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  1. Specs below. AC97 is disabled in BIOS, fresh Windows XP installed with latest update. Sound card on PCI Slot 2, windows cannot find driver and forced driver does not work. Multimedia Audio Controller is detected. :sad: Anyone?
  2. Oh come on! Now I know there is something wrong with my board. First I have tested all 4 sticks on the board running through memtest for 4 hours and no error (running test on each stick seperately). So please don't think I haven't tried anything. Now through series of tests, I was able to boot two sticks on both orange slot. Once I was able to boot all 4 sticks, but everytime I do a cold boot it doesnt post. I've also done memtest with all 4 sticks and no error was found. So I don't believe it has anything to do with my RAM. What did I do to get all 4 sticks boot? First I run one stick in the top orange slot to boot into memtest. I leave it running for about an hour then quickly add another stick to the bottom orange slot. I repeat the process and add the last two sticks. I have to keep my computer running else if I cold boot i won't get post. At one point I thought it was my RAM so I pulled 4 sticks out of my other system (OCZ Plat3200) and the result was the same. Currently I'm able run with all 4 sticks and afraid to turn my computer off.
  3. Yes, i'm running them on 3.3v. Also I have a Panaflo 92mm blowing directly to all four sticks. Note that my system was working properly for the past 5 months before I had to switch power supplies in and out. I even tried running at optimized default ram timing.
  4. I see. After the CMOS clear, I put all 4 sticks in and got constant reboot. Pulled both the yellow and orange (closest to CPU) and boots fine. So I guess I will have to RMA the board. Any last minute advise before doing so? And how long is the turnaround time for RMAs?
  5. Alright I finally bought the Enermax Noisetaker 600w. As you can see from my sig I'm running 4 sticks of Mushkin Redline and running bios 623-3. Here is the problem, with all 4 sticks in I get 3 LED with the long beep -- pause -- long beep (repeat). I read that people should try the yellow DIMM (the one closest to the CPU). So I did and still had 3 LED with the beep. Through trial and error this was the result. Boots fine when sticks are in 3 or 4 / 3 and 4 (3 and 4 being the top two DIMM slots). But anything in 1 and 2 suffers the 3 LED with beep. Possible 1 and 2 are dead? For now I'm going to try CMOS clear. Hopefully I won't have to RMA and if I do the warranty is still there. I purchased mine around August 05.
  6. Seasonic sent another S12 600W for me to try. Unfortunately it did not post. I got the blinking yellow LED. I replaced the seasonic with the power supply i've been using as temp (Aspire 550w). It booted up with 3 LEDs. Meaning it had something to do with RAM. Tested the Mushkin on my other rig and all are working. So I guess I'm going to do another 8 hours CMOS clear. I hope the Seasonic didn't kill my board. Now I have two S12 600w Revision A2 that doesnt work with my board. I will have to call them again in the morning.
  7. Same problem! My first S-12 worked for 4 months, afterward it died and my replacement came in yesterday. That S-12 worked for 3-4 hours until a cold boot killed it. Now I get flashing DRAM LED. Thinking of calling Seasonic for refund to buy a different power supply. How does the +5v fix work? I'm curious of trying it out.
  8. ugh, I had the same problem the other day. A lot of people says pulling the battery and clearing the cmos for 8+ hours works, but it didn't for me. I had to pull my processor out, put in another, and it finally booted. After the sucessful post, i put my original processor in and it's working like normal.
  9. Wow.. My DFI board came back to life when I put an AMD64 3500+ in. Booted into ubuntu and everything is working like normal. So it was the processor? nope, after an hour or so.. i decided to put my 4200+ x2 back in and it booted fine. So what the heck happened? I have no idea!! :eek: :confused: :eek: I'm thinking the APC unit had something to do with it. It killed my powersupply and 2x 512mb redline.
  10. Alright, tried leaving computer off for 24 hours. Battery removed and CMOS on reset. Still getting 1 LED and hangs on LAN PARTY logo. I think it is time to RMA this motherboard. Power supply and other peripherals works fine in my old gigabyte board.
  11. oh the 400w I am currently using is 24-pins (corrected)
  12. My computer (spec in sig) was working fine until i turned off the computer when the APC unit alarm came on. Afterward my computer would not turn on at all. The yellow power indicator was blinking everytime i pressed power. So I thought my PSU was fried. I replaced the PSU with a 400w. Unplugged every PCI card minus video. Also unplugged both dvd-roms and all hard drive minus the main raptor. On the first boot, it managed to go into BIOS. From there I clocked everything back to stock (cpu and memory). After reboot it tried to load windows but I accidently had the wrong hard drive plugged in (it was one of my 250gb). Error loading windows blah blah blah. Now this is when it started, i reboot once more and it stopped at 3 lights. I removed all 4 of my ram and placed one in the orange (far from cpu). Oddly only 2 of out the 4 booted to 1 LED. (1 LED being I see the DFI Lan Party Logo and stuck there). So I'm guessing 2 of my ram sticks are fubar as well. I've read the steps to "clear cmos the right way" (even switched back the ramv to 3v). I've tried the 1 min, 30 minutes, 3 hours.. now doing the 8 hours trick. I've ran into this 1 LED problem twice when I first built my system 4 months ago. The first time I unplugged the firewire cable, and the second time I plugged the firmwire.. both booted pass the 1 LED. Too bad the trick doesnt work like before =( . Right now, my 400w PSU is plugged into the 4 motherboard plugs and the VGA power. Once or twice the CPU and Bridge fans stopped after 1 LED. This is really troublesome especially when I'm at a lan party. I'm waiting for my local frys to open so I can purchase a decent power supply and hopefully that fix the issue. I've noticed that i'm not the only person who suffer the 1 LED POST, is 8 hours really worth the wait?
  13. yeah same problem here. Just unplug the ipod before rebooting or booting.
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