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  1. Ok hope it dosnt get screwed up, wish me good luck. Wait so i restart fallow instructions then restart again and say load optimize defaults?
  2. Ok so ya ima noob do i just restart and say boot from floppy or do it do it automatically?
  3. Ya its dual core..My speakers are only working on 1 speaker why?
  4. Ok i see 3/10/05 on system bios in everest
  5. K ill try that, is it ok to leave my comp on overnight?
  6. Ok umm i didnt see the bios version bc it loaded really fast, what is everest called i typed everest in yahoo and i get other ..
  7. Umm stock bios i havnt updated yet.. But i did install the nvidia drivers from dfi's website.
  8. Damn lol im scared to restart i dont want it to do that again... I think i figured out the problem angry you might know somthing about this but i dont know, when the nvidia thing was installing it asked me if i wanted to install some ide device thing and i said yes before but then when i did it again i said no and know it works i think the ide thing was conflicting with my sata drive..
  9. Ok i cant beleive this but i got it working but now windows just takes a really long time to load.
  10. Well i just installed all the drivers back and it still wont boot. I dont understand what the hell did i do wrong?
  11. Umm ya i stated obove that i have a 500watt and i didnt update the bios yet im just trying to get this dam thing to run. I did get it running i just said load last good configuration but now the lan, audio etc... drivers are not installed anymore.
  12. Omg im about fed up now, when i load windows if freezes on start up.
  13. Ok guys sorry for getting pissed, but i got it now i just installed the nvidia drivers for dfi and everything works now. Thank god, as you can probly tell this is my first build. Lol
  14. Im .ing pissed off, i downloaded the drivers and all they are is a bunch of .ing files no install thing wtf?!?!??!?!
  15. Also i didnt see the chipset drivers on dfi's website. And that psu isnt updated sry i have a Antec 500watt, yes all power connecters are connected.
  16. Ok i got it fixed i had an extra dvd rom lying around and poped it in and it worked, now i have another problem i put the dvd drive on my tv and the dfi drivers disk was below and the dvd rom fell and broke it lol, umm now i gota download all the drivers. Would the internet work without the dfi drivers installed???
  17. Ok i installed windows and everything and after it boots to windows i put the dfi cd in the drive install all the stuff off of it and it wont auto run so i went to my computer and when i click dvdrom it just freezes, any ideas? Also the internet is not working at all.
  18. Is this psu any good for the dfi lanparty ultra-d. link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817153015
  19. This is probly a dumb question but how well do the 512 vid card run??? I might get the ATI (Sapphire) Radeon X800 XL 512 MB DDR3/PCI-E/VIVO/DVI
  20. Ok well i guess the guy is outa luck then bc i dont want to . out on the most important part of my pc.
  21. Here is a link guys its the second 1 from the top http://www.thetrailingedge.com/products.php?cat=psu The guy im pending a deal with says that he used it to power his Sli setup.
  22. No i cant link to it, i cant even find it lol. All the guy told me is that its a Okia 600watt psu. Sorry i cant find anything on it.
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