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  1. Cant believe i left that out, its pc4000. I know both 170's and 165's are fine. Does one generally oc better than the other? also do i need to watch out for anything like stepping or small info the sites tend to leave out? I've found this list can anyone comment on its accuracy? Does anyone know an online shop that ships to the uk and will give me a opty with a good stepping?
  2. I'm going to be upgrading my cpu and want the chip available to me. Am i right in thinking that its the Opteron 170?
  3. He hasn't said where his comp is, it could be at the perfect height to use as a main webcam, or prehaps he needs the cam under his deck for, ehem, reasons.
  4. Excellent post, thanks for the usefull info.
  5. any idea on how much it would cost to ship 4 to the uk from the us? or where i could get some in the uk.
  6. got a link? also can you hear them in a silent room? how close?
  7. whats the thoughs on the panflo's from dorothy bradbury
  8. I second checking the ocz fourms. they are very hepful and lots of full settings for the dfi boards.
  9. they were plastic hinges and have snaped off so i cant replace them. I'll get some pics up tomorrow. heres the hinge pic and since i'm taking pics any comments on my system innered? ocz ram is shiny
  10. Does anyone know where I can get a set of door hinges for my case? Ideally they would be able to fold back completely and be made of metal.
  11. Although its slightly unnecessary it’s a nice mod. Well done for finishing it off nicely. P.s why do you have a signout link in your sig?
  12. I got in to computers because ive always liked technology, gaming (sega mega drive set me off) and tweeking my things untill they are just right for me. A custom pc is the perfect combonation of all three. Until you decide you need the £1000 pair of custom made shoes for the extreme walking experience.
  13. Info: I need more file space, 3tb or more. Right now I have 3x320 and they're full. I have no back up. I want a raid 5. I'll spend what I have too but cost is a factor. If I get a server/NAS it will be used locally by a max of 4 people for file storage and light online access which is currently supported by my current comp with no effort. Will be on 24/7. From what I can tell only one of the sata controllers on my mb can support raid 5 which is only 4 disks so it won’t cut it. Right now I like the idea of getting a raid controller so unless someone has a good reason for building a new comp (server). Could I get some recommendations for sata raid cards and info people would consider useful.
  14. Or buy your way out that means ive just ordered a new fan btw
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