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  1. alright thanks, too bad im hooked on my 360 and its costing me all my money. thanks to all who helped. if anyone is looking at this thread with the same problems contact me on aim at x CYRiX x or email at cyrix.1337(a)gmail(dot)com. I'd be glad to help out.
  2. yup, but now when i reboot, after the windows loading screen, it takes a couple of minutes before the login/welcome part shows up.
  3. guess what, from it looks like its fixed! All i did was disable all the hdd options in integrated peripherals on the bottom. does that seem okay?
  4. defiently only have one hard drive in, I do have a dvd drive though? my only guess is i didnt clear cmos correctly?
  5. it still gives me the same error, and wont let me boot off the cd rom if i put it as second
  6. When I was performing the windows repair install and it finished installing the setup files and needed to reboot (at which this went a 100 times faster than normal). It gives me the "Error Loading Operating System" when it tries to boot off the hard drive. What should I do? Oh and I ran memtest in with the 1024mb stick only and it was getting like 1690mb/s
  7. I did and it helped out just a little, but its still really sluggish.
  8. haha ive reinstalled it twice already, and it doesnt affect it. when installing on the hard drive, takes like a day to install windows.
  9. i took out the 512mb ram and that didnt do anything, should i try tatking out the 1024mb? memtest results: Memory 1535m 623mb/s no errors after 10 passes.
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