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  1. Hi, I finally managed to track down a firm in the UK selling these & now us folks from the UK can get these without having to order from the US. I just grabbed one & there are 9 more in stock, but they can get plenty more. :nod: PS the VF is the same as the VE model, except you get some ram sinks thrown it as well. www.eclipse-computers.com and a link to the item http://www.eclipse-computers.com/product.aspx?code=HFE-RCRF
  2. Hi, Anyone know where I can get one of these in the UK. My original one is squealing like a pig on a spit. It just seems such a shame that the best A64 board on the market has the lamest fan going. Cheers folks
  3. Ok, I found 3 jumpers (ps2 power on, USB 1-5 power on & USB 6-10 power on) they were all set at 5v and could be changed to 5vsb. I have moved the ps2 one to 5vsb & nothing has changed. :confused: Is my board faulty or can anyone think of anything else I could try? Cheers Jamie
  4. I'm not sure what you should do here, but don't tell overclockers.co.uk that you used a vapochill as that automatically invalidates the warranty! :eek2:
  5. That PSU looks too cheap to be any good. Most computer problems I encounter are a result of cheap memory or a cheap psu & the DFI motherboards use a whole pile of juice to run. Stick to one of the brands angry mentioned to be sure.
  6. Thanks guys, I'll try changing that jumper and see how I get on. My keyboard and mouse are the old PS2 type rather than usb. They are just infra red rather than cabled.
  7. Hi, I'm lazy and like to turn on my computer with my infra red keyboard without getting out of bed. :nod: I was pleased to find the option in the bios of my new DFI NF4 board, but cannot get it to work. I normally like to use ctrl & F1 to start the system. :confused: Is there a jumper I need to change on the motherboard or anything else I need to do? Cheers Jamie
  8. They will, just not at 6,2,2,2 timings. Even my mushkin 3200 (5ns infineon) does 240 Mhz at 7,3,3,2.5
  9. Its now a rule here that you must post a signature with your spec in it. Its to stop all this "it must be your psu", "it can't be mine is an OCZ powerstream 520", "well how should I know", type conversation. We'll be able to help you after that.
  10. The option to have the computer start by pressing control & F1 does not seem to work. I have it enabled in the bios but no joy. Also, can we have an option to turn off the fan speed control in the bios. Apart from that, the 6/23 bios is perfect.
  11. Future proof your system with a 2 gig kit of ram. Games are starting to want more than 1gb now, with Battlefield 2 being a prime example. Timings and frequency are not that important on the A64 platform, CPU clock speed is where its at. Even still, Mushkin, OCZ, Patriot & Corsair all make low latency 2 gig kits. Be aware that they don't tend to overclock anywhere like 1 gig kits.
  12. Damn straight its a good setup. I might be tempted to go for the OCZ Powerstream or Enermax 600w noisetaker PSU though. Also, why not go for the OCZ 5,2,3,2.0 2gb set rather than the high latency cas 3 set.
  13. I can heartily reccommend the mushkin blueline 2gb set of 3200 @ 5,2,3,2.0 (1t) I have mine in the orange slots and it does exactly what it says on the tin. If you're loaded you use crucial ballistix but what you gain in frequency you will lose in latency. I believe OCZ and patriot also do a fine low latency 2gb kit.
  14. Its great ram but you can forget about overclocking it much. Mushkin, OCZ, PDP Patriot all do those 2gb kits using 5ns infineon chips, which are rated at 3,3,3 timings. Presumably they speed bin them to get the best ones which will do 5,2,3,2.0. At the default timings you will get 210 MHz tops. Maybe 230 MHz with very loose timings and 2.8 volts. Any more than 2.8 volts will actually slow the ram down. You can forget about getting 2,2,2 timings at any voltage. If you want to run 2GB at high frequency, you will have to look at the crucial ballistix sticks which cost a fortune. :eek:
  15. Yep, another abit AN8 SLI refugee here. That mobo was complete gash. It looked fancy enough but overclocked dreadfully & loved to turn itself off if you put any juice through the ram.
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