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  1. I was wandering will my PSU be enough for Geforce 8800GTX and deul core cpu? Thx..
  2. Yeah they still ask for the cd. That would be awesome though!
  3. Yeah thats why I was wandering how they could be playing without the registry entries. They are all games, and they run stable, they run just like they did when I had them installed on my old operating system. SO I'm thinkin hell this might be a good thing I won't ever have to worry about reinstalling all my games.
  4. This has never happened with me before but I got 2 Harddrives, 1 is on sata and the other is on Native IDE. An System file somehow got corrupted,so I formated and reinstalled Windows. I still had a whole bunch of Games and demo's installed. But now there not installed on my fresh Install of the operating system, and there not in my "Add and remove Programs" But I can still play all the games and demo's. I've never been able to do that before and now I can. ANyone have an explanation.
  5. You know where I can get a X2 toledo 3800+? Newegg only has the 4400+
  6. Thx for the input! Really helped my decision making. So am2 is compatible for my board right?
  7. I was curios you think I would get higher frame rate from games if I got a duel core cpu?
  8. While you guys are on the subject of Oblivion, alot of people complain how the outside areas slow down their systems. Reason being because of slower video cards. ( Really no card is no match for this blood thirsty game) In my case when I get around alot of people inside for example in the Mages Guilds I get some slow down. But outside where more people are spread out it runs smooth even with reasonable amounts of grass being drawn. It seems the peoples' movements ,AI and Physics is to much load on my cpu when there all bunched together like that in a house. I wander if there are some commands in the config file that will have a big impact on taking off that loud on my cpu. I checked out that tweak guide at tweakguides.com not very thoroughly yet because I can't stop playing the game long enough to do it. By the way this game is, um I can't find the right words to do its justice but I love it. Hours seem like minutes then I have to get back to reality. The Mods are sweet. Like the Clear water mod where the fog under the water is taken away and you can see everything like the rocks and animals and stuff clearly. When I would play in third person view the camera movement was not smooth. I couldn't beleave they made A MOD where it smooths the camera movement, that made the game so much better. GameSpot.com wrote an article about which platform Oblivian is better to play on in terms of Graghics,gameplay and playability, PC Or Xbox 360. They didn't say it in words but they seemed to favor the Xbox360. A First Person RPG, everyone should know that any game in First Person Perspective or Role playing is so much better on a PC. Consoles are just to linear.
  9. I've always wondered, if you use a magnetic screwdriver to install your mother board or components could it damage anything?
  10. Does anyone up there pci gfx slot from 100 to 105 when using the 7900GTX?
  11. I currently am using the 623-3 bios and everything is runnin rock solid stable. I just wanted to know if I got the latest bios if I could get even higher frame rate?
  12. I had to rma the xfx gtx7900 cuss I was gettin the rainbow colors and restarts from the card. For some reason this model geforce has had this problem with the gpu on all manufactures. I'm finally going to be gettin A lead Tech 7900gtx with 2 games free, after waitn 3 weeks cuss newegg kept screwing up the processing of my refund. The card was in a box that had already been open with missing adapters and cables. Man did Newegg really screw up. I wass really ticked off.
  13. Yeah I decided to go with a better PSU, man I've never had a PSU where I get more voltage than specified on the rails I mean like 3.3 volts is runin between 3.3 and 3.5 and so on.
  14. You think 24 hours is long enough to test 2 gigs of memory?
  15. Never mind i didnnt see the other link sorry
  16. What kind of PSU is thast that is recommend the link is broken.
  17. You think an Enermax whisper 2 535watt is enough?
  18. You think the PSU I got now is enough power for my current sig?
  19. Yeah you guys make a good point, system damage also crossed my mind too. I seriously do not want to risk that!
  20. Yeah that was the one. Yeah first I think I am going to see if my PSU will work. Thanks for the replies.
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