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  1. I do, just keep it minimized. Just wondering what you folks do.
  2. The first time I flashed my BIOS, I was told I had to move a jumper on my motherboard before flashing (I think it was labeled CMOS or something). Now, I'm ready to flash again, and I read all the help guides and FAQs, and none of them say I have to do this if I want to flash. Do I still have to do it, or can I just use the WinFlash program?
  3. Hey all. My chipset fan died a few days ago, and I replaced it with a Vantec Iceburq fan from newegg. For some strange reason, my BIOS reset when I did this, so I need to redo them all. Can anyone provide a link to some pictures or a list of good BIOS settings for my system? My computer specs are in my sig. I'm using the 6/23 BIOS, and I would like my CPU fairly overclocked (stock 2.2Ghz, O/C at 2.5Ghz or so), and memory as well. I don't know much about BIOS settings, so a list or some pictures that would work with my system would be great. Thanks!
  4. That's the driver I'm using... haha.
  5. Ran it again, results are posted below. Anyone notice anything that would cause a lower score?
  6. Same settings, which are default. I'm getting about 20 FPS in Black and White 2 on max settings with low AA. 1280x1024. That's kind of low FPS, but is it normal for a game like BW2?
  7. Hey all. I used to get around 8000 in 3dmark05. I ran it a couple times today and got around 6800-7000 each time. I made sure AA and AF were off, and they both were. I updated to newest drivers for chipset, and video card, and the results were the same. Defragged, installed Tuneup Utilities 2006 (great program), same results. CPU is overclocked to 2.6Ghz, video card is 275/1.22 on 2D and 470/1.22 on 3D. Any ideas to what the problem may be?
  8. By the way where is your Location as required by Forum Rules??? Not any sense to us looking up some site over here in uSa or Canada that has something for sale if you live in cannotbuyshettfaroffistan. The management... There's gotta be someone with more advice...
  9. Well how can I turn the RPMs up? I've only had the board for a month, it can't be going out all ready. Is there any way to just turn the fan speed up?
  10. Hey all. My chipset fan used to run at about 7000RPMs, and the temp would stay around 46-48 degrees. Now, the chispet fan runs at about 4000RPMs, and now it makes a very annoying, and loud spinning sound thati t never used to make. Sounds like a airplane. Runs at about 50 degrees now. Anyway, I tried using Smartguardian to get the RPMs back up to the default level, but they won't. Can anyone help me?
  11. Sweet Bios is 6/23. I ran memtest for 8 hours while I was asleep last night, and it found 0 errors. So it's not a memory problem. Hopefully flashing the Bios fixed it. If I get any more BSODs I'll let you know. You guys are freakin awesome. Keep up the good work!
  12. Ok... flash finished. My bios version still says 6.00 or whatever... is that normal for the version I got? (6/23)
  13. Well I went ahead and flashed to 623-3. Just waiting for the 10 minutes for the CMOS jumper to end. Whatever that means. Hopefully this will work. I'll run Memtest all night as well and post results in the morning.
  14. Ok, I'm running the flash now. I don't know which version to pick, as there is like 20 different ones. Am I looking for 623 or something?
  15. Teck... can you walk me through what I need to do it from CD? Is it just like burning an ISO with Nero then booting into it? I don't want to mess this up, and I really want these bsod's to go away. Can you list what programs I need and the process of doing it? Thanks for your time.
  16. Crap... I don't have a floppy drive on my new PC. Didn't think it was needed. Guess I gotta go get one. Hopefully I'll just be able to take one out of my old PC's.
  17. I'm running stock version, whatever that is. I bought my mobo on Monday. Can you link to me the updates please? What kind of BSODS did you get? Memory ones like me? Also, will I have to do anything special to install them, and will I have to reset everything in Bios too?
  18. I would really like to get this solved tonight...
  19. Ok, got some more information. I took one stick of ram out, to test if just one of the sticks was bad. I just left my PC running, and when I came back, no BSOD was displayed. So I thought it would be the other one. I swapped sticks, and the other one worked fine as well. I think the problem occurs when I use both of them together. Anyone heard of anything like this before?
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