthand drive of course haha) but the eclipse sounds nice.
  5. when hl2 dm came out it wasn't in my games list dunno why. Anyways I went to the find servers and found one playing dm. once I tried to join it installed I suggest you try the same for hl2 because even if it doesn't install it should come up on your games list.
  6. but but.... unless you saw me fromt he back you would never know its all about how you tuck and tape man
  7. so far I am unimpressed with it maybe its becasuse every 2 minutes winamp starts playing music grr lol
  8. untrue its amusing to write up such utter crap (hmm bloody filter changing my craps to craps) even though it hurts him about as much as a feather landing on his head.
  9. I dislike it when censiorship takes hold but I do get d3's point about sponsorship. I detest forums that it is all swearing but in my opinion it does have its place. Still I don't mind it when the main cuss words are censored but when you get to be picky and all the sudden crap is a bad word I get annoyed. (like at school jeeez we are almost adults and crap is a bad word in english?)
  10. Before a mod goes and deletes this last I heard it was still legal to rip music from radio (online and off heh) but I was wondering if anyone knew of some good freebie software to do it from?
  11. hmm they are going to let you fiddle with things? no more bitching from customers? and more time spent on the old homefront? Maybe not as much cash but that sounds like more of a win/win situation still. *looks blankly at his xp2500 and cries*
  12. I am so hotter *puts on tube top and g string* *puts sucks in tube top to get it shape*
  13. lets see are you going to be playing hl2? if so get the 9800 before you get the 6600gt otherwise with your picks go 9800, 6600gt, 6800
  14. I am not farmiliar with the le cards but if they are just underclocked you might be able to flash it to a regular 5700 or better (I doubt that bit lol)
  15. 8x is the agp speed (orignal agp was 1x, 2x then came agp 2.0 with 4x and 8x) it has nothing to do with the number of pipelines. Trust me go with a 9700 pro lol that 9600xt is nice and fast as far as clocks go but it has no real power when it comes to rendering
  16. umm no such thing as dual fx's you would have to get dual, quad, etc opterons and even then its over kill becuase you the most part you would only use one cpu at a time.
  17. it doesnt guys lol the 256 is a gimic on that card because the gpu can't utilize it due to its speed. stick with 128 and put some extra cash somewhere else
  18. it was on the hateful side but it was the truth so you can't exactly persecute me for it. Slander is one thing but I aimed for honesty in my work of art and even if you didn't like it you can't really do much about (except the admins who can delete it/punish me)
  19. go for the better card because you could always get another high end later when prices drop
  20. how would that work though? I mean your working with two 128bit interfaces and two sets of pipelines? sounds to me like it would outpreform it because your working with the same pipeline and such but wayyy more power.
  21. future games would but why blow all that cash now? if you wait for future games you can get future cards that are either more powerful or current cards at cheaper prices. I am running a 9800 pro at stock and at your resolution play half-life 2 at medium resolution. A x800 or 6800 is what? twice as powerful? seems to me you should just get one high end card and save your cash for something else.
  22. I never understood why people complained about the first xbox controllers sure they were big but if you have devent sized hands they were comfy. the new ones bite (too small) and when Ihad my xbox I always made my friends use the new one. As for consoles they are alot different then computers more for playing against a friend when you have them over. Since they have internet connections things are going to change but dunno heh I only had xbox live when it first came out and the games were kinda pathetic then.
  23. friend had an irivea and it broke but he had the rpelacement play at best buy so just took it in and got the latest one. It has a cool color screen but the button layout sucks so he took it in and got an ipod (moral of the story go to best buy and get the warranty)
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