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  1. thanks for quick reply.... sry bout that; it's in reference to overclocking my old arse 3400+ Chammer.
  2. which is better in terms of quietness, then cooling. Zalman 7700alcu or Zalman 7000alcu was going to get the XP-120 and a scythe SFDB 1200rpm 12cm fan but found after doing some measurements that it would not fit. nether will a xp-90 it's even taller. so because of the height restrictions the zalmans seem to fit within a 1cm. thx in advance.
  3. Today is the 4th. years since 11 september 2001 http://www.911digitalarchive.org/ ~Mark as anger put it....life, it does not choose when wehre and how... btw I gave a whole dollar lol... I'm in school too, so I know what it's like to hurt for money...
  4. in response to devilish Have you tried flashing your bios to an official one first 9/14/04 to see if that works... I know it sounds a bit far off... but I too had one hell of an experience when first using/setting up this board... It was my first athlon64 build but I'm glad it was hard now thats it's over with because I learned so many new things... one thing I've found (and I'm not sure if others will agree with me on this) is that this board is very touchy with the bios... you have to make absolutly sure you followed the correct procedure when flashing the bios no short cuts...its part of the reason I have stayed with the 9/14/04 bios - I had tried a different one and didn't have good results.
  5. from experience I speak: Listen, one of the best investments you can put your money into would be a "ROTH IRA" I would highly recommend you learn more about a roth ira. of all the benifits one of the first ones that comes to mind is that fact that you can withdraw money from it tax free! thats right! considering you have a big enough nestegg saved you would actually be doing better off then someone who won the lottery case in point... the lottery winner would be paying out the butt in taxs for all that money where as you having a roth ira would be free to take as much or as little out tax free. hell that beats savings bonds and cd's even if they had better intrest rates because of the fact you pay taxes on them! ~Mark
  6. Have you found or tested any other Forton or Seasonic (besides the single one listed and the other someone else replied about) to be "officially" recognized as being "A" list certified? if this question is already addressed them I'm sry but after the first page of reading I did not read all seven or six pages. ~Mark
  7. whats the difference between UT and non UT? whats difference between infinity and non infinity? what is the best nForce2 mobo? What is the best nForce3 mobo? Whats is the best nForce4 mobo? best = overclocking potential, everything else (looks, bundle, etc etc.) is a moot point. ~Mark
  8. All of this infomation has been very helpful to me, thank you all for posting your experiences. ~Mark
  9. These questions are about the DFI LP UT nForce3 250gB mobo. 1. Which is better placement for your memory; slots 1&2 or slots 1&3? 2. Considering the nature of how s754 cpu's are designed; Would you see a performance gain using only one stick of memory instead of two or three? 3. A: Has anyone varified the existance of 1gig. memory sticks running on samsung TCCD? B: If so, how well do they overclock? extras: Is it true that the maximum achievable overclock on a 3400+ (sh-cg) clawhammer core cpu is 3ghz. ? if you have two sticks of memory in front of you and both of them are samsung TCCD but one is rated at DDR600 3-4-4-8 and the other is rated at DDR400 2-2-2-5 are they essentially the same memory? bump...anyone? ~Mark
  10. I plan on making use of my tbred laying around... the idea of getting "toaster certified" is appealing I'm still undecided as to what board to use... I've found two that look interesting... ABIT NF-7srevision2 DFI lanparty infinityII question: Does the DFI board listed above have 1. "5bit" multi. ? 2. sound storm onboard audio ? also: The chip is ether 266 or 333fsb I don't remember which... Using decent pc3200 is plenty for oc'ing this kind of system right? ~Mark
  11. I installed the GART drivers from 5.10 chipset drivers and checked everest no problems are reporting anywhere now. Thank you. For everyone that replied with helpful information I do very much appriciate it and as I grow and learn maybe down the road I too may be able to contribute to this community. ~Mark
  12. ah yes... I see your point now ... you explained it much better something I failed to do myself, sry bout that. what I meant to say ---> I have the same problems with both video cards. and When I install new drivers I run those three programs in that order to clear out everything and make it fresh. I am pretty sure it's not a video card problem, but a video problem with the DFI nForce 3 250gB mobo that I have... this is only my assumption and am relying on the good people here such as yourselves to help me... thank you btw. possibly something not set right that I'm not aware of... also I should point out, I do not have the GART installed that came with the 5.10 chipset drivers. The GART causes problems correct? also: I just installed Call of Duty, the installation was clean however when I go to apply the patch for it ... I get "IO error" I have completely uninstalled it and ran system mechanic to clear the registry as well as run windows search for any remaining folders and files... after all was clean I reboot... I'm now on the third time of installing it and the same problem is occuring. I have ran memtest with no errors all clean.... my god this is fustrating lol. ~Mark and time consuming too :/
  13. YEs I have done that. About a month ago I went to the nVidia website to update my video driver to 77.72 I also noticed that there was a newer chipset driver (5.10) I downloaded both programs... after downloading; I ran three programs, 1.driver cleaner 2.system mechanic(all cleaning, including the registry cleaner and defrag-compactor) 3.Window Washer after the system loaded back into windows, I first installed the chipset drivers w/restart ; afterwards I installed the video drivers. also: I made sure that pc-cillian was turned off (anti-virus) ~Mark
  14. I have used my Chaintech fx5500 to compare with... as listed in my post. ~Mark
