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  1. Agent WD40 over at Overclockers.co.uk and Jakup at NVNews are both running the 7950GX2 in the expert now without issues, Jakup's actually got his running Quad SLI so I guess we'll be ok.
  2. Here's the approved motherboard list from Nvidia's site, no mention of the Expert though.
  3. I asked the same thing in another thread, I can only see the Infinity on the approved list on Nvidia's site.
  4. As title, does the Expert need a BIOS flash to add compatibility for the 7950GX2 or will it work straight out of the Box? Several other manufacturers have released updated BIOS's (ASUS, Gigabyte etc) btw. Many Thanks.
  5. Just a thought guys, have you got SLI Broadcast apeture set to Off and not Auto?
  6. OK guys, I don't seem to have an option in Device Manager for disabling NCQ, weird. Well after re-enabling the Plextor I've ruled that out of the equation as it's not frozen once. Until I buy new video cards I'm unable to test if it's power related, however, I spotted something in the BIOS which could mean that I've been going down the wrong path all along. I noticed in BIOS that when I'd had SLI enabled that I'd left SLI broadcast apeture to disabled instead of AUTO, could this have been the issue all along? I always left it disabled on the SLI-D but have read here that it needs to be on AUTO for the Expert.
  7. WhiteWolf9, will check that, thanks for the heads up. boatasiaus, yeah, what you said sounds logical, I just hope you're wrong, , PSU's aren't the most exciting things to spend cash on, especially as this one's not even six months old! caspanis, Cheers Bud! Will post back tonight.
  8. Hmmmmm....maybe getting somewhere now. Tried OCCT and it flew through it no problem. I'd read on another thread here that some people were having freezes using Plextor optical drives so I disabled the IDE channels to see if that was the cause. I also had to remove one of my GTX's on the same evening (I've offloaded them on ebay for a good price in readiness for a couple of G71's), guess what? No freeze! Also played Quake 4 for 3 hours straight without a hiccup. Today I've removed the other GTX and replaced it with a 6200 turbo cache to tide me over till March 9th. I think this means it's either the Plextor, power related or SLI. I'll re-enable the IDE channel tonight and see if that is the issue, otherwise it'll have to wait until March when I'm back to SLI to further investigate.
  9. Hi, Unfortunately I sold my other RAM (OCZ3500EB and Crucial Value) when I was scraping the cash together for the GTX's, though I could perhaps buy a stick of cheapo stuff to test with. I used Super Pi for my initial benching, I always run 32M first, then try Prime if it passes, so I know it's Super Pi stable, I've not used OCCT before but will give it a go. Thanks for the help
  10. Palehorse, mine absolutely fly's until the freeze/crash, the desktop freeze is within 3-4 minutes, Quake around the 3/4-1hr mark, only once an evening usually. I've passed 50 full loops of memtest 1-8 at 200 and 250 with no errors (takes forever), Passed windows Memtest (2 instances running at once), no errors. 30 Loops of 3dmark01, 10 loops of 05 and 06, 24 hours of Prime torture blend, all passed without problem. I've also now reformatted and loaded a clean XP install, still the same, and tried "Angry Games" Ballistix timings (at 2.8v), no go. This isn't the first build for me, and not my first NF4 DFI board, the components are the same as my SLI-D setup, using the 4 to 8 pin eps convertor on the PSU, floppy connector in etc, i'm close to throwing in the towel on this one as I can't seem to nail it down....crashing when you're winning at Quake 4 is beyond annoying! :nod:
  11. Thanks! Will give that a go and post back. I passed 50 loops of memtest in BIOS btw.
  12. OK, I've now reformatted from scratch, nothing except windows, Quake and AVG. I'm still getting the freezing issue. I've had a play with different drive and data strengths, 8/4, 8/3, 8/2 and 7/2, still the same. This is starting to drive me mental. Any suggestions welcomed!
  13. Cheers guys, There appears to be a pattern now. Cold Boot, surf for a couple of minutes, freeze. Restart, play Quake4, crash. Restart, fine in Web and Quake for the rest of the time the PC is on, It sounds like something forces it to crash whilst starting, then is ok after. Will play with the RAM but i'm leaning towards windoze issues now. Many Thanks for the support.
  14. Bah! Still no luck, I'm at the point of reinstalling, what a PITA.
  15. OK, Set the Trp to 11, (no freeze so far), and had a look in Event Viewer. the only errors are DCOM errors relating to AVG in system and in Application Userenv errors which said: "Windows saved user ROCHROCH registry while an application or service was still using the registry during log off. The memory used by the user's registry has not been freed. The registry will be unloaded when it is no longer in use. This is often caused by services running as a user account, try configuring the services to run in either the LocalService or NetworkService account." erm....right. :nod:
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