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  1. Ok ever since ive had this mother board things have begun to downgrade and become slower, windows takes about 20-30 seconds on the plash screen and it wont shut down or restart...i know this could be windows corrupted..but the first time i loaded windows up everything was fine then when i load the bios and drivers for the mobo...windows loads slow as molasses i can only beleive that this is the mobo causing these crappy load times...

  2. Ya i installed the drivers with it and it still didnt work it has to be the card..ive tryed both of my slots and another computer and it has the same problem im not even gonna deal with it anymore im sick and tired of Leadteks crap, and just so you know be prepared when your card go's out bc it prolly will anytime now..

  3. Ok first of all here is my point of veiw..I have had 2 diff Leadtek Video cards with the same problems..idk if its the comp or the video cards but i have a strong feeling its the card. I Rma'ed my first card bc it overheated or what ever and had blue and sometimes green lines everywhere so Leadtek sent back my card and im assuming they fixed it butno it had the same problems and i just got another card back from them that is totally different so do you guys think the card could have fried the chipset (lol i dont even know what that is...)? I know its not the card slot bc when i was waiting for my 6800gt to come back from being Rma'd i had a Ati x300 pci-e and it worked fine...


    I would think more about the future. Get an X2. It also rocks in gaming as well.


    Uhh i wouldnt get an x2 alot of people are having gaming problems with them, i had gaming problem with my 3800+ x2 then got a 3700+ single core and eveything was fine...

  5. Ya true my corsair worked fine but ive heard they mess up on some people. Also again seriously look into your cpu becasue mine was a 3800+x2 and it had major issues with games, but was great for multi-tasking.

  6. Ok my leadtek 6800gt video card had some problems tonight..i had just got done watching a movie on my computer and i went to play some cs:s then right after i joined a game the screen looked all weird and kinda blury and spiked...then i got back to the desktop and there where some weird green line things on the screen like little lines all over it....after i pulled the card a few times and rebooted a few times it went back to normal then i wanted to try and play cs:s again and i get these blue lines when loading to join a server..idk what the problem is but im getting really pissed off! please someone help i know this isnt a vid card forum but the problem could be the board also so please help me..

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