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  1. tckrto

    4 x 512 MB Ballistix on RDX200

    wats your setting for the memory mind sharing? i try to run at 1T but fail... stuck wif 2T
  2. tckrto

    EVEREST on RDX200

    its some problem wif the software and detection of sensor. just wait for new version to fix the problem. as for now don use speedfan or everest
  3. when they gonna make it official?
  4. wow i really saw a jumper over there. but the manual nv states the usage. can anybody verifys?
  5. tckrto

    I need help

    its normal due to x1800 series card. don worry. they will release new bios to fix this problem soon
  6. hmmm... seems funny. Mine was running ddr400 on auto mode.
  7. i was using exactly the same set up as u. no problem encounter at all. all my drivers are the latest. U might wanna try install the ati control center catylst 5.11. I m using it
  8. tckrto

    Power connectors

    it's also one of the expensive psu for antec
  9. tckrto

    Power connectors

    maybe only those having problem with phantom are reporting the problems to you. What about those like me? sometimes its better to do a poll before jumping to conclusion
  10. tckrto

    Power connectors

    ??? i am using phantom 500. Not a single problem encounter. Pls don't be bias.
  11. tckrto

    24pin setup,

    i think dat missing pin is the -5V line. which is not required on newer mobo. so its fine. refer to this link if u doubt mi http://forums.hardwarezone.com/showthread....ght=missing+pin
  12. tckrto

    Creative X-FI Problems

    mi got the x-fi Xm soundcard install on my rig too. no problem at all. which pci slot u put the sound card in? i put it on the last pci slot.
  13. 1) To begin with, make sure that your PC supports booting from a usb device. Specifically, your BIOS should support this, although these days most mobo give you that option. Start your PC and before windows loads, enter your systems BIOS by hitting the [delete] key (in some PCs you need to press [f11] or [f12]. Next select the 'Boot' tab, find the 'USB boot' option and enable it. 2) Save the changes you have make and exit the BIOS. Let windows boot up and download the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool from the HP site (h18007.www1.hp.com/support/files/hpcpqdt/us/download/20306.html) 3) Install the utility after downloading it. Plug in your USB drive and double click on the HP format tool. After the program is launched, select your drive in the menu and choose FAT file format. 4) Next, you need a set of DOC system files for the HP utility. You can obtain these files from www.bootdisk.com or make a bootable floppy disk and select the floppy disk as your source. 5) Now select 'Create a dos start-up disk', click on the start button and after the procedure your usb drive is ready. 6) To boot up from the usb drive, simply plug in the usb drive before powering up your pc. and go into the BIOS as mention on part 1, enter the 'Boot Device Priority' menu and give the USB device the highest priority.
  14. tckrto

    New Dfi user

    http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/announcement.php?f=33 hehe post your rig specs first.