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  1. I have the same problem here with my friend's board. @MjrTom: BTW LCD's don't have refresh. They have active matrix.
  2. [follow-up] Everything is back in the case and working fine for now. The best I can decipher is that there was an electrical short somewhere on the board.
  3. Update: Took the whole shebang apart, hooked it up on a table, powered on with nothing, then cpu, then ram, then vidcard, system seems fine now. I will install in the case tomorrow and hope for the best.
  4. I'm going to take everything out and test on a table to be sure this weekend. Thanks for the suggestions, fellas. The PSU is only a couple months old so it would be dissappointing if it were broken.
  5. I'm just trying to avoid the obvious troubleshooting tips so I can get on to the more technical, specific things that could be wrong. Like Lensman's excellent suggestion.
  6. Power supply is fine, jumped it before I posted this. The only thing I cannot test is cpu b/c I don't have another 939 board.
  7. I know all that. Re-read my post - there was only one stick installed, and it was in the yellow slot closest to the cpu, and that was the ONLY time that it DID get power. Later, it did not boot with this same exact configuration. I have tried every ram slot possible with only one stick at a time, with both sticks (but not both at the same time, so 8 possibilities). The sticks have also been confirmed good in a different machine. I'll repeat: I am VERY familiar with this board, its history, technology, and methods of troubleshooting.
  8. Everything was working splendidly until a week or so ago when I powered down fully, and then computer would not turn back on. When I turn on the power supply (not hitting the front button), only 1 led, near the bottom close to the text "COM PORT" flares on and quickly dims. Usually, turning on the PSU from completely off turns the rest of the computer on. NO diagnostic leds or anything. There was only one time the machine has turn on since. I put only one memory stick in the YELLOW slot closest to the cpu. I got power and 3 diagnostic leds and long beeps. I've followed these steps to no avail. I do not think there is an electrical short to the case. I'm familiar with the common problems of this board as I have read about it on websites and forums since it was released. Is this an RMA?
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