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  1. MS will probibly continue OEM type sales but i doubt the retail XP Pro boxes will be around past June. DX10 is the leverage MS will continue to flex, basically if we want to keep gaming we have pay $$$ for Vista, its like the cost of a virtual XBOX console, only to dual boot... what a waste.
  2. Hey. im basically at an impass and need configuration advice from other users. i keep my HDDs connected to the Nvidia SATA ports 1-4 on a DFI NF4 SLI-DR. my OS drive is 74gb Raptor (C: ), i only store programs/games on this drive so if it craps out i can buy another and just fresh install without losing data. my concern is my second drive, 500gb Seagate(D: ), which currently stores 200gb of FLAC music files, photos, some backup data and game saves ect. this drive is destined to keep growing with new media and backing everything up to DVD is overwhelming. im thinking about buying another 500gb drive to setup RAID-1. this should prevent me from losing my data to a (single)HDD hardware failure. but i cant find full info and have some questions first. 1. will i be be able to connect either 500gb drive independently and explore them in My Computer on a different machine/OS? or does the RAID-1 config somehow make them perminantly joined and needing RAID driver for the NF4 chipset? 2. will i have to wipe my existing (D: ) drive to set up RAID-1 fresh, or can i just mirror what already exists on my (D: ) drive? 3. i am running the Nvidia IDE storage driver so my SATA drives are showing up as removable devices. if i enable RAID in BIOS will i still have to load floppy drivers in windows F6 setup? (note that i am not installing Windows on this RAID-1 array) another option is to use the second 500gb drive externally and make weekly backups of new files, i think i can do this by using the My Briefcase option in windowsXP where it will automatically sense and update changes to the folder. am i wrong, do i need to do this updating manually? after i decide on the method of redundant backup id like to then image the drive on DVD so i can restore in case of catastrophic failure or theft. problem is ive read nothing but bad about Norton Ghost, and Acronis TruImage doesnt support SATA. do i have any other option for hard external (offsite) backup besides stacks of DVDs or a third HDD storing yet ANOTHER 1:1 copy of 500gb of data? Blu-Ray burner is still like $600 and 25gb BD are like $15. ANY info is appreciated. thanks
  3. so i realize what the System Managment Bus does but i am unsure if i actually need to install the drivers in the forceware 6.70 package. will i lose any needed functions or stability by skipping it? thanks
  4. :eek: that card should come with its own dedicated case and a breakout cable.
  5. haha yet another problem pinned down to be at least somewhat caused by a shoddy PSU. welcome to DFI-street. these ATI x1900 cards need POWA
  6. ok after updateing the MB BIOS to the 4/06 i was not able to boot at all, but then after clearing the CMOS for 12 hours i am no longer having the boot problem with this GSkill kit, (knock on wood). i am running all stock specs at 1T but i also lowered the voltage to 2.6, and my CPU is at 250x10 so it doesnt seem to be a multiplier problem after all. so it was either the 12/05 bios was giving me problems or there was a CMOS related conflict switching between the ram kits and only doing short-duration clears(3-5min). it has passed superPi 32m and seems to be stable in the desktop environment, i havtn run 3d apps yet b/c its been way too hot the past couple days and my machine is struggling. im going to let memtest loop tonight and then do some 3d benching. if all goes well i will start to push the ram to see what i can do on stock timings.
  7. i know this has been dead for awhile but i feel inclined to update. 6.5 drivers elimiated the screen corruption at bootup bug. my current setup is 6.5 drivers and wdm, ati tray tools for adjustment, ati tool for overclocking. all seems to be playing nice together.
  8. sorry i dint keep up with this thread, timings havnt made a difference for me but switching to 2t helps, it doesnt eliminate it completely but it not a frequent. i still have to mess around a bit ive been running my 1GB OCZ VX GOLD kit dual channel @1T without a single problem for the past few weeks. ill post back later tonight or tomorrow.
