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  1. so you're telling me that the jumper switch doesn't control the COAX spdif out in the back of the board? Where's the optical out on the board? I'm pretty sure there isn't one.
  2. I switched the jumper on the board to use the nf4 spdif, but winxp doesn't recognize any new hardware nor can i get any sound. Is there something i'm missing?
  3. sorry i forgot to mention that i tried upping the voltage for cpu to 1.375 and vdimm to 2.7 before trying 2t, but nothing changed.
  4. hahaha, two 7950gx2's??? I wish i had 2. But apprently the gx2's use much less power than the previous 7900's due to smaller die, the GX2 only uses slightly more power than one 7900gtx but way less than a 7900gtx in sli. Anyways, what i tried was updating bios. that helped a little bit. but it still wouldn't run prime more than a few minutes. then i tried changing ram to 2t (by default it uses 1t) and now prime is running for more than 3 hours and still going. So it seems my ram can't run 1t? Is that all? what can i do to make it run 1t? I remember being able to run 1t on my nf2 board....
  5. Hello! I have just finished building my new rig (in sig) but for some reason it's not very stable. I have all the power connectors plugged in (molex, floppy) but for some reason, the system restarts randomly. It can either be after a few minutes, or after a few hours, or even days, but it'll restart on its own. I run prime95 but it says illegal sumout in less than 1 minute. I'm also running the system on winxp 64bit. Any ideas? Hobag
  6. according to your link, there should be a floppy and hdd power connector on my mobo? Should I omit these steps for my nf3 board?
  7. so I tried flashing the bios to 7/11 and in the middle of it, the system just restarted and now all it does is make a periodic beeping sound. I've heard of bios flashes going wrong, but it has never happened to me! What can I do now? Since the board is out of warranty, does dfi still do rma's? Is there somewhere I can get the bios chip replaced? OMG please help! Hobag
  8. I'm kinda torn between these two chips. There's advocates for both chips and they each say that their choice is better. right now, i'm only considering it b/c both chips are similar in price at newegg. Their specs are almost identical but the x2 uses 89w and the opty uses 110w. Any thoughts?
  9. I wasn't really planning on getting a the board new (i've also tried, and it is very difficult to find one). I'm in the market for a used one, and i've been following up on some leads, so it shouldn't be that hard to track one down. But Brando, what kind of increase in performance did you see after upgrading from nf2? Your situation is very similar to mine, and i really appreciate your thoughts.
  10. Hi there! I'm planning on ditching my nf2 board and do a temp upgrade to nf3 ultra-d cause i don't want to get rid of my x850xt pe yet. since i know that the ultra-d can use the dual cores, i'm assuming i have some future upgradability. So my question is: which proc would be the best value to put into this mobo? in terms of oc'ing? bang for the buck? everyday use and no oc'ing? thanks a lot, i appreciate this as I'm a complete noob when it comes to anything above a nf2 board (i've been out of the game for a while). cheers, Hobag
  11. I would like the NF3 ultra-d and not the NF4. Preferably vers. 2 but either or is fine. thanks!
  12. That's awesome, it looks fantastic! Thank you very much for your nice work King of Nothing! Very much appreciated. Hobag
  13. haha, yeah I saw the email right after I posted. Sorry, I'm just an idiot. But thanks, I'll tell king of nothing!
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