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  1. Thanks! that's good info When you say at the limits of your Zalman - do you mean temps? Do you know what the temps were at those OCs? Do you have any issues with restarting windows at those OCs? Thanks mate :cool:
  2. Thanks mate - I just updated my sig while you posted. I ordered from overclockers (several hundred pounds worth) and didnt receive the next day delivery I paid for, I chased them- they said yeah next day.. I was not surprised when it didnt turn up. They didnt even bother to tell me that all the items I ordered were out of stock... they just left me waiting (and chasing) for over a week. Their website even said "in stock" for all my items when I ordered and the C2D's still said "in stock" when I eventually cancelled the order. They may be cheap with good range, but their customer service sucks more than a starving whore.
  3. Firstly please forgive me for buying the MSI 975X PoweredUp Edition, it was cheaper than the DFI and I was on a budget (due to new Mobo, CPU, Memory and my PSU blew!) I did read all of AG's thread about C2D and he put things in perspective for O/C'ing this new architecture. I know not everyone will be able to get 400+ FSB. O/Cing my E6600 to 3.15Ghz (350FSB) on my MSI 975X was easy as pie (once I realised I needed vcore 1.4v), unfortunately my opinion of the MSI is; it's a bad O/Cer. I can easily hit 3.4Ghz (375FSB) which is truly great but it requires vCore 1.55v, vDimm 2.3v and PCIE 1.75v (note: PCIE is MCH / NB) and even then it isnt fully AngryGames_stable (which is also my interpretation of stable) The DFI infinity has 6 phase power (my MSI has 4 apparently) which means I need more voltage to reach the O/C - this isnt a problem (YET! wait until my CPU dies young from overvolting:( ) My question to you guys is: What voltages on the vCore do you need to attain 3.4Ghz(375FSB) on E6600? OR if not 3.4Ghz then 3.15Ghz (350FSB)? Does your system refuse to reboot from Windows when OC'd more than 3Ghz? Do you guys have *any* POST issues? mine certainly does. How does the JMicron controller work for you? (It sucks big time on the MSI - using the JMicron on the Secondary IDE channel forces PIO and makes it nearly unusable) I just want to know that these issues are not related to the chipset but my mobo in particular.. I will be making a speedy return to DFI as soon as the RD600 comes out
  4. That sucks really badly... It's a shame OCUK dont pick up the phone (or indeed email) and communicate with their customers before they do things like that. I can't afford to wait 3-4 weeks for my refund so if its not in my bank account on Friday morning I'll be going to Staffordshire on Friday to collect it in person. OCUK do 'some' components cheap - I wouldnt have said the UKs cheapest though! eBuyer, Scan and NovaTech all have the E6600 CPUs for £10 less than OCUK. Novatech and eBuyer even have DYNAMIC stock levels!! (I just ordered them from Novatech)
  5. Whilst overclockers.co.uk is on the "Where to buy" sticky I think it's only right that before you order from them you realise the following: (btw: this is for Information and not just a rant) Overclockers do NOT guarantee next day delivery. Next day delivery is one day from when it leaves THEIR warehouse. When they say "Stock in 1-3 days" it's complete B.S. - the DFI 975x was "1-3 days" for 3 months! Even though their site says they have an item in stock - this does not mean they actually have the item IN STOCK. Their customer services representative (Chris) is a complete liar (honestly! read below) I ordered last Thursday: 2x 600w OCZ GameXStream PSU's, 2x E6600 CoreDuo, 1 Antec P180, when I didnt receive my order on Friday (i.e. the next day) I asked them - they said they were busy and hadnt been able to send it out. I asked them to refund my next day delivery cost - they said in this case - they would NOT. I asked for a Saturday delivery - they said they needed to know I wanted Saturday delivery before 9am on that Friday! I didnt even realise there was a delivery problem until I spoke to them after 1pm. So ... I accepted the fact that I wouldn't be getting my stuff until Tuesday (cos it was a bank holiday Monday). So Tuesday comes and... no delivery still!! ... I rang up and spoke to Chris again - he said my order was cancelled!...... huh? I asked why .. he said: -The P180 was out of stock - they were expecting a delivery on Monday (even though it was bank holiday!?) -The E6600 Core Duo were out of stock with no date set for new stock and that their website had been updated to show no stock (I CTRL+F5 the web page - all they did was change their price to £244 whereas last week it changed from £250-£237.) -Also they had no OCZ GameXStream PSUs in stock .. even though they did when I ordered. I'm (obviously) upset cos I should have been told about the problems last week - like on Friday when I could have ordered from somewhere else and got a Saturday delivery! The customer services guy said a lot of things which were completely untrue, hung up on me and ultimately lost a share of the large sums I spend on computer components for me, my friends and customers. Even though Scan's customer services are not the best - they beat the pants off overclockers - at least Scan inform their customers of out of stock and order status. Ebuyer are yet to get anything wrong. [rant over]
