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  1. Anyone have a Okia Psu? I might be getting 1 in a deal that im working with some guy and i was wondering if they are anygood.
  2. Lol ya shes gonna chop ur head off when she see's that on ur credit card bill!
  3. Lol ya i am still thinking about the card.
  4. Non taken i am getting a new psu for it probly a ocz powerstream series one.
  5. Ok i looked at your link and thank you for that. The thing is im confused about somthing does it atomatically give me the option to flasht eh bios from the floppy?
  6. What about this psu do you guys think it will do the job well? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817104155
  7. Ya i know i want to lol. Ok i guess ill get a quality psu.
  8. On my case it has 4 usb and headset jacks in the front but i dont know what part of the board the wires from the usb and headset jacks go can you guys help me out?
  9. Ok thanks, i read that 480wt is the minimum requirment for the board. Thanks agian i guess ill have to fork out a little bit more money. Sweet i just found a psu for $30 bucks at a local pc shop thats 500wts.
  10. Are you sure i need a new psu bc im kinda of on a budget lol.
  11. Ok thanks man you are very helpfull that was very fast! Also can you point me in the right direction to a place that can walk me through updating the bios?
  12. Ok im new to pc building and this will be my first custom. I am getting the Dfi Ultra-d and i was wondering a few things. First of all will my Serial Ata hard drive work with this mobo without updating any drivers? Also do I need a floppy drive to update my bios? One more what is the best video card for this board a Ati x800 xl or a Nvidia 6800gt?
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