  9. i think the overall adoption of blueray will remain osolated. in the short term if a PS3 owner wants to watch some high def content then yes, he will probibly pick up some media instead of spending more $ on an HD-DVD drive for the same purpose. but thats assuming he doeant already have an XBOX 360 with its own HD-DVD capability. $600 is a LOT of money for a core console system and if someone can justify that for a PS3 this holiday then chances are good he also justified the $400 for XB360 last year too. come christmas HD-DVD will have a huge head-start thanks to the current $500 Toshiba machine, the availability of the upcoming XB360 USB drive, and all the players that come out in the meantime. plus there will be STOCK of HD-DVD titles this holiday, Blu-Ray will still be vaporware for anyone who didnt shell out $$$$ for a dedicated player and consider the gamer waiting to buy a PS3... no way in hell would he spend $1000 to buy a standalone Blu-ray player in the meantime, and the PS3 will be nearly impossible to get for months into 2007. the format is all but dead before it even launches. even then PS3 owner will be trying to keep up with expensive launch games, not spending $ on Blu-Ray movies. then understand that M$ IS SUPPORTING HD-DVD... when Vista becomes mainstream next year and the new machines from Dell and Compaq ect are shipping with HD-DVD drives, complete with HDMI interface and first party support built right into Vista to allow hookup to 720/1080p TVs, (which will be much more affordable by the end of this year too.) it will bring HD-DVD to the masses. thats whats holding Vista up and thats why theres all this talk of minimum system specs, "compatible" (HDMI lincensed) video cards, mobos and monitors. ALMOST NOTHING we have in the PC world at the moment supports HDMI which is basically a hardware enabled copywrite standard that only functions in its native 720/1080 forms. i really hope to find a good LCDTV at the end of the year with DVI support, i think DVI might not be supported for much longer once Vista gets underway. contrary to what most peopel think DVI is not fully compatable with HDMI, if you want to connect your video card(DVI) to a HDTV(HDMI), you cannot use TVs native 1:1 resolution, HDMI only accepts the HD resolutions and then scales the TV, which means text turns to s***.
  10. fair enough but on a smaller scale the moon has the same effect in guarding earth, it has craters all over the surface. whether that is its sole purpose for existing is left up for interpertation.
  11. ive heard the function of jupter is to deflect the path of incoming asteroids and protect the other planets within our solar system. its effective b.c its so far out in orbit and its huge size and density makes its gravity 2.4g
  12. ive been using firefox as well but i like opera better so far, its basically the same interface with more options and customization. not sure about the plug-in potential though
  13. this was the error, not my screenshot but nice GUI
  14. i havnt heard anything about how much the actual media is going to cost. 1080p INPUT capable lcd tvs are just hitting the market so a small segment will invest in that format by this holiday season. so then more people will want 1080p capable output but if the player is around $1000 and the movies are like 40$ then whats the point. i guess this is why Sony is willing to take a loss on the PS3, nobody in his right mind would spend $900 on a bluray drive when he can get a PS3 for $600, but 70$ for a bluray PS3 game, give me a f******** break. this battle will be one for the ages, i NEVER thought i would be saying this but i'm routing for Microsoft. if they can launch the xbox 360 HD-DVD at 1080p instead of 1080i, and for under $300 then Sony is done for. has anyone heard if that USB HD-DVD drive is susposed to work with PC too? EDIT: in fact, Microsoft is going to carry this HDDVD format on its back to get it moving, it wont allow it to fail, theres too much at stake long-term. M$ can theoretically alienate blu-ray to be a format exclusively for the PS3 and nobody will put $ into that, like the PSP movies. then its going to be a straight competetion of games and who can bring the best titles at the lowest price to its console. m$ is throwing $ at the developers for exclusive content, plus ive heard the 360 is a much easier platform to develop for, sony is in for a tough few years to make up any ground here.
  15. ATI tray tool will work with the card but AFAIK it can not be used to overclock. with that said its 100% better than CCC, you should run the 6.4 drivers and wmd without installing CCC, then use ATI Tray Tool only for switching settings. ATI Tool will overclock but you need to disable the 2 ATI services from startup, this way the card will not recognize the 2d/3d switch and will always run in "2D profile" you overclock this 2D profile. dont forget to up the voltage on the core to 1.425v, or else you wont even be able to run stock default 3D speed. the ram voltage is the same for 2d/3d, 2.089v i think.
  16. family guy movie was definately a disappointmet, i was hoping for like south park: bigger, longer, uncut instead it was just like a regular episode except not as funny and drug out too long.
  17. fixed, my system date was wrong. :drool: thanks to all for the views and effort
  18. lol, i didnt pay $ for a browser, as much as i like the functionality it will be very short lived if i cant find a fix for this problem. Firefox is calling
  19. i started using Opera last week and so far its been great, the only problem im having is i cant access secure sites(Ebay and Hotmail login for example) ive tried configuring the security settings and it doesnt matter if i identify as IE6 or Firefox. im out of ideas, hoping someone can help me out. thanks
  20. id definatley check out a mazda3 in the compact segment. the volvos40 is based on the same exact platform, at double the price. i agree with seer23, consider a used car coming off a 2 or 3 year lease, you will drive it for 5 years an lose maybe 3k when you go to resell it, you lose 3k by driving a new car off the lot, and insurance is higher, completely pointless.
