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  1. I will after i do the defrag which will be later since it takes a while.
  2. Well the program didnt work..Im so pissed that i cant get quality performance out of a $380 dollar processor..
  3. No didnt defrag the drive but i did donwload a Amd thing off there website that will enable me to turn up the voltage.
  4. Yes it is but i cant figure out how to turn it off, i went into bios but it was grayed out andi couldnt select it.
  5. Forget it i just figured it out i already have those bios anyway...Damnit!
  6. Wtf i found the new bios on dfi's site but they wont go on a disk i clicked on the run thing but the floppy just makes a noise and a cmd pops up and thats it!?!? I used the first one on this page http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bio..._FLAG=A&SITE=NA
  7. well it didnt help I tryed to disable the core in game and no go.
  8. Thanks billy i will try a few of those suggestions..So it seems that it is my dual core..I guess the dual core dosnt run well with games.
  9. So are those temps hot for normal use? Also i dont have a problem playing cs:s just takes longer than usual to start up ater a reboot..Not to mention those temps are with the side panel case off lol so ya they shoud be cooler than that i would guess.
  10. lol thanks for the compliment on the sig lol..Umm well i thought i would get the x2 bc it is good for multi tasking and to me it sounds like it would be a good gamer cpu.. How do i change the voltage?(ima noob sorry) The value ram shows that it is 1gig in my system specs so it must be working? The only thing is that i didnt buy this comp so i cant just go buy another cpu and call it a day..my parents bought it for me and as you know the x2's arent cheap..I didnt no that i had a firewall on until now.I turned the windows one off but the Nvidia one is on how do i turn it off?
  11. I have thought that it could be a heating problem bc my case sux. I only have 1 case fan These are the temp at normal load.. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v602/sco.../tempscreen.jpg EDIT by THunDA.. Please read the forum rules.. Pics can not be larger then 800x600
  12. Ok as you can see in my sig my system specs are pretty dam good and i should not have any kind of system lagg. Ill explain a few problems that i have. After i reboot i start css (for example) it take about 20-30 seconds to start the program, but after it starts for the first time it gos faster after that each time. Keep in mind my dell can start css faster than this....thats pretty bad. Is there anything i can do to make it go faster? My dell is a 3.0ghz pentium 4, 1.5 gig kingston ram..Also another problem i have is "robot" lagg after hours of gaming with Guild Wars..Please i feel taken advantage of by building this asome system and its not even keeping up with my dell :/
  13. Does it have good air flow? Well hopfully better than the one that i curently have http://www.xoxide.com/dimimicag.html Because i think im having heat issues...i only have 1 case fan it 120mm.
  14. Ok i need a case with good air flow to keep my pc cool...Any suggestions?? Im on a budget of $60-70.
  15. Ok do you guys think that 1 more gig of ram would help me out here? It dosnt lagg anymore but when i goto start up css or sumthing it takes a little longer than usual but after that i go and start css again it will go back to normal. Is it normal for it to do this? I figure i shouldnt have to wait the extra time in the begining i have an dual core cpu. Thought these were good?
  16. Ok well i didnt check the psu voltage but i did reorganize my power cords and everything and made sure that everything was connected and i found out that there is a fan connector comming from my psu, and ya it wasnt plugged in so i made sure i plugged it in this time..and i havnt had any lagg yet hopfully i wont..
  17. Sorry im an extreme no0b! I dont know how to do this lol.
  18. Ok now when i restart then play css or sumthing after i start playing and exit the game everything gos back to normal no lagg!?! wtf!!!?!?!?
  19. Ok my system just started to be really crappy latley. Every game it laggs for some reason, just started to do this last night. I dont get it my comp is pretty good perfomance wise it shouldnt be having system lagg issues..
  20. Ya i know it sucks...just keep trying ull get it..
  21. maybe..idk but im just gonna change it out not even bother with the stock sound..
  22. Ya its the realtek 97 config thing thats how i got mine to work but idk whats wrong with it so im just gonna buy a pci sound card soon..
  23. Hey go to ur speaker configuration int he drivers software and try to change the sound out to the blue jack and plug ur speakers into the blue one..Thats what i did and it worked..
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