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  1. Thought you were really into home improvement. LOL No big deal, I just always take the panel off to run Prime for long periods.
  2. Al, Are you Priming with the side panel off or on? How are your NB and 8800 temps? Having any fun?
  3. Both of the units (one is mine) that I have seen in action have had a good bit of air in the lines from day one and, I assume, that it is OK. I used a tiny screwdriver, damn it, but I didn't know how much torque to apply to the left. :confused: I believe that mine was factory-set all the way to the left. Coolit has replaced many control modules that were buggered up on adjustment and I'm sure they would have replaced mine, but I was able to get it set like I wanted. Yep, they are not silent but this rig is quite compared to my old 2.6 GHz 3700+ on air. OG, you were my inspiration to try the Freezone and also the cracked 975X/G Sli drivers. That was big fun!
  4. I suggest that you leave it right where you have it. I tried to improve the cooling on mine and, even though I thought I was being ultra-careful, I jacked up the pot and it no longer had a stop, either up or down. It was pure hell getting it back to where it was to start with. The factory setting is pretty darned optimal and a buddy of mine had the same experience. "The biggest enemy of good is better."
  5. Sweet. That is downright chilly. Are the load temps obtained while running Prime?
  6. No, it doesn't get very warm. I rotated mine 90 degrees on mounting so the plate faces down. I like the guts showing through my side window and it looks better, to me, than the decorative plate. http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b140/Acarrera/IMG_0006.jpg
  7. It just keeps getting better and better.......
  8. That is the Quad Sli model in the link.
  9. That looks like 2 Eliminators. One is cooling the CPU and the other is modded to cool the Sli GPU's. Pretty slick.
  10. Saying that the Freezone is "better" than a top notch water system with multiple blocks is a hard case to make. Personal preference plays a pivotal role and you need to factor in how well other components will be cooled. With water cooling, bigger radiators and better blocks are always preferable. I really like the clean simplicity and speed of installation of the Freezone. I do not OC my 8800GTX, mainly because it doesn't really need it. If I ever go back to Sli using, perhaps, 2X8800 GTX, I might wish that I had blocks on the GPU's. Regardless of how you do it, cool your E6600 aggressively and it will really perform for you.
  11. With the front panel perforations (V series) and the internal 120mm fan behind the optical drives and FDD that is directed over the RAM and NB, there is adequate flow. Idle/load (BF2 or heavy encoding)=17C/43C. Prime gets into the 60s after several hours. NB--idle/load=38C/43C. There are lots of cases that have better front to back air flow like the Nine Hundred and the Stackers, but you can make the V work well. I have been pleased with the Coolit. I make lots of changes from time to time and the closed, compact system makes things simple, fast, and non-messy. I have had this rig up to 3.7GHz and the Coolit kept up nicely with the side panel off. I have settled on 3.32Ghz for 24/7 use.
  12. I thought your case had about the same set-up as mine. "On the inside is one rear 120mm fan and one front 120mm fan to keep the air circulating through this case, in addition to a 120mm VGA cooler and a CPU air duct."
  13. You are right. The Coolit fan cools the Coolit and does not move case air. It is best to have another exhaust fan similar to the side panel fan in my V1000BPlusII or, even better, like in an Antec Nine Hundred. I also use an internal 12cm fan directed across the RAM and NB with a Tt Extreme Spirit II on the NB.
  14. The Eliminator has 3 TEC's instead of 6. It does have the controller incorporated into the main unit which is sweet and makes installation even easier. For max OCs you need the standard Freezone not the Eliminator.
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