  15. the system I will be refering to is listed in my signiture. I ran Everest Home edition and looked under mobo/chipset/Northbridge: Nvidia nForce3 Ultra (CK8) When I scroll to the bottom it lists two problems... 1. AGP is disabled. This may cause a performance penalty 2. Current AGP speed is lower then maximum supported. This may cause performance penalty. indeed, when scroll up I see things that don't seem proper... - current AGP speed: 4X - AGP status: disabled - Fast write: not supported - side band addressing: supported, disabled I've tried both auto and 8X for agp speed in bios and everest shows the same thing, 4x AGP fast writes and side band addressing gives two options in bios, those are "Auto" and "Disable"... I have AGP fast writes disabled - I have sideband addressing on Auto side notes: - when I try to run 3dmark03 I get a black screen where I can see the mouse pointer and move it all about but nothing happens. - in games, my fps is not much better then when I had a fx5500 I'm pretty sure I should be getting higher fps when I compare what others are getting in games using the same video card. game settings are same as when I had older card, and have tried adjusting different game settings but there isn't a noticable difference. I would greatly appriciate anyone's input esspecially those taht have the same equipment and/or have used/tested this equipment before. Thank you. ~Mark if you need any additional info or other technical details let me know and tell me how to go about obtaining it. *edit* -added- mobo bios: 9/14/04 chipset drivers: nForce 5.10 (I dont believe I have the GART installed)
  16. bump. yeah and really I'd like to know.... I never knew that you had to reapply AS5 wtf !?! :confused: . why would anyone want it then (retorical question)... I'd rather take a two degree hit and use ceramque' "set it and forget it" I hope this is only a rumor or something that has no grounds because of the fact that only have to replace it but after 10 years... some one clear this up right quick thank you much. ~Mark
  17. I would say yes to the acer. My brother has the black version of the monitor you first link'd too; the acer. Everytime I go over there and he gets on his computer I notice how vivid it is... he's a hard core gamer and that screen can keep up. It seems to make things look.... "better" somehow. Guess thats how lcd's are, I wouldn't know I'm still on CRT but thats because I'm a freak and I like big screens. When the dual screen tech evolves more and lcd's get better I may eventually go dual lcd screen but for now people like me who want big screens are most likely still using CRT. there's always the 1%'ers out there that have thrown down the cash for some kind of super scale lcd... if there are any. One can only assume that in 2005 we would be advanced enough to invent a 25" LCD that has low refresh rate making it viable for gaming. ... if so maybe it will drop in price and I'll get one...other wise I like my monster CRT. ~Mark
  18. thanks angry, truly awesome ! ... I was looking to get one stick of that memory but after seeing those scores I think I might get the two gig. set I remember it being mentioned before but I can't recall.... It's better to have the memory seated in slot 1&3 or slot 1&2 closest to the cpu? ~Mark I notice that you have the chipset and agp voltage set to 1.7 ..... why is that? also isn't there some kind of problem with the agp voltage that no matter how high you set it is regulated on it's own by the video card bios? Is that correct?
  19. very insightful. thank you very much. with this info. retain'd I believe I will be replacing my chipset HS with ether viperjohn's or a zalman HS. I never really understood why artic cooling hasn't done away with there other lines of thermal compounds isn't artic silver 5 teh best and works for everything?
  20. The info you guys provide is invaluable ... :nod: Thank You. > my mobo... I should have the memory in slot 1 and 3? I thought they should be in 1&2 closest to cpu... or is this just my ignorance once again getting in the way of me seeing the truth. :shake: I did some reading and I'm considering the scythe ninja1000 w/12cm nexus What are/is er opinion on this HS? There isn't alot of space above my mobo so I don't think a zalman would fit the psu is pretty close. I'm really concerned with noise; and as ghey as it may sound, I'm not going for a maximum oc with this current chip... just looking for an equal to 3700+ ~2.5ghz As long as I can keep stock temps while oc'ing and have normal voltages a divider would be alright as long as I don't go under 200mhz on the memory... kinda see what I'm going for... even though oc'ing has an effect on the longivity of components I want to make it to where I have the least almost zero impact on components for this particular build. I know I'm going to need better memory and a HS to do this... I am proably going with the one stick of that mem you tested (angry) you think I can get a good oc on it DDR500? 250HTT 1/1 stock timings 2.6~2.7vdimm vcore1.5 chipset 1.6 or if I did get it since you have experience with these components do you have a better suggestion?... better parts? ... I will be rebuilding my oc demon with my Tbred I have laying around soon to have components on that :evil: heheh. I had a 1ghz oc on that thing long time ago w/tt volcano... I believe I can do better too. :grin: >) <---- I might consider a dangerden with that...
  21. Thank you for replying so fast! I really appriciate what you guys do here and also props. for getting with andy and testing to find out if 1gig. sticks work on the type mobo I have. water cooling... humm... maybe down the road when I put together a fx55 system or a 65nm core uber rig. I might go with a promethia machII or similar "exotic"... but with what I have now, I'm going to stick with normal air. btw what kind of temps. do you get with a "danger den" water cooled rig? I like your second sugestion better hehe:) I will go to that link you posted and see... Do you know if that solution is quiet? I really want a quiet system that completely stable at 2.42~2.5ghz. ViperJohn? ok... I'll look around for him and pm. The things I would need to ask him ...Are if his solutions are active cooling or passive like what blooz1 sugested with the zalman? and. Is it quiet inaudible? ~Mark
  22. Thank you very much I will look into that solution... "Zalman" is a name I hear alot, but I haven't had any personal experience with their products.... so far. ~Mark
  23. by remount... Do you mean take heatsink off and apply some artic silver 5 or something similar? ~Mark
  24. Whats the best HS and fan I can get for my setup (look in sig)? Silence is also a factor when it comes to this... It must be silent but also be able to handle oc'ing. also. The chipset on my board often times climbs above 50degrees celcius. It gets very hot... it seems a tight fit with the video card being so close... how can I get a better cooling solution for my chipset? a quick search on the net, and I am only more perplexed... I need some input from experienced folks such as your selves... thank you. ~Mark
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