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  1. I have for sale here a EVGA 6800GT pci-e, with a Zalman cooler, retail [pending to ocnooby] A64 3500+ Winchester, retail $150 Prices are obo,shipping included. Non cc Paypal and MO accepted Heat under pooldoc101 Trades wanted, 74g Raptor, Powerstream 600w psu, 2x1g memory. Thanks for looking. Pic of 6800gt Pic of cpu
  2. My chipset temps dropped from 45 to 41 on my ultra d when my 7900gtx went in. Pooldoc
  3. I really like OCZ products, they have great warranties too. Wanna get 2gigs ocz ram and a better psu. I bought this antec because it was available locally and I was in a hurry, now I see comp usa carrying OCZ modstreams, Maybe those new OCZs will come out soon, hope they will be modular. I would be a little leary of running 2 gtx in sli, at least on this ultra d, maybe one of the experts with the pci-r slots a little wider apart would be better.
  4. My psu has been on my mind a lot lately, prolly gonna be my next upgrade or 2 gig memory. Guess I'm showing my age with 01, hehe. 06 scored 5561 Pooldoc
  5. Got my 7900 gtx from the egg today. Went from 26141 in 2001 SE with my old 6800 gt to 32618 ,not oc'd yet, doesn't look like I'll need to. WOOT WOOT Pooldoc
  6. I am a swimming pool builder in Florida
  7. It shows it mounted on a DFI board, looks like it will fit. Pooldoc
  8. If you read thru the posts, you will see it is USA only for Fedex, he changed his original post to include international shipping.
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