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  1. If your referring to the beginning part... Possible spoiler before hopefully this color covers it.... I would assume the vortigons kept him away from you, so you can stay behind instead being zapped away by the GMan... note i didnt finish ep1 so this is my guess... bleh didnt work out so well, but since its my guesss dont think it matter much...
  2. :Wumpscut: - Eternal (bloodchild/eevil young flesh versions) Along with some other :W: stuff and some leaether strip for good measure...
  3. I used this thing to mask a core for certain games like painkiller doesnt like dual core at all its worth a shot. http://www.robpol86.com/Pages/imagecfg.php oh wait thats not what you were looking for ill leave it up anyway incase someone wants it...
  4. Wierd i never had trouble with monarch, maybe i got lucky... also check out zipzoomfly.com got a free winestopper with my CPU from them last summer, but they don't ship till you call to confirm that you ordered it if its your first time there (which isn't really a bad thing mind you).
  5. 1. What do you do for a living/education and how old are you? Quality Assurance tester for a medium-large website, 26yrs old. 2. What prompted you to build your first computer? The ability to choose the exact parts i wanted. 3. Where did you get information for building your first computer? Websites mainly, anandtech.com, hardocp.com, and dfi-street.com ofcourse also PCGamer and Maximum PC and take bits of information from each and combine them with my own thoughts. 4. How was your experience building your first computer? Flawless. 5. How much would you say that you save by building your own computer? Hard to say cuase now it feels like a never ending process, I would still say there are some parts missing that I planned on getting and will get, but I wouldnt say its a bad thing. 6. Do you feel more confident in your computer experience now that you have built your own computer and why? Yes, less fear when mucking around in a computer I would say, before I built it I had this fear of dealing with the CPU and HSF for some reason now I dont, and i know more about the computer from just buying a pre-built one. 7. Do you think that building your own computer is more beneficial than buying a pre-built computer with preinstalled software? I would say it depends on the reason, like if its for a family member maybe it would be better to get them a dell for instance that way i dont have to support it, and it also comes down to time if i had no time but i had the money i would definatly get a prebuilt computer, but since i have time now i'd rather build my own for myself.
  6. Plan simple no mods Oh the other case you see to the left err or right is an old butt alienware thats pulling Browser/backup storage/print server duty... Clicky!
  7. Well switched the video cards around, added a 80mm fan on the front of the case (all they had at bestbuy) to see how it will help, temps are now around the 80s and its not even positioned nicely, so will go buy a nice 120mm fan and do what mrzeld suggested though even without the front bay covers off the 80mm fan is keeping them cool so i figure a 120mm fan will work nicely if i position it better, will keep you guys updated on how that works out.
  8. mrzeld im probably going to do that in the mean time but i dont think its something i want to keep for the long term as a solution
  9. XenoS, i could try flipping the cards around and see how that goes, the bottom card does stay in reasonable temps 55-70C, but even then like if i touch the top of my case its pretty hot... The top card hits 107C atleast.
  10. Would Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5 Rev 3 even fit with cards in SLI? seems big
  11. Unfortunatly either due to the way my case is set up with the motherboard "upsidedown" or the lack of airflow in the upper parts of it, my video cards get hot. The top one hits temps in the 100s C, I turned off SLI for now till I find a solution. So far ive thought either getting: a) new case with better air flow B) SLI-DR expert and throwing on some aftermarket GPU coolers like those Zalmans CF-700 c) modifying my current case to put a 120MM fan on the side to blow cool air over the GPUs d) water cool my rig was thinking of getting this http://www.swiftnets.com/products/h20-120-PREMIUM.asp with the 2x MCW60 GPU waterblocks you can see pic of my rig HERE to get a better idea, mind the alien...
  12. What choice did you make in the poll above? I believe mine is 10-20C low. Motherboard: SLI-DR Mobo Revision: ??? Mobo BIOS version: 6/23 CPU: 4400+ X2 ~2500mhz CPU ID: ??? Idle Temp: 28-30C Load Temp: 40-42C Cooling: Air
  13. Recently changed my CPU fan to this one http://svc.com/fba09a12l1bx.html was wondering if these temps are about right for my CPU, currently getting 30degress idle and 40degrees underload. i have everything at stock speeds. I'm using ITE smart guardian to monitor the temps btw.
  14. It should show after a computer reboot at the bottom of your screen should have a string of numbers and letters? the last couple if im not mistaken should show your bios version, also if you have the DFI splash image enabled in the bios it may not show you the bios version at all.
  15. You try a fresh install from the Windows cd? instead of the clone from the old hard drive?
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