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  1. I got 2gbs of corsair- twinx 2032, 3200c2. Very first thing you gotta do is put the mem voltage up after the latest bios flash... and im forgetting the exact number (2.7?) In order to get it to be stable. But other than that, I love this memory. and Corsair's support is just as top noth as dfi's, use ask the ram guy, they will get you set up with all your timings. I am not OC'n, nor do I plan too, so I guess what you get is going to rest on that... But im very happy with it so far!
  2. {pdX}pyrosee

    Hardware Exception Error + sys log:

    does anyone have an IOTA of an idea? Im about to nuke everything and start again. I built it with help from the build guide last time, so any ideas/thoughts/suggestions? Prayers? lol
  3. ive had stablity probs since i upped to those drivers. I will get random "white noise" glitches. and my screen will suddenly go to some weird 320 insanely low res, then I bsod. Theres no way its my bfg 7800, it works fine. I updated both forceware and vid drivers at the (just about) the same time) so to be honest I dont know which it is. Gonna tinker this week. I highly doubt that your bfg card is to blame, although I have a bfg card too and im gettin the same. Let me know if u here anything from bfg...
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    Hardware Exception Error + sys log:

    Man this totally sucks. We are competing this wknd at the pdxlan, 800 ppl some of the best teams. RIGHT in the middle of a bf2 match: BSOD HARDWARE EXCEPTION ERROR - Too bad I was flying the blackhawk with my entire team in it rofl! D is my new shiny SATA drive- and my gaming XP pro install startup disk. I have a regular install of xp on my c drive. Ok well, just to make sure... Which drivers did u guys install for sata? I have plugged and unplugged the drive too as per ur suggestion, and i got that same error in that log... Also can someone help me verify my mem timings? I want to make sure thats not it. Thanks guys