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  1. no ebay links...read the rules or face the consequences
  2. the only way i could replecate this with out showing the voltage or the volts on cpu2 was booting into safe mode. in normal windows it showed voltage on both cores as the same. in safe mode it would chost 1mzh on core 2 and the volts would be blank up top
  3. Well i gave her a little more juice. at 1.52 volts i can do 2800. 255x11 if i do 258x11 prime fails in about 20min CCBWE 0518MPMW JH-E6
  4. Dunno really, well ive seen a few chips in the past get fried with more volts. the heat really wasnt an issue either. so im just trying to play it safe
  5. well i can do about 2.8 at 1.5volts but prime fails after about 30min. since i really wont want to go over 1.5 volts i will probably just run it at 2700 or 2750 which prime has been running at great
  6. well i got another x2 4400+ hoping to get a better overclocker than my previous one. out of the box my last one wouldnt do over 11x211 on stock voltage the new one i got can do 11x236 on stock voltage passing prime95 on both cores. im so happy i should be able to get more out of it with more juice. my last one i couldnt get anything higher than 2550 using 1.52volts. right now im at 2600 on stock voltage 1.32 volts whoohooo! this one seems like a keeper.. all i wanted out of my last one was 2.6 this one hits it on both cores out of the box yay
  7. check out your video card first. your new replacement card might have taken a crap. not sure why your ati card will not work in pcie 1 ...but that card didnt work in pcie slot 1 on two ultra boards correct?
  8. i dunno mine shows voltage on my x2 with version 1.30
  9. Any reason yours is not showing voltage on each core? in cpuz
  10. There was another guy in here where his would stick on 3leds as well. It turned out it was his video card he had to eventually put it in the 2nd pcie slot for it to work. perhaps give that a try
  11. Interesting. One of my cores would be able to pass prime around 2800 but of course the other one wouldnt i imagen it was the one with less voltage. arghh. I wonder if this is a design in the cpu or just a software reporting issue? could be why everyone has a flakey core. my 2nd core was only stable at 2550 but i didnt want to go above 1.5volts either.
  12. Neat, I will be doing this to my board this weekend. I sold my video card and my current cpu in favor for another one so ill have some spare time Im thinking of even selling my current case that i havent even really used
  13. flash to one of the official bios first. i had a problem like your saying my problem was i had the boot floppy i made and the awdflash and bios were all on the same floppy. The way it worked for me was to have a bootable floppy on one disc and have the awd and bios on a 2nd floppy. then it would finish instead of being stuck on please wait.
  14. Really depends on your setup. If your going to give them the voltage you need you should switch them to the yellow slots. Although some people do up the voltage and leave them in the orange slots and have no problems at all. What your looking for is the XXX-2 bio's as they are more gearted for UTT chips.
  15. im guessing its not a x16 pci-e card ? if you use the 2nd slot it will run in x8 mode i believe but you could have a bad video card too
  16. last time i flashed from the iso my system said NO floppy installed system halt. then i rebooted and it just started beeping and says cmos checksum..whoo!! is that a common thing on this board, is it forcing us to have a floppy drive installed?
  17. try a LDT = 3x right now your at 2000htt bump it down to 3x and see what happens?
  18. i guess i could try the 623-2 bios. i have things settled down again. i bumped it back up to 3.3volts at 255 cas 2-2-5 and its been running memtest for about 7hrs now with no errors i might just leave it as is
  19. Yes i had them in the yellows before and moved them back to the orange where they have been running. When i was testing i never even noticed a difference when running them in either the yellow banks or organe ones at 3.2-3.5 volts.
  20. right i know what your saying i just dont see how i had them at 3.2volts for a while and now they cant even pass memtest at 3.2volts. i set the muiltipler to 11 and fsb to 200 and it just keeps rebooting. they are in the organge slots.
  21. yes they have a 120mm fan blowing on them but at 3.2volts they are never hot what i dont get ive been running them at that speed for a few days now they passed prime/memtest. but now they just fail memtest at the same speed. i had to drop my muiltpler down to 9x 250 now and testing them in memtest at the above speeds. i wonder if its my cpu..
  22. ok i have no idea whats going on with mine now i had to lower my divider down to 8x to even get my ram to pass memetest with no errors @250 3.2 volts with the same timgings this guy is running. http://www.ocforums.com/showpost.php?p=3893583&postcount=5 i was using that for a few days no problems...arghhhhhh
  23. I recently had some weird thing with my mushkin redline xp4000 its been stable running at 1.5-2-2 at 250fsb with 3.2volts. today i run prime and it fails on both cores in seconds. x2 4400+ @ 2500 so i restart the machine it wont even boot it just keeps restarting so i lower the fsb to 240 and boot into mem test and getting errors. so i set everyting to auto on the ram and reboot and run mem test for about 6hours no problem. get back from work set the settings i used to have and its not giving any errors in memtest at all back at 3.2volt i have no idea
  24. I have one and i love it. Has a very high quailty build. the fan on it is a little more on the louder side but it can move some air. its a very high quality psu. I moved from a 550watt entermax to this one
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