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  1. Hey go into the speaker configuration under the realtek audio manuel thing and set it up make the regular green one the audio out and if that dosnt work try to do it with the blue plug..
  2. Ok my red led's arnt on when i boot into windows but if i standby then come back, the 3 red led's come on and stay on and wont go off unless i reboot.
  3. Ok Windows takes forever to boot past the part with the black windows splash screen with the little blue bars. Ive heard of this happening but i just want to know if there is a definate fix for it. I just installed windows yesterday.
  4. ya i got the chipset drivers install but the headphones dont work:(
  5. Yay i got i just went into the realtek thing and change the blue one to be the line out and know they work owell what ever, thanks for you help Monk i really appreiciate you helping a noob! lol.
  6. Weird if i plugg the sound cord in half way both speakers work but when i plug it all the way in they dont?!?!
  7. Ok il install the drivers when it finishes downloading, the plug is the first green one not the one that says "side" on it.
  8. Well that didnt work...Still only 1 speaker works..But i didnt install the chipset drivers yet...
  9. Does it matter what order i go in i just installed the realtek audio drivers.
  10. I was using the top and it worked the internet cut out on me bc i uninstalled the that driver.
  11. Lol i just did know i have no internet i gota download the it on my other comp and use my external hdd.
  12. But what about the ethernet driver, the one i downloaded dosnt come with it does it?
  13. Wait i dont know which ones to uninstall on the remove list, i dont wanna mess up my video driver settings... ok i uninstalled the audio and the ide drivers i think thats all i need right?
  14. No seriously do i have to uninstall the other drivers or do i just run the other ones?
  15. Also do i have to uninstall the other drivers or can i just install the new ones?
  16. Thanks rgone ill try that out. Im going to get the Revision 6.53 and a3.75, i feel like such a noob right know....
  17. Ok well the problem is lol that the cd that came with my mobo broke lol i put a dvd player ontop of my tv and it fell on to the cd and cracked it. Is their anyway i cant get the driver for it? Yes i am using the onboard audio.
  18. Do i need to have the dvd to sound card plug thing in? Because before when i had it in it was making a weird noise. ok i plugged it in and it still dosnt work, am i using the correct bios??
  19. Ok i hooked up different speakers and it still dosnt work so ya it somthing to do with the comp settings.
  20. I installed the NFref_637_wsv drivers off of the dfi website..yay there is only 1 wire to the back of the computer i only have 2 speakers and a sub.
  21. Ok the flash worked "System" now says Amd dual core instead of unknown. But the new problem is my speakers im sure they are good bc they were on my other comp a week ago and only 1 is work witht he sub right now the left side does not work.
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