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  1. iiyama vision master pro 454 (19" CRT)
  2. strange in the manual of the gfx cards it also says connect the monitor on the lower card... Mine's connected on the upper card cause the lower card doesnt give a screen... me is confused
  3. Just a question cause in my XFX geforce 7800gtx extreme edition (i got 2 running in sli) manual says the monitor should always be connected on the lower card.. i dont get visual on the lower card but on the upper card i do so there i connected the monitor... Do u guys have the same sli setup with the DFI Lanparty nf4 sli-dr?
  4. flash ur bios to the latest version and u will be allright i had the same errors using corsair xms 2x512mb hope this works for u too
  5. Would my thermaltake twv 500 power this rig (sig) or is this the way to crash your components? I am confused cause the revies of this psu are quite good...
  6. i installed the nf4 66.66 drivers and now the burner is working fine on the nf4 chipset. thnx for the replies guys
  7. maybe u got that new virus that is running around now... it does restart ur computer every time.. just a thought
  8. @ geno do you have the px716sa connected to the nf4 controller or the other 1? And i did not update system drivers for nf4 chipset.. should i do this?
  9. The drive is attached to the nf4 controller and reads fine both cds and dvds but i can't burn both.. he hangs when burning the lead in. i got the latest firmware 1.8 installed for the drive mobo = DFI Lanparty NF4 SLi-DR is this a known problem with u guys who have the same drive? maybe some bios options i dont know of? Everything is default now on the bios.. plz help
  10. DFI Lanparty NF4 sli-dr amd athlon 64 4000+ xfx geforce 7800gtx extreme edition plextor px-716sa wd raptor 74gig corsair xms xpert 3200XL with led display thermaltake twv 500 watt All is working but when i want to install win xp i get a blue screen with an error report 0x0000000A bla bla it happens when the screen where you press F8 to accept license of windows and then bang the blue screen hit the monitor... is there something wrong with the hardware? i didnt change any bios settings... this is a brand new setup... plz help me
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