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  1. i have a exactly same stepping chippy like yours, 0516GPBW, the best it can do on stock voltage is 2.6GHz (8*325) or (9*290), prime stable. any input to make it runs like yours?
  2. when this happens it could be some other's component causin the failure, ram maybe? 1.7v on chipset, gosh... u gonna have a high temp for ya chipset...
  3. stepping does matter here. just the matter of luck whether you're getting a good stepping or not. post all your details like vcore vdimm & etc might help too...
  4. sometimes by upping the chipset & ldt voltage by a notch do help in stabilizing the oc'ed setup. IIRC, for opty, adding voltage does not always help in getting high clock, while maintaining low temp does. *pls correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. from nF2 ui > nF3 UD > nF4-D, I've learnt alot bout overclocking. I would say tweaking the memory is the most challenging part of owning a dfi board. It gives pain at first but pleasure (satisfaction) at last.
  6. put safe boot + clear cmos jumpers to ON without pullin off d batt. it works for me evrytime i flash bios or switch ram...
  7. nothing unusual, almost every bios (i've tried up to 8/24 only) gives d same reading. temp readings are more consistent w/ 8/24. u would like to try 8/24 too coz it works great w/ sandy chips...
  8. Budget & purpose say it all... Performance ram wont exist for nothing IMO. one more thing, not every chip likes to work with dividers.
  9. shoud not be a problem since vdimm always higher than vcore.
  10. my past experience tells me that winbond (old-school bh-5 & utt) & samsung tccd work best on orange slots... beware of the voltage, it might spoil your modules (if happened they are tccd). I would say 2.8V is the max if you're running 'em on 200MHz (my utt even memtest error free with 2.6V only @ 200MHz)...
  11. do provide full setting that you've set like: htt multi ldt vcore vdimm vldt vchipset divider alpha settings of ram temperatures the instability can be caused by anyone (or more) listed above...
  12. last resort will be taking everything out, clear cmos and boot with only video card and ram... sometimes it works...
  13. no, you ain't gonna need to install the audio driver, assumed you've already disabled the onboard sound in bios you won't need to mess with it... not so sure bout the raid thingy as I've yet to play with 'em... :tooth:
  14. It'll be better if you can list out all the alpha timings of the ram. Most tccd don't like high voltage, maybe it's applicable to yours too. have u tried 2.6/2.7V before?
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