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  1. this probably isnt related, but in 4 seperate networks ive had the internet (from 2 different isps) become extrememly slow suddently, then act normal. it seems like dns is taking forever or something... since its seperate networks with the same symptoms, it seems like its the net itself, not the individual network...
  2. in my experience, value ram performs just as well as regular ram at stock settings. oc'ing is where the difference is. i work off of 1gb corsair value select here at work doing graphic design and its worked flawless with a slight overclock. which is awesome for the price! so id say (and it appears others too) look forward to more flexibitily with your oc'ing
  3. thanks for the link to that email address! this will definalty speed up the process of fixing my problem. i just hope i can post a happy ending to my story...
  4. yeah i know.. thats what i found when i looked up the problem on the forum, but what im saying is that the fan shouldnt be making noise at all 2 months after i bought the motherboard. if dfi doesnt want to replace the fan, ill have to buy that other fan, which is great and all, but its hard to tell my wife that i know i bought the best motherboard on the market, while spending more money to fix it.
  5. i posted earlier about the noise that my chipset fan is making, and i thought it was because the fan speed had increased. Well i slowed it down and that took care of it for about a day. now it buzzes like crazy, regardless of the rpms. ive blown it out with air, and that worked the first 2 times, but not anymore everyone says to replace the fan but i have a wee problem: a wife. just 2 months ago, i spent $2000 to buy this pc, and $200 on the motherboard alone. just asking to spend $10 more on a decent chipset fan is a recipe for DOOM. im really upset because this is the "premium" expert motherboard, but the north bridge fan, which is advertised as magnetic levitation for longer life and silent operation, isnt being silent, and doesnt seem to be lasting too long. i want a replacement but theres not way i can send the motherboard in. so.. dfi, what can you do to help me?
  6. ive had this lanparty expert for about a month, and just this morning i noticed that my chipset cooler is much louder than it used to be. it was completely silent before, but now it hums noticably. i messed around with smart guardin to drop the rpm, and its silent now, but what has changed that made it louder? any ideas?
  7. lucky man. im glad evga does the cross shipping thing. i dunno what id do without my vid card if i had to rma it lol
  8. this thing got me a 15-20 fps boost in oblivion, but i think it was because of the quality settings. i put em to balanced at i was back at the same ol fps i been at. also, navigating that new control panel is pretty crappy... i hope theyre working on it.
  9. theyre just arbitrary numnbers. next release will be 14.443.3423123
  10. pcie power connector, idle temp is ~41c in driver window, havent tried in other rigs (i have like 2 friends lol and only one has a pc with pci-e connector), havent checked fan temps
  11. i used coolbits auto detect. it crashed my pc right away. after that i never touched it. i just wanna get it stable before i try any oc or anything on it.
  12. ive seen the links around. thanks for them though, im getting a meter on my way home today. i do a lot of stuff like this and i keep borrowing my friends meter so i figure its time to get my own. plus the case im working on to house my pc is gonna have a lot of custom leds and wiring them and getting the resistance right is gonna require and ohm meter. i would normally get one off the net for like half the price, but i need one now!
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