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  1. Update: After digging through the bios, I couldn't get 1t to boot in slots 1&3. Works just fine in 2&4 though. Also flashing to 623-2 bios,, A64 tweaker is showing some better mem settings that appears to be faster/ more stable.
  2. Will do, I've only had this board in for 3 days now, so I'm still trying out other bioses, tweaking ram etc. Maybe I'll do some preliminary shots of progress so far, then when this thing is under water and tweaked further I'll update.
  3. 0517APJW This chip is a beast. I've had it up to 2853mhz on my asus board, 12hrs p95 stable. I'm hoping to meet/exceed that once I get my water cooling setup. Much to the irony of my Sig, my son who is now 5 and who takes after his older sister, had an affinity for cramming things into the floppy slot when he was 2yrs old :eek: In case anyone is wondering on other settings, 313HTT, ram is 201 (133 div), 1.52vcore, all ram timing at auto 2-3-2-5 1t. The ram settings are what I was referring to as quirky. I was up til 4am Friday night tweaking the ram trying to oc. Auto wouldn't get me past ~2400mhz, tried the "recommended" ram settings from AG, and got a little higher. Let it run [email protected] all night, then yesterday, tried all auto settings again, and here I am @ 2.81ghz p95 stable for 26hrs.
  4. Very nice comparison AG. I've been pointing this out on another forum for some time. It just seems that some people just don't get it when switching from other platforms to A64's. I ran a bunch of fraps tests, pov_ray, media encoding, etc and came to the same conclusion, cpu mhz rules the roost........running ram 1:1 is great for braggig rights, but not much else realisticly.
  5. I'd found it better to get a higher cpu mhz and use a ram divider as needed to keep your memory as close to the fastest/tightest you can get.
  6. Last night neither bank was working that well. Today I rebooted, reset all the mem timings to auto, and everything is working great in slots 1 & 3 (yellow). I'm ~6hrs into prime95 right now, but tonight or tomorrow I'll try 2 & 4 again and see if there's any difference.
  7. I have the blue sli version. The Psu itself isn't UV, and I dont think the blue sleeving is either. The plugs are though from what I read (I dont have any uv cathodes, just blue ones). I'm running 2x6600gt sli, 2 (of 3) hd's, 1 (of 2) dvd drives, 2 120mm led fans, and 2 ccfls. Volts at load are: 12V = 12.09, 5V = 5.13, 3.3V = 3.32. So far after 2 days, I'm very happy with this psu. Solid rails and even at full load this thing is absolutely silent.
  8. After diggin up 2 floppy drives (1st one wouldn't write properly...always screwed up the disks, and 2nd one had a beer cap and a quarter jammed in it....but it works ), I flashed to the 6/23 bios but I guess it didn't take completely as I couldn't get past the initial load of windows. After an hr or 2 off trying to figure what was wrong, flashed back to 3/10 bios, then it wouldn't even post :eek2: or so I thought...had no video. So I got on the other rig and found out that sometimes you have to plug the monitor into the 2nd vid card port. That worked, so flashed back to 6/23, backed up the 3/10 onto bios saviour (just in case) and things are going great now. This is one quirky board, but I'm loving it so far. Settings that didn't work yesterday, now work fantastic today. It almost seems like this board needs a burn in for a day or 2 to get used to your hardware. Anyways, currently into Prime95 for 5 hrs @ 2813Mhz, 1.51vcore, 37C load. Should hopefully get the swiftech apex water loop going in the next day or 2....hopefully get closer to 2.9ghz :nod:
  9. Thats the first review of the Hiper that I have seen where they really loaded up the system with hardware. And it's good to see as my rig is loaded too, and I'm getting about the same voltage I just installed my Hiper yesterday on my new mobo, and so far I'm quite pleased with it. Its so damn pretty (yes, this psu is pretty) and it's absolutely silent!!! You have to put your ear right on the psu to even hear the faint "whirr" and even then, it' very hard to hear. The only bad thing I can say about this psu is that the atx cable is pretty short, it's only 12" long. (I'd run screaming from a woman who said 12" is short though :eek2: )
  10. I just got my new UT sli-dr board installed yesterday. Installed 2x1gb ram, 2x6600gt,1 hd,1 dvd. Started into bios, set time/date, cd boot priority, and proceeded to install windows. With the exception of getting a message about single ram being in slot 2, and dual channel using slots 2&4 "hit f1 to continue", everything worked perfectly. (I had ram in yellow slots 1&3. Windows installed without a hitch, installed all the needed drivers (skipped nv ide, armour, ntune,firewall) and it all works great at stock speed. So I moved ram to orange slots, and so far I can only get a stable OC of 2430mhz on my 3000+, which is a far cry from the 2853mhz I was getting on my asus board. I guess I'll update the bios, but I need to dig up a floppy drive and disk.....prolly use the raid driver disk from my msi board, and get this bios backed up on the bios saviour. Anyways, apart from all the other horror stories I've read, the initial setup was a breeze, just need to figure out why I'm still ~400mhz short of my original oc.
  11. To each their own, I'm, quite happy with my 2gb of ram.
  12. Thats good to know. I guess their website was just down for a week or so until they renewed the domain name. And now after the fact, I actually found a "where to buy" list on ioss's site. If I figured this out correctly, the rd1-pmc4 is all I need to specify, as this model comes with a backup/will accept the cmos chip used on the sli-dr boards?
  13. Thanks...I dunno how I missed it at Frozencpu.....i finally gave up searching, and didn't really want to try n get one from ioss....they havent updated the website in 2 yrs. Btw: Do you know what type bios chip I should get? (Going in UT sli-dr) I'll order this when I order my Hiper psu this weekend.
  14. Time for the ubiquitous, "Are all 4 power connectors plugged into the mobo"?
  15. IMHO, the 3700+ isn't worth the extra $200, unless you want the extra 400mhz garanteed. It seems like alot of the newer week venice cores aren't oc'ing like the earlier ones, but I wouldn't put 2400 out of the question yet for the 3000+ venice.
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