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  1. As title states. I've heard alot about the tic-tac bios. Can't seem to find it though. I've changed motherboards and lost 120MHz of CPU speed, and I can only assume that it's due to the new DFI board, because the Chaintech was 100mhz higher. Thanks in advance.
  2. Having you tried taking the CMOS battery out and letting it sit for about a minute, putting it in, clearing for 15 seconds and then try a boot? If it won't splash and detect enough for you to open the BIOS after that, then the CMOS is fragged.
  3. Hi all. I've been trying to overclock my proc in this new DFI board with some sad results. this 3200 in my old chaintech board was capable of 2650mhz stable. Now, try as I might, I can't get it that high in the DFI board. The best OC i've gotten so far is 270x9 @1.7V. I've lost 200 MHz somewhere by going to this board. the chaintech would do [email protected] like it was cake. Can anybody help me get this proc's potential back out of it in this new board? HTT: 3x RAM Div: 5/6 V: 1.695 Timings: 3-2-2-8T Vdimm: 3.1
  4. Since I've been researching this, I've seen a bit of trouble between these two kids. Either DFI doesn't like WD or vice versa, but people are having problems. Any help from the Official DFI crew would be appreciated in the extreme.
  5. I have no idea, but I'll check... brb in 2 mins. Ok, my serial option in the bios is set to 3F8/IRQ4.
  6. Hey guys, first time poster. I'm having a problem with my mobo. I can connect my WD Caviar drive in primary master and it detects fine and boots windows. I can also detect my Maxtor 200GB fine and am running windows on it right now. I would like to connect the WD as Primary slave, but I can't find a way to do it. If I connect the Max as primary master and the WD as primary slave with the cable properly plugged in and cable detect on, neither drive is detected when the HDD jumpers are set to cable detect on both disks. If I set the jumpers to master and slave, respectively, then I still can't get it to detect either drive. The cable is properly connected w/ the master jack in the master disk and the slave jack in the slave disk. Any ideas on this? System in sig.
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