  6. One month later and it's still NOT in stock! It's been saying 1-3 days for over a week!!
  7. Seconded... there is no link or hint where the spreadsheet is!! No wonder ppl just post their Q's in the forum cos the search function sucks... i just wanna see the darn spreadsheet!!!
  8. ok dude well the site says two left, I just ordered mine.... http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/in...duct_uid=106048
  9. Well to make things worse Ive found the OCZ GX at £160 next day delivery included. and i also noticed angrygames uses the OCZ GX in his gamin rig. They both seem very good ram and I'm gonna have to choose one by tossing a coin.. lmao.
  10. ok, well I can afford the extra £25 as long as I can understand where my money is going... and I **presume** then, that I could get 250Mhz and 3-4-4-8 'easier' with the Mushkin and OCZ GX? Also, what voltage would these require as my corsair wanted at least 2.8v and sometimes 3v to get to 275Mhz.
  11. thanks Switch... why arent you running your ram at its rated frequency of 250mhz? is it because you're on a divider? I think I might go with GSkill unless anyone else has anything to say?? .. The GSkill is cheaper and the ocz 4000 gx is out of stock with my supplier atm.
  12. Yeah, Im getting to my wits end as well ... gonna try new memory, then RMA my SLI-D then if I still dont get joy, Its Bye bye DFI... Hello Abit/Asus.
  13. ok, I've had enough, I'm getting my corsair memory RMA'd because it wont do cas2.5 anymore, then selling the replacement on ebay. So today, I'm going to purchase 2x1GB sticks and I've whittled it down to four choices, but Im not sure whether its worth spending an extra £25 for slighty tighter timings, or should i just go for the cheaper GSKILL? they are all UCCC - not sure what UCCC always had TCCD, any advice very much appreciated!! I'm mainly a gamer but also want overclocking ability (hence the pc4000) OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 Gold Edition [2x1GB] (UCCC) [3-4-4-8] Part number: OCZ5002048ELGE-K http://www.ocztechnology.com/produc..._channe l-2gb_ £176 G.Skill F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ [2x1GB] (UCCC) [3-4-4-8] Part number: F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ http://www.gskill.com/f1-4000usu2-2gbhz.htm £152 Mushkin XP4000 2x1GB Black Series [2x1GB] (UCCC) [3-4-3-8] Part number: 991483 dual http://www.mushkin.com/doc/products...tail.asp?ID=245 £170 OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 Gold GX XTC 2GB [2x1GB] (UCCC) [3-4-3-8] Part number: OCZ5002048ELGEGXT-K http://www.ocztechnology.com/produc...gb_dual_channel £176
  14. I've had numerous problems with installing windows, including many BSOD's. Are you using RAID or just Sata? sata works most times for me, raid is a bit more tempramental!! You have to copy the drivers to a DECENT floppy disk (i make two disks) and use the drivers on the DFI CD, that works best for me. Ive also found that different copies of windows also help sometimes.
  15. Hi, thanks for your help and advice. I checked the PSU out, sounds like a good performer but I'm concerned about the single rail, loud noise (how loud is it?) and huge expense (was looking to spend £100, $200 works out about £150). The memory didnt really have enough information for me, what sort of voltages does it take? how well have you clocked it? I guess I want to stay somewherre in the normal purchases of this forum because of stability issues.
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