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  1. 99 Civic SI ...All stock because I am too poor for ups/mods etc.
  2. Hey buddy I just made the big leap (of faith) and got a 320-2e. Yours is bad. Mine came right up in during POST. I would return that and buy from a different vendor. Ebay worked for me It works in both 4x electrical and 8x jumper settings. I left it on 8x. LSI claims it needs at least this much to function properly. Other than that all is fine, HOWEVER, After the initial install of winblows, it reboots right before the load screen, only for a split second do I see it. Then it loops like this. I am currently testing each drive and installing windows on each drive individually to see if one of them is bad. Seatools showed a 'passed with exceptions' when i tested them. I don't know exactly what that means but I had both drives (ST373453LW) in raid 0 while i ran this test so I imagine it could be one of the drives crapping out. I still have the shipping BIOS and am reluctant to flash unless I have narrowed it down to that. I guess I have that BIOS flashing phobia you always hear about I will post back as things progress. If anyone has a working 320-2e on an nF4 I would be interested in your setup(Specifically BIOS version and settings).
  3. Yeah actually I had problems with my vx ram too! lol I had always gotten errors on memtest and eventually one of my sticks died. I sent it back and got replacements and STILL had errors! Then I started adding voltage. I knew these sticks were juice hogs from reviews I had read so when I first started out I had them running at 2.7V. After my first set died I got a bit more rambunctious and kept slowly upping the voltage and running memtest on average for about 18 hours straight. Finally at 3.0V I ceased to get any more errors! And this was even at 400MHZ! Not overclocking! What is your current VDIMM setting?
  4. Oh yeah as for my bios, shipping bios means the bois the board came with basicly. I tried flashing it but was having alot of problems...I'm 99% sure I'm not doing something right, but remember what I said about being lazy??
  5. Well jcy, the only reason I assume your temps are higher than mine is because of your overclocking. your [email protected] vs my [email protected] lol I know 100mhz is hardly an overclock, I am just a little intimidated by my rig =) This is the first time I have really gone all out on a pc and I am very reluctant to start a hardcore oc....that and I am pretty darn lazy
  6. haha lol The PCIX and PCIe thing was just an FYI, they don't make pcix video cards. PCIX is usually used for things like SCSI RAID or controller cards or gigabit NICs and the like. As for my temps I usually run about 29*C idle and no more than 34*C load for my CPU. My video card however can run very hot. usually high 30's-low 40's idle and up to low 60's load! This is a normal tempature range but still scares me a bit. My card runs 430mhz @1200mhz RAM. Keep in mind I'm still using shipping BIOS so these numbers may be a little off compared to the actual temps. And I'm pretty sure no card at the moment can take full advantage of 16x speed. I did some reading on how PCIe performs compared to AGP8x and I think 8x PCIe performs better than 8x AGP anyway. But this was a long time ago and I can't remember for sure.
  7. Possible to add another??? Which mobos have 'true dual' 16x? Also I hear that there is not much of a performance difference between 8x vs 16x anyway so I guess it would'nt matter.
  8. Actually there is a max of only 20 PCIe lanes as I am to understand it.... When you use SLI it steps both cards down to 8x speed. 16x + 16x = 32x which can't happen. This is true for all NF4 chipsets as far as I know. Also there is a difference between PCIX and PCIe. PCIX is a 64bit pci slot used mainly in servers. NOT to be confused with PCIe, which is PCI express and has much higher bandwidth. This may help one day when looking for SCSI controllers and the like (they come in both forms of PCI).
  9. I game on one monitor and have temps stats and teamspeak up on the other. I run HL2 and CS:S on max settings, 1280x1024 and 1024x768 with no problems with my 7800gtx. I am not sure about the performance with a spanning or cloning setup, and the fact that you are looking at a 7800gt. But I am pretty sure you will have no problems. I have two different size screens which is why I don't do that. Don't worry about performance unless you are benchmarking, then just disable one of your monitors. Good luck on your decision.
  10. lol I had the same problem as you guys. And FirefoxAG, I had the same WD drive as you! What I did was put in the windows install cd, hit the option to repair the currently installed version of windows. Then make your way to the repair console.(I think that is what it is called). Next, type 'fixboot' and 'fixmbr' let it do its thing and you are done! As previously stated this link http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000465.htm is a great guide. I think the cause of my problem was an overused PSU. I have since upgraded the psu and didnt have any problems with the drive untill I upgraded my system completely. I hope this helps anyone who still has questions.
  11. yeah, I keep mine at full on ~40 degrees. The reason for this is that if the cpu is doing anything other than idling I want it to be as cool as possible.
  12. Actually u can get into BIOS! I had the same prob for a while. If you hit del. right after the logo screen it will let you in. Keep hitting delete until it takes you in. It worked for me!
  13. Well without getting to technical, I was just throwing out the suggestion of upgrading the cpu rather than get a fancy case. ps. Stackers RULE! I have one too!
  14. Gimp out that case bro! Use that xtra $$$ for maybe a 3200+ instead of the 3000. I think that x850 might make the 3000 look bad lol. It really all comes down to personal preference but it would make more sense to buy a crappy case and upgrade later. It will be more pricey to upgrade the cpu later on. As a general rule you should put asthetics on the backburner for performance.
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