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  1. Yup thats the obvious. All 4 are connected and i have tried clearing the cmos multiple times. Thanks for trying though i know a lot of people have missed that so i was sure not to =)
  2. Well my detection problem seems to be stemming from teh fact that it doesn't receive any power if it is plugged into the mother board. IF it isn't plugged i hear it spin up and all that good stuff. I'm sure if i can find a way to get it to spin up and be plugged in i may be to able to figure out the correct jumper settings
  3. Hey folks, been reading this board for awhile now as i went on another venture to build a new pc. This being the second round for me. Did all my research gathered the parts and finally got everything today. There are a few things that are going on though that are very odd. First i flashed the bios from the 3-10 to the 6-25. The system posted read my cpu and memory correctly. I loaded optimized defaults nad just removed the dfi logo from the start up Prob #1 I then powered the system down, installed my first ide western digital hard drive to ide slot one and set the jumper settings to cable select as suggested in the "important info post". I then proceeded to boot the system and when i did i noticed the hard drive did not power up and the system was hanging. I decided to try a diff pair of ide cables. with the same result. For giggles i unplugged the ide cable from the mother board and found that the hard drive was now powering up when the ide cable was not plugged intot he mother board. I tested both ide cables on a different sytem and they worked fine in both single and dual drive situations. I attempted to try different jumper settings with no luck. I also went out and grabbed a new set of ide cables thinking both of the cables that shipped with the board were bad. ANY IDEAS? Problem #2 I went ahead and decided to just leave the ide hard drives on the side for then. I proceeded to install my wd sata drive. The system booted the drive posted and all was fine. Next i attempted to install my NEC dvd burner. At first that was having the same problem the hard drive was having where it wouldn't power up if it was plugged into the motherboard but some how this resolved itself. I install windows with no problems and both the sata and dvd drive show up there with no problem. I powered the system down and unplugged it. Now the dvd drive will not post. Although it will show up in windows once windows boots. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as i am now very confused as to why things are not posting properly and why my hard drives refuse to power up if they are plugged into the motherboard IDE doesn't matter which slot Btw If i left out any techinical information please let me know as i'd like to give you as much information as you'd need in order to help me.
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