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  1. No need to borrow I already have a PS2 keyboard and I tried it with that to no luck moreover its not a DFI its a gigabyte board 8I945P-G
  2. just flashed my motherboard with its latest F11 version from gigabyte website. I also cleared the cmos using the jumper on motherboard. Now my keyboard does not get detected. It does not give me a keyboard not found error but during post process the bios asks me to confirm if I want to load the defaults and to confirm I have to press F1 and since the keyboard does not get detected I cannot proceed... I have tried reebooting a few times but it still keeps asking me for a confirmation I have tried the keyboard in all the usb ports as well as tried using a ps2 keyboard but to no gain. any idea what I could do next to recover from this state. If I can just proceed from that annoying f1 to continue then I can at least boot up to an floppy and do a autoexec.bat flash Here is a link to the board on gigabyte website. The board is a GA 8I945P-G http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Pro...ew.aspx?ProductID=1906
  3. U will have to use the dmraid program if u want to use your soft raid array under linux. I dont know if the softraid will allow a linux install (not as of now but later maybe) but I was able to mount all my raid 0 array partitions under linux. Dmaraid will alos work with intel chipsets
  4. Hi all need some help with my DFI INFINITY NF4X socket 754 mobo. I built the system recently and the specs are in my sig below. The system just wont post. The fans turn on and I can see 2 led's light up and then the system just sits there and nothing comes up on the screen any suggestions what could be wrong?? I have tried booting with just 1 stick of ram, replaced the stock HSF with a XP90 and tried booting with an old PCI card but to no result. I also unplugged any USB devices from the system and I reset the cmos by shorting the jumpers and removing the battery but no use. To eleminate any case grounding issues I built the entire setup outside the case but had the same result I also removed all the ide devices but no use. Help would be really appreciated to resolve this. I did search the forum but found only solutions with usb devices interfereing with the boot process but that is not the case for me.
  5. come on how hard is googling "debian amd64" the first link gives the amd 64 debian http://www.debian.org/ports/amd64/ http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unoffici...d64-netinst.iso this is the netinstall cd it installs base system and then install restof the system over the internet of if you want the whole cd then http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unoffici...e-amd64/iso-cd/ only cd 1 is needed to install
  6. AG get urself debian AMD 64 it works perfect you wont have to deal with the crap that is Ubuntu plus you will be much happier in the end. Also for 6600GT works easily under linux. Use the nvidia linux installer or the special debianized kpkg for nvidia kernel modules. It works super fine. I have my dual monitor setup working perfect. The nvidia driver readme is a real pleasure to read. Also check your xorg.conf file in /etc/X11 and made sure you have the Load "GLX" in the moules section. To make things a bit easier to understand think of every device in linux as a file. When you play a music file under linux the program sends the out put to /dev/mixer (or something similar) when you delete a file in unix it moves the file to the device /dev/null. Due to these features unix is very network friendly you can with a bit of a trickery export displays and keyboards over the network thereby taking control of someone elses machine or letting someone else use the machine If someone wants I can post my xorg.conf and modules files form my debian amd 64 sid
  7. I have the S12-600 PSU and there seems to be a bit of an issue if the 5 v or 3.3 v line is not loaded well. I have seen this issue with Bios versions 510, 623 and 704 (havent tried others). If I power on the system from a cold boot with 2 Sata +1 IDE HDD +1 IDE DVDRW drive then the system does NOT post. The system power turns on and the fans rev up to full speed (typical startup) and then the system hangs with the fans at full speed even the vdo card does not get initialized. Another thing I notcided is that if I use the above configuration I have to press the power button twice to starttup the system. Pressing the button once causes the DROM led to glow and the second push actually turns on the power. However if I add another IDE drive (HDD,DVD,CD) to the above config then the system boots up normally with a single push on the power button. An idea what might be causing this? My DRAM is a 2.7v and my cpu at 1.705v. All the power connectors on the motherboard are connected
  8. works fine under linux the only thing that dosent work is the nvidia hardware raid. You can do a software raid setup in linux but it just doesn't recognize the hardware raid setup options specifed in the nvraid utility.
  9. So has the issue been finally resolved or is it still a hit or miss thing. Are there specific combinations of mobo and PSU revisions that are incompatible or all of them are incomaptible I am seriously considering the S12-600 and need input. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I am copnsidering upgrading my case to a full tower and needed some recommendations. Currently the 3 cases I am looking at are 1) Cooler Master Stacker http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811119042 2) Thermaltake Xaser Armor Series http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811133154 3) Enermax CS-718 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811124110 The enermax CS-718 has a windtunnel design to it and so I was wondering if it will fit over my CNPS-7700Cu with my DFI nf4 Ultra-d. Can someone who already owns this case or has acess to this case please let me know the width of the windtunnel and how far it sits from the bottom of the case. If anyone has a link to detailed cad drawings on this case that would be just perfect. I looked around on enermax website and could find nothing (not to mention how slow it was) Help appreciated Thanks
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