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  1. anodynejd

    Micron 5B-F

    I have a set in my rig right now. I am messing with them a bit. The Tony 406 bios works great with them. I have them running at 3-3-3-3 at 250 right now. Those timings where memtest 5 stable up to about 270 at stock volts. I testing the cpu right now though. Look at the team forums onepagebook has a set on there that did DDR600 or so. Superpi stable (yeah I know it's not prime). I'll let you know how these hold out on prime. I say go for them. Cheap DDR1 with some head room. They will run DDR500 at nice timmings. What more could you ask for.
  2. anodynejd

    SVC Thanksgiving Sales & Specials!

    Thank you for the quick response Happy..or Angry...I don't know which one to call you. I agree with some of you post, and disagreed with some of it too. One thing you still did not tell me what about Johnny Guru's review shouldn't be trusted. You just reiterated that he has an adgenda and that's bad because well ....it's just bad....cause I am giving him page views and stuff. Not only that but he tests for any and every fault.....that sure is bad...I want some suprises when I fry my motherboard....I want some crackle and pop because somebody held back when they reviewed. Seriously what is wrong with testing every fault? Agenda or not? So he has an ego (you said everyone does) and that's alright so why is that a bad thing again? He gets paid for the web site and how is that different than dfi-street? Someone has to pay the bills. Every web sit on the internet has to get hits, has to pay for it somehow. I actually like the fact that he doesn't care what motherboard I have. He tests very thouroughly. If a psu passes his test I know it will be fine for the DFI. Considering he doesn't even let the ocz pass (one of which I know performs fine on the dfi). It really isn't much different than DFI street having a harder standard of stability when it comes to overclocking than Xtremesytems has. Everyone has their level of extreme. Johnny just has his in psu's. Some may follow his advice, does that make them more of a sheep than those that follow your advice? When I go to Johnny I am not looking for motherboard support. I am looking for reviews on psu's. Just as I would look else where for watercooling support, or what cpu's whould be good. I don't look at DFI for any of those. Seriously can you point me to one problem with his review other than the fact that he grades too hard?
  3. anodynejd

    SVC Thanksgiving Sales & Specials!

    What should I look out for in Johnnyguru's reviews? What has led you to beleive he has "his own agenda", and just what do you beleive this agenda to be? I just want to know what about his reviews I should take with a grain of salt. I also don't understand why it would matter if he cared what motherboard I am using. Would it make the reviews more correct?
  4. Hi guys, I just wanted to let some people know that when putting the x1950xtx into a NF4 ut LanParty board they need to watch out for the wiring on the cards fan hitting the chipset fan on the LanParty. When I enstalled mine today it stoped the fan from spinning and I didn't notice untill I looked at my temps. They where pretty high around 60 degrees. Just a head up. I can't comment on any problems with any of the popular chipset replacements because I don't have those installed on the motherboard only the stock one. Hope this helps some people out.
  5. anodynejd

    Need Recommendation On DDR Purchase

    I would suggest the 2X1GB Team Xtreem any of those would do great. I am looking at the apollo ones with BH-5 UTT for $160. Seams like a good buy for 2GB of BH-5 UTT goodness.
  6. anodynejd

    Company of heroes

    One person brought up ATI, while being a very good card company and having a very good card out right now(x1950xtx) this user seams to like dual gpu's. IMHO both companies have pretty good dual gpu implementation right now, I think the main thing holding this user and alot of others from going to ATI is the fact that they already have nice SLI motherboards. I my self like the features ATI has with their cards. To me the IQ looks better, but I totally understand wanting great fps and to do that with todays games at the highest settings it requires dual gpu. So I am kinda stuck into having a fair single ATI card or dual Nvidia ones. I would love it if Nvidia would get off their high horse and allow Crossfire on NF4, but they are a buisness I understand. Kudos on finding out how to make the game work for you. And like others have said don't let perfectly playable Frame rates stop you from dropping $1000 on video hardware everyone else is doing it why not you.
  7. anodynejd

    Company of heroes

    I say go for the 7950gt in sli that would be an easier solution to air cool or water cool. Plus it would give you better performance. Nice selection of company I picked them for my 7800gt and was very pleased.
  8. anodynejd

    Company of heroes

    I guess it would be better if he said wait for the newer cards, which will be the DX10 compliant ones. The op already has a very good setup equal to about a 7950GX2 which, right now is the fastes single card. I see nothing wrong in suggesting that he waits for the new DX10 cards. In fact your suggestion is very similar to his. You suggest to turn down IQ which would be about the only choice beside getting a better video setup. Now if the Op wanted to step up his SLI system he wouldn't go wrong with a 7900gtx SLI rig. So here are your choices OP 1. lower IQ 2. get a better Dual GPU setup (not the 7950GX2) 3. wait for better cards to come out i.e. the DX10 ones hope this helps
  9. anodynejd

    Team Xtreem 2x1gb kits

    Thanks cmay119
  10. anodynejd

    Team Xtreem 2x1gb kits

    well if you looked at my sig (i guess I should have put it in my op), but my G. Skill just died and I can't RMA them. I am not looking to go to conroe because I game and my dollar is better spent on a better video card.
  11. anodynejd

    Team Xtreem 2x1gb kits

  12. anodynejd

    Team Xtreem 2x1gb kits

    Team Xtreem Appolo These have BH-5 UTT will they be good for my DFI LanParty NF4? or would these be better? Team Xtreem Proseidon For that price I almost want to pick these up instead: Team Xtreemr Cronus Thanks for the help.
  13. anodynejd

    Good Cheap DDR 2x1GB?

    Lifetime warranty conditions All G.SKILL memory products are covered under one-year warranty. Upgrade segment memory products are covered under limited lifetime warranty. Memory warranty will void when: • Warranty sticker is removed or damaged • Physically damaged (e.g. racks, missing pins, nurnt contacts, or bent leads) • Any unauthorized disassembly, repair or modification • Heatspreader is removed and reassembled I think I better just file this under lessons learned.
  14. anodynejd

    Check this custom case out

    a DFI motherboard is just a pcb with some stuff soldered on it. You can down play anything if you want to. I think it is a pretty cool case and clearly alot of work went into it. Props to the builder for having an original idea.
  15. anodynejd

    Good Cheap DDR 2x1GB?

    I totally support not RMAing when you have done something to cause the failure i.e. volt modding. However these ram sticks broke before I took the heatspreaders off. If I was RMAing because they broke then I wouldn't be lying in saying that they broke during normal machine use. At any rate I don't think I will be RMAing these, just wanted to make it clear that they broke before I messed with them.