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  1. Mine's a LBBLE 0519DPHW. It'll do 2750, but that last 150MHz takes a voltage increase from 1.45v to near 1.6v - not really worth it IMHO.
  2. System looks nice! Couple of things: Do you plan to use two video cards? If not, you don't need the SLI board. The Ultra-D will be fine. Since you've got your eye on the Sonata case, I assume you're looking for some peace and quiet? Consider the Antec P180 - great case, and you won't be paying for a PSU you aren't going to use. The stock HSF should be fine for mild overclocking. But again, for nice and cool and quiet, consider the XP-90 with a quiet and efficient fan, like the SilentCat. I personally think Panaflo's are noisy, even the low rated ones. You can get the XP-90, fan, and AS5 at www.svc.com for a lot less than at newegg, btw. Initial setup should be a breeze - just a few memory settings to match your RAM's advertised timings and voltage (no guesswork there) and you can enjoy your new box while you study up on overclocking. Have fun! My rig went together without a single burp. Oh, also strongly recommend a SATA II (or 3GB/s) HDD - you've got a board that will support it - might as well take advantage. You can see I'm partial to the Hitachi's...
  3. Prime for awhile, then try 3.1v. Glad that BIOS is working out for you.
  4. It's 'cuz the drives are considered "hot-swappable" - like anyone would actually do that ...
  5. It may not solve your particular problem, but this is good advice for anyone putting together a new system: Spend the big $10 on a PS/2 keyboard and mouse for initial setup and testing. Don't use one of those green USB to PS/2 adapters - get a real PS/2 pair. Why not avoid a *very* common source of setup aggravation, RMAs, and general wailing and gnashing of teeth?
  6. You mean you can't get into the BIOS setup even after a long CMOS clear?
  7. FWIW, my Audigy2 ZS is in the top PCI slot (interferes with power cables in the lower slot in my P-180.) It works fine.
  8. Your MBM5 is correct. Looks like you've got good airflow through that case. My temps at idle are CPU: 28°C, PWMIC: 39°C, Chipset: 42°C
  9. I think your question is: what's better - higher CPU speed or higher memory speed? In the A64 world, CPU speed is by far the most important. Of course, it's nice to have the best of both worlds with the near-highest CPU speed you can get and also get the best high-speed memory bandwidth with it. Usually, you have to compromise. In the Intel world, it was all about bandwidth - here it's all about CPU speed. In your case, 2.4GHz will beat 2.2GHz every day. And remember: HTT is just a number. By itself, it means nothing. It doesn't matter whether it's high or low, as long as (when used with the multiplier) you're getting the best CPU speed you reasonably can considering stability, voltage, and heat issues; AND, when used with the multiplier and memory divider, you're getting something that works out to be just at or somewhere below your memory's limit. To put it another way (the A64 way): Get the highest CPU speed you can get, then manipulate the HTT, multiplier, and RAM dividers as necessary to get as close to that CPU speed as you can, while maximizing what you can from the memory.
  10. Glad you didn't fry it. I always keep a pad of legal paper next to the box while tweaking, and write *everything* down as I'm doing it. It's too easy to lose track of where you are, what you've already done, and what you're about to do. I already have about 25 pages of scribbling, and this thing's only about three weeks old!
  11. Don't mean to nit-pick, but "almost stable" is sorta like "almost pregnant." It either is, or it isn't...
  12. It's up to you whether the $80 premium is worth it, considering that you may or may not get much more than what a 3000+ will do. My 3500+ is stable at 10x270, but I haven't burned the RAM in yet, so I'm running the mem at 5:6. area51 makes a good point about the higher multi, though. Now, I'm one of those lazy overclockers - I admit. I overclock for the performance gain and the best bang for the buck, not benchmarks. The 2700 is at 1.605v and, although temps are fine, I'm not comfortable going above that for a few MHz on what will be my main rig. Plus, I got into Half Life 2 shortly after I got set up...
  13. No, you can use one of the SATA connectors. Is the drive new? If so, it needs to be formatted for Windows to see it. Go to Disk Management and format it.
  14. Very nice! Thanks for sharing that with us. There is something somewhat similar out there: http://math.gogar.com/athlon64.cgi But, I like yours very much - Thanks again! edit: "I'd like to think I am quite good at explaining things simply" - you are! Nice job.
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