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  1. Hey all Havent posted in many months. My board has been running flawlessly. But I now have a strange prob to solve so any help is appreciated. When I boot up all goes well bios loads all drives are detected then when it goes to load the satalink it will stop with a blinking cursor. Iwill then have to reboot and usually it will go through in the second or third boot. What I have done is a DFI type full Cmos clear, memtest 24 hour. Everthing checks out and I am not running any overclock any ideas are appreciated. Oh I like the new look around here AG! Edit I am not running RAID SOLVED! Updated to 406 bios and all is well I suspect it was the old SATA link drivers as it would go through the bios fine and only hang when loading the SATAlink drivers. Thanks in advance Mark
  2. Im running a X1900XTX on the same Mobo no probs. Can you try the card in another computer?
  3. Heres a great little free prog that saves you from alt-tabing to set affinity. You can pre-set the affinity for multiple programs and just launch them from this program itself. Real nifty and small footprint I use it for a few game I have that dont like dual core and some dont like alt-tabbing either. Hope this helps http://www.majorgeeks.com/download870.html
  4. Really my thoughts too!!! ^^^^^ Quote: I hope you find yourself a better PSU to test soon...HUH??? Thats a good solid PSU I know I have two of em, been using Enermax for many years. Guess you could take out a multimeter to verify it hasnt gone belly up.
  5. Just a suggestion after learning the hard way years ago and getting to look at a dead mobo for days till my new bios chip arrived I swore I would never go through that BS again. Ever since I have either had a bios saviour or a spare bios chip for whatever board I was monkeying with at the time. Becuase its isnt a matter of if you will have a flash go bad but when. I always do em the old fashioned way in DOS. Bios saviours are like $20.00 or so ..cheap insurance beats lookin at dead silicon and waitin for the FedEx dude.
  6. Personally I never run my fans off the MB headers. I would not advise unplugging the chipset fan unless your putting some kind of efficient passive cooling on it. The chipset can take quite a bit of heat but with no cooling on it I think it would get too hot and requires some type of cooling. You can pick up a sunbeam fan controller for like $20.00 and run four fans up to 18 watts each and adjust each one as needed for heat load.
  7. The X2's are great but I'd lose the Corsair they can be a handful to get running on DFI boards, it can be done but why ask for probs. Maybe look at some OCZ instead.
  8. Did you go into task manager then view and select one graph per CPU?
  9. Do your home work (read around here), take your time (our type tend to get overexcited with nice new silicon in our hands LOL) I like to have all my drivers and new bios downloaded and ready, be it on my other computers or a CD. Take your time and if ya get stuck everyone here will be your safety net. Once you get them done and running it will be a great feeling of accomplishment, welcome to the club! Oh and you'll laugh when you see computer commercials and ads then smile knowing you built yours, with your own hands and know everything about whats in it and that it smokes what they are selling LOL!!!
  10. I've used Enermax for over ten years worth of building and have had one failure in all those builds. Every company will have a dead one once in a while.
  11. FYI I have had onboard sound and my Audigy2ZS loaded with no ill effects.
  12. Ive been using a magnetized screw driver on computer builds for years never a problem as my fingers are no longer surgeon like digits they were, after twenty five years as a Master Plumber. Mind you I dont go rubbing every little component with it. Its just all them there little tiny screws plus couple that with my 51 year old eyeballs you can have my magnetic screw driver when you pry it from my cold dead hands LOL! Oh and you are not an idiot everyone starts somewhere plus you were smart enough to come the the smartest guys on the net for help, dont sound like idiot behaviour to me. Congrats on your first foray into pooter building!!!!!!!
  13. Yes go here..http://www.majorgeeks.com/WinLauncherXP_d870.html its an app that lets you pre-set different progs affinity you then launch the pre-set progs from it and away you go works great for me
  14. Age old wisdom: Sometimes you get the Bear and sometimes the the Bear gets you. Personally I dont mix different RAM on any system, your just asking for probs and you'll never get the absolute best performance from your system. But thats just me.Good luck and may you have long term stability!
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