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  1. I can't get this kind of stuff in Australia, I wonder if newegg (or another US company) would be willing to send the gear over here?
  2. ADD LOCATION to your profile. the management... So this is the kind of gear that you use to frag out opponents on the net aye?
  3. I'm looking at getting a wireless keyboard and mouse (the wife hates wires for some reason), although, I'm not too sure if a wireless keyboard/mouse will work well with gaming, or will it? Is there a wireless mouse/keyboard configuration I could purchase that would suite gaming as well as general desktop use?
  4. I'm looking at installing an additional two 80mm fans to cool the hard drives (case provides space at the front of the two drive bays for this), do you think this will keep case temps at a minimum? To be honest with you I don't really think it will.
  5. lol, I have no idea, anything that you'd recommend?
  6. The 7800 GTX I am going to get has Dual DVI, I intend to purchase another 913B later on down the track.
  7. Ok, finally came up with the final specs of my pc, details are in the sig. Any comments , words of wisdom, criticism would be great.
  8. Ok, just made updates to my system, specs are as follows: * Antec TX1088AMG Grey ATX Tower Case, * OCZ PowerStream 600W, * AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ 939 Retail Box Dual Core, * DFI LANPARTY UT NF4ULTRA-D Nforce4 Ultra, * OCZ 2GB (2x1GB Kit) EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Platinum Kit, * XFX Geforce 7800 GTX, * 4x Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 200gb 7200rpm 8mb SATAII/300 NCQ (2 in RAID 0, 1 to mirror the RAID 0 disk, 1 for storage), * 3 x 80mm Fan with Sensor (still not certain which brand to use), * NEC ND-3540A Black DVDRW, * Samsung 913B 19" Black LCD, 8ms, 700:1 Contrast, DVI What do you think of this now?
  9. Looks like I might have to get a couple of raptors in RAID 0 for my host OS drive then. As for requirements for VMWare; heaps of RAM, and in my case, a CPU that has great multi-threading capabilities.
  10. Sorry but thats what I forgot to add into my signature; I am getting 4 HDDs, 2 are going to be placed into a RAID 0+1 drive for the host OS, 1 for VMWare machines and 1 for storage. How does that sound?
  11. I am designing a new system (see specs in signature) which I will be using for my new system. I have designed the machine with the intention to run virutal machines (VMWare) on it which will replace the many machines laying around my office. I will also use this machine to play the odd game (Half Life 2 and Battlefield 2). I mentioned this to one of my workmates and he looked at me with total awe. Long story short, he didn't approve of the 7800GT being used on a high performance workstation such as mine and told me that he would rather build a totally new computer. What are you thoughts on this? Do you think its a good idea to run virtual machines and games on the one machine? My workmate has a fair point but I kind of designed my system with this in mind.
  12. Just a confirmation, the LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D (http://www.dfi.com.tw/Product/xx_product_s...TYPE=LP&SITE=US) already comes with SATAII stock (the SATAII mod is not required)?
  13. Good point regarding the X2 and 550W power supply; any particular unit that you would recommend?
  14. The reason why I am going with an X2 processor is purely because of multitasking: I will be running virtual servers using vmware to replace the 4 odd machines in my lab at home. I am also wanting to play the odd game whilst the virutal machines are still running (which is possible with the X2's). Edit: My choice of CPU was this: either go with an Intel with Hyperthreading or an AMD64 X2 - I've used AMD chips for a while now and am very happy with the performance and value for money you get. Consider the power of multithreading of the X2 I think it will meet the needs of my system.
  15. I was actually thinking of going with the OCZ 2GB (2x1GB Kit) EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Platinum Kit (CL 2-3-2-5) (http://www.scorptec.com.au/index.php?prdid=15449) but I dont know if the extra $100 (AUD) could justify the marginal performance gain - what are your views on this? As for the TruePowerII 480W PSU; do you think it will supply enough juice to power my new rig?
  16. Not in Australia yet, I'm hoping they'll start appearing in the next couple of weeks.
  17. I'm going with a DFI as so many people (overclockers and non-overclockers) recommend it. Another reason why I am looking at getting this motherboard is this fact: if it runs stable by overclocking the board it would run even more stable having it run stock (not overclocked). What do you think?
  18. Signature has been updated, and I have read the PSU thread. Now, to answer my question, does the system I am designing have the appropriate components to work well with my chosen motherboard (DFI LANPARTY NF4ULTRA-D Nforce4 Ultra)? Will the PSU, being the minimal requirements for the DFI motherboard, be enough to power my system or should I look at something better?
  19. I am just about to purchase the components for my new PC. After a fair bit of research in the motherboard arena I found that the LANPARTY UT nF4-D would best suite my requirements; a stable motherboard that is a good all rounder (I'm not going to overclock this system). My specs are as follows: * Antec TX1088AMG Grey ATX Tower Case 480W TruePower 2 PSU * AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ 939 Retail Box Dual Core * NEC ND-3540A Black DVDRW, 16x DVD+/-RW, 8x DVD+R DL, 6x DVD-R DL, OEM. * Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 200GB SATAII NCQ (soon as its released) * DFI LANPARTY NF4ULTRA-D Nforce4 Ultra, Socket 939, Dual Gigabit Lan, NVRAID, 2000MT/s * OCZ DDR PC-3200 2GB Dual Channel Kit (2x1GB) CL3 * Geforce 7800 GT (soon as its released) As you can see above I have some components in the system that haven't been released yet (7800GT and the Seagate Barracuda 7200.9). Do you think my choice of componentry for this system are a good choice and will work fine with the DFI motherboard?
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