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  1. I finally decided to try my luck and install one of these. I went from one of the original Audigy cards to the x-fi. So far no problems. I did get a reboot while booting into windows after the intial crative driver install, but it has not happened since. I must say that even after having the other audigy, this was night and day. Very impressed with sound quality, especially with headphones. I guess I was lucky that I didn't have any problems. I am going to swap pci slots because right now its sharing IRQ's with the vid card, and Creative says it doesn't need to share IRQ's.


    Ya this card sounds beautiful. I hope you dont have the compat probs, sounds like you dont! Have fun with it. I love the crystalizer- brings out high end very well!

  2. I had smilar issues at first but it was not 64. Basically, if you havent, uninstall those drivers and get the latest driver cleaner. From all my reading online, uninstall any old sound drivers, regardless if they were creative or not. Run driver cleaner and strip them. Then reinstall.

    I have to do this when bf2 quits recognizing my X-Fi card on occasion. Of course, you are talking about other things on a different OS, but maybe it can help, love to hear if you have anyluck!

  3. And how do you KNOW that. Based on History it is a Creative problem, I've used their products for almost 20 years in different systems and they ALWAYS have problems with their new products and Creative ALWAYS blames the problems on everyone else. It may be different this time, but I wouldn't bet my money on it.



    Because thats what the guy at creative told me when I called tech support. And thats what DFI told me when I called them. DFI had no time frame for an update when I called, and suggested I send my card back to creative so they could hand modify the BIOS. Its a NF4 issue. Thats why all the other NF4 boards are having issues, not just DFI.

  4. I love my xtreme music. I mainly wanted it for bf2, and right now do to the bios bug it sucks my performance down on it. If you have any nforce 4 board, caution is to be taken. Most manu;s have an updated bios for the fix, but DFI does not yet. Hopefully soon. The card its self sounds amazing, clairity and spacially. Just heed the warnings about the issues.

  5. man I have so many fraps movies of the FX chug bug. I hate it. It will bring bf2 down to a crawl. And there is NO way my machine should be crawling on bf2. I am glad to see Creative say that there is a confirmed problem.

    Creative also gave me the option of returning the card so they could configure the BIOS on the card. And again I asked if that was a perm. solution and they said no, its a chipset/mobo problem. I didnt want to have it messed with, then get it back and update the MB to a fixed BIOS only to have it be funky or weird with a beta bios on my X-Fi.

    SO I opted to wait for DFI to post a BIOS. MSI has released theirs. and so have a few others. Im interested to know exactly what the nature of the conflict is.

  6. My chipset is just getting too hot as well. It sits right under this 7800 gtx and burns. I also have a raptor that gets hot. I like the idea of using a fan in that drive bay, but I dont have room for one with 3 HD's. And from what I understand replacing that chipset fan is a Void. However, it gets unstable after bf2 for hours. I ordered some as5 with my xp-90c, so hopefully that will help when it arrives.


    Does anyone else out there with a 7800 or a huge hot video card that has replaced that chipset fan have any problems with clearance to the card?

  7. Well I will chime in on this one since I am an avid bf2 player and I talk with/know many bf2 and 7800 owners.


    Well assuming you have tried all the suggested hardware tweaks/fixes on this site:


    #1: Don't play on 64 player servers. Most of the time the stuttering is really some 300 pinger from norway or anartica (hehe), ffs.


    try a 32. (our server is a 32 player: divo.net|{pdX} Ranked Angst. just put in divo in the search string and feel free to test out your settings there)


    You should have no problem running that card in like 8x AA. If you are running your monitor at a high resolution, like 1680X1050 as I am, then turn off Anti Aliasing. You dont need it in that res. Crank up the anistropic filtering.

    I run mine in 1680, no anti aliasing, and 16x anistropic. Image quality set to "high".


    #2. Nuke your bf2 cache.

    Delete the files (but NOT the folder) located at: UserMy DocumentsBattlefield 2modsbf2cache


    Dump your bf2 cache EVERYTIME you change any drivers. This will cause you to re-optimize shaders. and its generally a good thing to do weekly. This has been an easy fix for many people. If that does not work then try *eek* beta drivers.


    There is another documented problem amongst 7800 owners and X-Fi cards. I am one of them :( Didnt see it in your specs though.


    SO anyway, what's working ok so far are (as of last night) the 6.67 nforce drivers from Guru3d (or stationdrivers), and the 81.26 WHQL forceware drivers. yes whql but STILL beta... :)


    Here are the links: 6.67's

    81.26 WHQL


    there are a few other things to try but lets start there.


    If you got any other bf2 questions, I will try and help :)

    Good luck!

  8. *pin drop*


    OK, im gonna reinstall.. again.


    But, what is the best way, or what you guys are having the most luck with, way to install the SATA drives?


    I want it to be my boot drive...

    And so far from what I understand, I am to make sure no IDE hard drive is present, is that correct?


    Do I install SATA drivers at f6, or DO I only install the forcware 6.66 drivers?

  9. Ive been getting odd errors on my SATA drive I never had before the update, and the disk passes every single test that hitachi makes, to every other utliity I can get my hands on. Works fine in my friends computer. But I will get a BSOD and hardware exception error when the disk is under heavy use. This has only occured since the new drivers. I am also experiencing a strange video "glitch" or "white noise" flicker.

    Those are the only things that have happened to me, and I have yet to resolve them. When I get time im gonna roll stuff back properly.

  10. I got 2gbs of corsair- twinx 2032, 3200c2.

    Very first thing you gotta do is put the mem voltage up after the latest bios flash... and im forgetting the exact number (2.7?) In order to get it to be stable. But other than that, I love this memory. and Corsair's support is just as top noth as dfi's, use ask the ram guy, they will get you set up with all your timings.

    I am not OC'n, nor do I plan too, so I guess what you get is going to rest on that...

    But im very happy with it so far!

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