  21. im still enjoying my sega saturn and dreamcast for import shooters and snes/ps1 for action/RPGs(zelda:link to the past is now a spiritual experience for me). last year i finally bought a gamecube new for less than 100$ including second controller and Mario Kart DD, i just wanted mario sunshine and zelda wind waker (20$ each), but i am still looking forward to playing paper mario some other solid titles on the GC. once i finish with that ill probibly check out a few obscure PS2 rpgs, but i hardly ever use my PS2 anymore and ive only even touched an xbox maybe 4 times. this is b/c i get my FPS and racing fix from the cpu and will continue to, plus all the decent console racing games are getting ported to CPU now, i dont play sports games, and that leaves very little left to want from $ony and m$ consoles, regardless of prices i will wait out the hd-dvd/blue-ray WAR that is about to go down before i spend a dime on anything related. and when the dust settles in couple years i will go with whatever medium is better supported, and anyone serious enough to have a TV capable of 1080p will have a dedicated HD player anyway. i hate this feeling like i have to choose a VIDEO GAME console based on the media it will support, i will be surpised if this "next generation" of gaming for M$ and $ony isnt all ports of last generations overhyped, overpriced mediocre games with better graphics. IMHO Nintendo wins this round. if they launch some fun games along with mario/zelda/metriod and PLEASE NINTENDO SOME GOOD RPGS THIS TIME AROUND, every gamer looking for SOILD GAMES will have a revolution (Wii?!). and hopfully a new Soul Calibur title will be available for Wii as well. in the meantime ill continue to hitup ebay for stuff i actually want to play.
  22. what if programs and games are on a seperate HDD from OS? for intance my current setup is a 75g raptor which i (temporarily) split into five 12g partitions C: Main OS D: Games E: Programs F: OS2 G: OS3 second HDD is 250g seagate barracuda split into 3 partitions H: Pagefile (8g) I: Media (200g) J: Backup/Recovery (30g) i understand the raptor is slower to access programs and games on a different partition within the same HDD... but eventually i am planning on running a second 75g raptor as a single large partition for games and programs, and reformat the Games and Programs partitions on my current raptor(above) to just be setup for OS partitions 5x12g. would a 3 HDD setup(non-raid) be faster than having OS and all program files and games on the same partiton © in raid0 with the two 75g raptors instead?
  23. do you think m$ will ever update XP with a SP3 to accept 4g? i'm trying to hold off on vista for at least a year after its launched but 4g dual channel would be very tempting :nod:
  24. thanks for the info, i am using the 0.25beta 14 but i didnt realize that the 2d settings actually undervolted as well. thats probibly why i was not able to run 3d stock clocks, i need to up the voltage. i also found a nice ATItool guide http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=gethowto&...=160&howtoID=61 i am going to do fresh windows install and give this whole operation a second shot. i reinstalled my Nvidia card and drivers this morning and instantly realized that in only two days ATItray tools has spoiled me rotten in craptionality. i am going to wait it out and hope for smoother operation in catalyst 6.5, i still need to resolve the screen corruption at bootup somehow, all my devices are recognized in 6.4 with the WDM drivers. so hopefully i can sucessfully bypass CCC, use ATItool for overclocking and then ATItraytools for settings adjustsments.
  25. ive been using driver cleaner pro each time. im finding i can only run 6.4 drivers in combination with WDMdrivers in order to have all x1900xt devices recongnized. with 6.3 i am getting 2 devices on the card that dont have drivers. niether ATITool nor ATI Tray Tools are reporting accurate clocks when the card switches to 3d mode. they stay at defualt 2d values 500/594, so i have NO IDEA what that means in terms of overclocking settings. the only way i am actually even able to see this 2d/3d switch to 623/720 is by installing Catalyst Control Center, which is a resource hog itself and also requires .NET i leave CCC, ATItool, ATItraytools all open on second monitor in extended desktop mode. then i open 3d application on primary monitor and then watch in real time as CCC switch values while the other two programs sit dormant. this happens with all ATI services and startup items on or off, doesnt make a difference. all these factors + the problems highlighted in my first post = x1900xt is getting returned unless something magical sorts all this crap out tomorrow
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