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  1. need to find those sticks you recomended going to buy them. Thanks
  2. already have 1 gb of the OCZ 4000 VX would like two buy a OCZ 2GB dual channel kit need advice thanks
  3. with the 7/04-BTA bios what is the maximum v core voltage? as right know im using about 1.59 volts to get the cpu stable. 31 idle 45-50 max under load. like to try the 7/04-BTA but want to make sure before begining the flash a testing procedure again. thanks for yor help Angry.
  4. well for some reason with oskars 510-2FIX bios and these VX sticks stable memtest results are as follows up to 245 htt using the 3120 tref, but as soon as i up the v dim voltage above 3.1 memtest gives steady errors unless i change Tref to 0648 and up the voltage to no higher than 3.3 for 250 htt. my Tref auto deffinetly does not pick a good Tref value to get rid of the memtest errors. im not complaining as with this setup i have reached 250 htt . upping vdim voltage seems to not get rid of memtest errors as even a small increase of voltage from 3.3 to 3.4 on the v dims at 250 htt imediately brings back the errors in memtest. was just wondering if a different bios might be worth trying out or just leave it? memmory read is just under 7000 mb/s and would like over 7000 mb/s.
  5. for my vx it seems that at 250 htt the tref value that works for this set of sticks is 0648. know what i was wondering is if you were to change to a different bios, could the value of the Tref change because of the bios change? or is the tref value mostly determined by the sticks of memmory?
  6. Thanks Arboleda got the program up and working, and for my 2 cents on buying cpu i myself like to buy what i can afford and the overclock is for fun. for me the 4000+ was the most i could afford and it hasnt disapointed me.
  7. im looking for a software program to monitor my systen temps. Any sugestions please.
  8. did a 24 hour prime 95 test without errors, seems like the settings are solid, just need help to post them as im very new at this.By the way i did take a screen shot of the 24 hour prime 95 test in hopes my rig would be worthy of the data base of overclocked rigs ans its settings.
  9. Ya THunDA i need help with pictures and important information could you help me put it all together?
  10. THunDA have did more testing and with these settings im getting Prime 95 to run good, initial test was 9 hours without any errors. going to leave the settings for know. thanks for you guidance and would like to get my computer into the data base but not sure how to take documentation so that it would be presentable.
  11. have a 1 failing address on memtest86+ it comes out with vdim higher than 3.1v any ideas how to eliminate by settings or do i have to RMA?
  12. ok thanks THunDA will do some testing and get back to you
  13. THunDA the only setting that will help complete OCCT is the (Tref) change from 3120 to 0648 this settings does two things it allows OCCT to complete and also alows mtest86+ to run without errors. THunDA i cant increase voltage to the memmory from 3.1 to anything higher or memtest will imediately start to create errors, but as soon as i change from 3120 to 0648 memtest86+ runs without errors. any ideas and does the 0648 (Tref) hurt performance?
  14. Genie Bios Settings:FSB Bus Frequency: 250 LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio: 3 LDT Bus Transfer Width: 16-16 CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio: 11 PCI express Frequency: 100 mhz K8 cool n quiet: Disabled CPU VID Startup Value: 1.5 v CPU Vid Control 1.325v CPU Vid Special Control above VID:*123 % LDT Voltage Control:1.2 v Chipset Voltage Control:1.50v Dram Voltage Control: 3.3 v Dram +.03 v : Disabled PCI express 6600 GT support: Disabled Mac Lan: Auto Mac Media Interface: Pin Strap Machine Mac (NV) address: Disabled Internal Phy SATA 1/2: Enabled Internal Phy SATA 3/4: Enabled Via 1394 control: Enabled Marvel Giga Lan Control: Disabled Run Memtest86+: Disabled ------------------------------------------- Dram Frequency Set: 200 1:1 Command per clock: Enabled (Tcl)2.0 (Trcd)2 (Tras)6 (Trp)2 (Trc)09 (Trfc)16 (Trrd)03 (Twr)03 (Twtr)02 (Trwt)03 (Tref) 0648 (Twcl) Auto Dram bank interleave: Enabled DQS Skew Control: Auto DQS Skew Value: 0 Dram Drive Strenth:8 Dram Data Drive Strenth:2 Max Async Latency: Auto Dram response time: normal Read Preamable Time: auto Idle Cycle Limit 256 cycles Dynamic counter: Disabled R/W Queve Bypass: 16 times Bypass max: 07 times 32 byte Granularity Disable (4 bursts)
  15. cant answer for sure but will check right away and get back to you. Im pretty sure that lowering the cpu multiple didnt give me stability when trying to test OCCT and as far as the ram ratio i will change and try a test to see. will get back to you THunDA with the answers to your questions.
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