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  1. its the 510 but i will look into this
  2. That I guessd but what about bringing out the full dpi on my mouse? Kinda pointless to have a nice gamming mouse of it acts like every other mouse out there. Or am I screwed by logitech's lack of support? (In which case I willl look into razor's linux support for when I buy a laptop for linux)
  3. When I installed fedora core 3 it detected my mouse as a standard ps/2 mouse (how I dont know because its usb heh) anyways Im not sure if it is using the full dpi of the mouse and also I want to remap the buttons. In windows the side buttons allowd you to go backwards and forwards in webpages but on here they do oddball stuff lol.
  4. ive been doing the same lately and best I can find is a radeon 9600 in some refurb emachines. I am going to be loading linux on this comp though so I didnt look too much into them as I need to learn some more about linux first.
  5. Mist

    Want To Be Puzzled?

    lol ok i don't see how the riddle gives you the answer but whatever I made it in on my own accord Edit The current challenge is a piece of hardware maybe its the barcode for that particular piece but can anyone pull any of the codes off the chips and maybe trace it back to hardware that used such parts?
  6. such bs its not like its that hard to do now is it? Why the hell did companies pour money into putting digital cameras into the dang things when people listen to music more then they take pictures?
  7. Well my father is now living in cali (got a job there but mum wants me to finish highschool here and then she is gonna move there after i graduate) so I need to keep in touch with my mum. MP3 player is near death so I wanted to know if any of todays cell phones (non pda type) have a built mp3 player and if they do of those do any have an sd slot (hey I dont want to waste a perfectly good 512mb card now!). So far I have found nothing but meh you never know?
  8. your parents are retarded if they let you get a rwd drive sports car when youve only been able to drive on your own for a month. No offense but your just gonna be an after thought when the medics scrape your brains off the sidewalk when you pull some stupid stunt. In all honesty get a fwd or awd drive car because seeing how most likely you can't drive worth a dang at least you'll have a bit more control in bad weather.
  9. Mist

    Buying A Key Online?

    lol if you want to know something cheap go to the store and buy the old platinum edition. Somehow I wound up with two used copies of the plat pack before steam came out and it turns out that both the cdkey for cs and the one for hl works. so I ended up giving keys to three of my friends heh
  10. Mist

    Who Plays Mgs2

    umm no it isn't I hated 2 with a passion simply because it was so retarded. OMG OMG OMG Revolver is being controled by liquid!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA such utter crap for the sequel of such a great game...
  11. will it be a problem to run it through my netgear router though? I don't need to have full speed just enough to play online?
  12. no its wireless, plus i want to play while in my living room.
  13. come the 24th i pick up my psp and I want to play online but heres the problem one I dont have a wirelss router two I have a netgear router already so in light of this what router should I get and what ports (if any) should I open on my netgear router?
  14. Mist


    I looked at ds (friends have it) I looked at psp psp is gonna have battery issues but other then that? its got the power, games, controls (touchscreen is akward to hold while in something that moves) and comes with memory card, and case plus it has the ability to play mp3's and go online (so far it should launch witht his option) not to mention movies ds is innovative but still a kids system, just look at its design. It was made to take a beating from some 12 year old. The titles are geared towards kids too So far I want Dynasty warriors (on ds but was dumbed down too to lack of power) Devil May Cry Romanceof the Three Kingdoms The Godfather MediEvil (God this series has always been fun) Twisted Metal Head On (finally back to its tm2 roots heh) DarkStalkers Chronical (multiplayers woot) DS Only has a few games I like Mario64 DS MarioKart Metriod Unless the brought back golden eye just like it was, perfect dark (can't happen ms owns rare so both these are out). Killer instinct (split rights between ms and nintendo), and super smash brothers I can't see it having the best games (Zelda is alright but its gotten old)
  15. Trying it out as we speak and while it is fast it isn't a huge jump from firefox except it takes a bit more to configure it. Speaking of configuring how do I get rid of the blasted search bar?
  16. umm man dont even bother lol stick with stock
  17. And I hate it when people call me Brent heh it is Bret yeesh
  18. ill try it I think someone threw out the box so no receipt Edit Might have found the real problem the stock fan is toasted. It just isn't spinning 'doh back to comp usa tomorrow i guess... err i got work so wensday maybe?
  19. I think I will just rma it only problem is I have as5 on there right now but with the stock heatsink. The cheesepad is long gone so what do I do about that or for those of you who have rma'ed cards do they check for that?
  20. Alrighty I have had my 9800 pro a little more then a year nopw and its been giving me troubles for awhile. I had a zalman heatsink on there for awhile but the weight wrecked the agp slot on my old mb so I took it off when I got the infinity. Past few months my card would get hot after a few hours of gaming and start to have lines. Well I would shut it off for a bit and all would be well. That was till this weekend. I get back sundays and a few hours of gamming turned into a few minutes browsing forums. Today I got some as5 and put it on but after 10 mins my card was getting yellow lines (note this is underclocked and on stock settings) so I turn off the comp and pull it out. Low and behold it is still burning up. I have the receipt somewhere and its retail (got it at best buy but sadly no warranty ..) so I can rma but that means downtime I dont want to deal with. Any suggestions?
  21. darwinawards.com engrish.com 6gc.net (celica forums)
  22. Mist


    Names whisper in the game and id is sinisterwhisper just started as a mage Edit NM I don't care for the game its good for a freebie but I will stick to my free one year subscription to ao for now
  23. Ati has better quality as far as teh cards being released. I have yet to hear anyone complain about an out of the box radeon however time to time ati has driver issues.. Nvidia on the other hand isn't too strict *cough xfx cough* but has better driver support. Who makes the better cards these days is hard to say but right now I would buy a newly released ati that hasn't been benched before a comperable nvidia due to the screwusps that were the 5200, 5600, and 5800's. Overall though both card companies are good so long as you avoid the cheapo nvidia contractors.
  24. hmm well a few things first off I have had two cases with my current (xp 2500+) rig. One was a full tower steel with two 80 mm intakes and one 120 mm out. New one is same but in aluminum (using the same fans even) and it stays two degrees lower. Drives wear out long after they are outdated so I dont care if it is good for 5 years (and he already said he isnt either). One question why are tiimings important? I know I am stuck with old tech but amd's haven't been dependent on timings and even with intels they really only matter in benchmarks not real world preformance. I had 939 in mind seeing how 754 is going the way of the dodo and has been for some time. I had been hearing bad things about asus for awhile though so can anyone back up this statement? I know about cooling man heh i might be behind the times on what chips are ontop but the basics rarely change. Fans do add noise though and I don't think his parents want to deal with a wind tunnel al day
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