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  1. Specifically the ram this guy is talking about, which is the same that I have, is the one with problems.
  2. I wont disagree with you guys at all. Corsair + DFI dont get great results at all. Infact I just ordered some mushkin redline pc4000.
  3. You said you loaded "optimized settings" EDIT ok I just searched the forums for you. Read this post: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...17&postcount=26 Try those settings. I would load fail safe defaults, then apply those settings I guess. Not sure if that helps but good luck
  4. I have the same memory, and had the same problems. Make sure you set the voltage to 2.7 to start, im sure thats quite basic and you have already tried it but it was the first thing I did based on reading other peoples experiences with this ram. But obviously try the stick by themselves like Ed said
  5. Ya this card sounds beautiful. I hope you dont have the compat probs, sounds like you dont! Have fun with it. I love the crystalizer- brings out high end very well!
  6. Hands down the sound quality is next to amazing. Just be aware of the problems that you may/or may not have with the extreme music with an nf4 board. I have had mixed results with my xtreme music and the NF4 problem, But the sound quality is absolutely amazing.
  7. I had smilar issues at first but it was not 64. Basically, if you havent, uninstall those drivers and get the latest driver cleaner. From all my reading online, uninstall any old sound drivers, regardless if they were creative or not. Run driver cleaner and strip them. Then reinstall. I have to do this when bf2 quits recognizing my X-Fi card on occasion. Of course, you are talking about other things on a different OS, but maybe it can help, love to hear if you have anyluck!
  8. Because thats what the guy at creative told me when I called tech support. And thats what DFI told me when I called them. DFI had no time frame for an update when I called, and suggested I send my card back to creative so they could hand modify the BIOS. Its a NF4 issue. Thats why all the other NF4 boards are having issues, not just DFI.
  9. Sry, join the club Its not a driver, its a problem with the NF4 chipset which is why creative hasn't been able to do much about it.
  10. thats seriously dissappointing
  11. I love my xtreme music. I mainly wanted it for bf2, and right now do to the bios bug it sucks my performance down on it. If you have any nforce 4 board, caution is to be taken. Most manu;s have an updated bios for the fix, but DFI does not yet. Hopefully soon. The card its self sounds amazing, clairity and spacially. Just heed the warnings about the issues.
  12. Ive had mine since the day they came out and had nothing but issues. Sounds killer when it works tho, lol.
  13. Man, I don't really feel comfortable having creative modify a bios, who knows what kind of minor issues it could present in the future and you can't unflash it yourself... I guess I will wait for DFI, at least I can flash and reflash that on my own.
  14. man I have so many fraps movies of the FX chug bug. I hate it. It will bring bf2 down to a crawl. And there is NO way my machine should be crawling on bf2. I am glad to see Creative say that there is a confirmed problem. Creative also gave me the option of returning the card so they could configure the BIOS on the card. And again I asked if that was a perm. solution and they said no, its a chipset/mobo problem. I didnt want to have it messed with, then get it back and update the MB to a fixed BIOS only to have it be funky or weird with a beta bios on my X-Fi. SO I opted to wait for DFI to post a BIOS. MSI has released theirs. and so have a few others. Im interested to know exactly what the nature of the conflict is.
  15. Any updates or chattering about a bios Angry? I am still getting the 10 fps bug. Looks like A BIOS fix might be my only hope.
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