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  1. Yes, The Tools arent Free. But in my case ....data was worth it!
  2. So, recovery is Finished. I Managed to get ALL my data back safe and Intact. All what i needed to do was freeing up enough space on another disk for an complete image, attach the 2 Raid0 Disks as single drives and let the prog "destripe" them (it automaticly detects the stripes and puzzls them back together) after 6 Hours i had an Intact image of the Disk, could format it, recreate the raid and play back the image.....all good now!
  3. so..finished repairing the first MB of the Raid Was unusable....but except that..i got my hole data back....that prog is slow (took hours to complete) BUT it works.....i'm just glad i have my data back.... i'm off burning my important documents to DVD-Rams (i should do that more often)
  4. its curretly proccessing the data of the larger data partition... i will report as soon as its finished....looking quite well till now.....
  5. This is not Completely True! After one whole n8 of researching and googling (i really neded that data back) i found this tool : http://www.runtime.org/raid.htm wich can in fact recover data from broken raids! i have to rebuild it...but at least i got my data back!
  6. is there no way to restore that Nvidia information? maybe with some Nvidia special tool?
  7. i didint do anything....but the won't work on my old controller....ill give the testdisk thing a try though..
  8. äh....i dont know why i wrote lan there of course the hdd's where plugged to the gigabyte Sata controller its just because i'm still in shock....i need that data back! :sad:
  9. isnt there a special tool so i can at least recover some of my data?
  10. Hi, my raid 0 just stopped working after i tried to run it at a different controller, is there any tool where i can try to repair the raid? The Raid0 Is Attached to the NVRaid Controller and i tried to attach it to the Gigabyte Lan controller of my Intel PC....is there any way the Gigabyte controller maybe caused the damage?
  11. Moin, i got problems to get my Plextor 760 Sa (Sata) Burner to run on my Board I'm using the 704-2bt Bios...and with that the PC freezes when detecting the Sata drives...is there any way to get it running? dont wanna have to use some old fashinod Pata drive....
  12. Moin i got a Audigy 2 Value and a Terratec 1200 DVB-C Card....AND a huge problem. As long as only the Soundcard is in the System everything is perfectly stable, but as soon as i add the DVB-c card the soundcard and the dvb-c card are knocking each other out. one is usable then. Not every boot but in apox 30% of all boots...when it works fine seconds after the boot all is ok, otherwhise there is no way of getting them to work....:mad:
  13. Hi, i tried to install vista on the NVRaid Controller but it didnt find any harddrives, i used the Sataraid Driver that is on the NVidia Beta Page togehther with the latest RC1 Release 5728. And even after loading the driver it coulnt see any drives. Witch is the right driver to use?
  14. Hi, ever since i got my X2 i Experinece a Strange Prob in BF2! When i start the Game at first everything runs perfektly fine, then After a while BF2 starts to takeup all my RAM!!! The Ram is Gone till the Next Restart, even killing bf2.exe doesnt Free it! When BF2 Filled my ram(and the Pagefile) it begans to stutter and is becomning unplayable! Is there any Solution for this? I already did the Following: -Updating BF2 to the most recent Version -Install AMD Processor Driver -Install AMD Dual Core Optimizer -Install all XP Updates (i did everything that is mentioned here:http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=983781) PLZ Help.....
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