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  1. nevermind about the original. i fixed that.... but is there a way to make it so that both the 3.5mm jacks ( Direct) and the digital sound work at the same time??? I have both my Logitechs hooked up to the optical as well as my Razer HP1's hooked into the 3.5mm but its a PITA to switch between them.
  2. Hey, Just a simple problem but i dont see any drivers to fix it floating on DFI's site. I cannot get my Optical out to work in Vista, Running the Infinity AM2 MII Non SLi with NForce 4 chip. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the response Angry. I will have to look in the BIOS, as i spend most time tinkering in there with RAM settings. If not yeah, it looks as if a cheap NIC is in order, or perhaps just tough it out with Wireless until i upgrade in the near future to a Penryn. Thanks
  4. Hey all, Working with the following Linksys WRT300N With latest Firmware DFI Infinity AM2 MII or whatever it is NForce Non SLI 3600 OC'ed x2 DHCP Cable internet now, i can "connect" to the wired Ethernet by using a 50ft Cat5 however it auto assigns an IP which begins with 169.xxx.xx.xx which is "bad" supposedly i just downloaded the new drivers from DFI's site and they didnt change anything... so is the ethernet jack on my mobo bad?? How can i fix this problem if at all, Linksys tech support wont help they just insist that my mobo has a bad ethernet jack, currently im dual booting XP and Vista Ultimate, and XP wont connect via wired and Vista wont hold a connection via wireless so im stuck.. Please Help Thanks
  5. DFI SLi question here. I have the Ultra II M2 board, the Non SLi one, i've flipped the jumpers to 8x/8x and put in 2 7900GS's How do i enable SLi, people have told me its possible and there are results online that speak to this being true.... Any thoughts on the matter?
  6. Hey all, just bought that combo off newegg, the x2 3600 65nm and the Ultra II M2 or whatever its called. wont post wont boot, wont even beep error codes at me with no RAM installed, GFX fan stays @ 100% when system is "on" anyway to tell what BIOS i have or may have off some info from the board? Or will i be yet another person who has to call DFI to get them to ship me a properly flashed bios to support 65nm.
  7. Nope, sorry I need to unload this, CompUSA shipped it to me at my wrong address, and I have no use for another one. and its been a month before i discovered it was at a different house. Thanks for the bump tho :angel:
  8. Hey all, brand new Sealed from Intel Core 2 Duo. e6600, never been opened or tested to see how it overclocks, the one i am typing from does 3.4ghz on 1.4 volts they are the same stepping. Heat Under bullet2urbrain - all positive Ebay under aws4904 - 90% positive Pics available upon request. Price 285 shipped to CONUS, Paypal CC add 3% please, I prefer to not ship Worldwide due to customs hassles. Also accept MO or Cashiers Check if you prefer. Thanks ~B2urB
  9. end of the week bumpage, and some X1900xtx news i hope
  10. bumpage for some good prices and for me looking.
  11. Certainly they were just sold to PittViper about 3 posts above you. Sorry. 128 meg. No RAM on the backside.
  12. 2 week bump New stuff to add WD Raptor 74gig 10kRPM - 100 bux
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