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  1. Thank you for reply. I did fixed my location (sorry ) ANyways, after reading the posts u directed me to, I think I have bad set of Ballistix. RMA time~~
  2. Computer won't even boot anymore and LED is stuck @ 3 lights. (which means memory problem right?) I am putting my mem stick on all 4 slots (only single stick for now) but all 4 slots gives me 3 LED lights and beeps (single long beeps) What is the problem here? Plz help~
  3. I am having tons of problems and endless BSOD with errors like Irq less than not equal and PFN errors. I have been using this setup for like good 5-6 months. Now no matter what I do, I get Irq less than not equal and PFN errors all the time even after fresh installation of XP (SP2 updated) I cleared CMOS and tried each mem sticks on orange and yellow (dual and single channel) but it wont' even boot now. I just have no idea what is causing this problem. I've searched thru the forum and found some similar postings but nothing is helping me. I believe possible problem might be my Crucial Ballistix memory stix gone bad or my board is just gone bad. Other than those two, I just have no clue whatsoever. I am thinking about trying my memory on my bro's computer and see if it works. DFI board is very weird as sometimes it would boot and sometimes it just won't boot at all with EXACT SAME CMOS settings. So please someone has any idea how I should go about fixing this BSOD with Irq less than not equal and PFN errors? Plz help~
  4. THx deathman for kind reply. I will try your settings and let all of you know. Let get this problem solved once and for all. I will keep ya posted~~ p.s. Yes I have been at 2.75 Ghz stable for about 2 months and not it wouldn't even do 2.6ghz. Well, hope one of your settings with active coolings work for me. p.s.s can you post up your settings, deathman? lol :nod:
  5. Hi guys, Let's get this thread going for a while until we find any answers for these ballistix. I tested my each chips last night and found out one of the two isn't as good as other one, my good one can go as high as 290 with 1:1 (could go 300 with divider @ 1:9). But the bad one can only go upto 250 with 1:1. My brother also has a set of these and his can go up to about 285 @ 1:1. So I put the good ones together and ran super PI mod 32M and everything fine and also ran OCCT.(also fine) So I played some CS and Doom for like an hour but there was no BSOD or reboots. Today I woke up and turn on my comp (OCed to 2.7Ghz) and BOOM, BSOD and rebooted. Man I am just about to return this and get OCZ. Also telling my brother to get OCZ as well. IMHO, heat is another factor that might contribute to this BSOD and random reboots. I have water cooling setup so only heat that is pumping out is this Ballistix and mobo chipset. I would really appreciate it if someone with similar setup as me could send me his setup so I can try out and see if it will work on my system. Anyone with 3800 X2 with ballistix has stable setup ???? Plz help me~~
  6. After reading all the posts, I think I am getting similar random BSOD and reboots. 2 days ago I turned off my comp in normal shut down with WinXP but when I rebooted it just won't reboot and gave me long beep sounds. So I pulled the memory chips out and CMOS cleared and took out battery etc, it wouldn't even boot after all that. Anyways I managed to reboot now and it seems everything is working fine so far. But I still do get BSOD and random reboots. I had these rams for about 2-3months, I may have to RMA these rams I think. My question is why would these ram cause to reboot and get BSOD even at everything at default setup? p.s. Hey OP, did you end up RAMing your ram? or did you find a way around this random reboot and BSOD problem? Please let me know.
  7. I need a soundcard and it looks like people are buying XFI stuffs alot nowadays. I am looking at Fatal1ity XFI and XtremeMusic versions. How much of sound quality/performance differences are there between these 2 different XFI cards when gaming/movie/MP3? Price difference is quite big between the two but I want to get some feedbacks from the people who have them already. Thanks people.
  8. I am using forceware version 78.01 now with eVGA 7800 GTX as in sig below. I was able to get my GPU core temp but my GPU ambient temp is always reading zero. I followed the instruction and checked plugin.txt but still no reading for my GPU ambient. Can someone help me with my troubles please? p.s. using 7.2 test here.
  9. You can download it HERE . You will find tons of BIOS there plus some OC programs. Good luck and let us know how you did, hope everything will work out for you. p.s. I am using Orange slots.
  10. I think most of AMD X2 users have 704-BT2 bios, which is I am using with my 3800 X2 without any problem. As for the memory setup, I am not sure which bios will give you the best OC and stability.
  11. I had exact same problem with Crucial Ballistix. I don't know exactly what I did to it to work but it's now working flawlessly cruising at 265 Mhz (1:1) @ 2.7v Try to clear your CMOS and see if it will help, also make sure you hooked up all the power cables to the motherboard. (angry's sticky showes this) Good luck.
  12. THanks for the inputs guys, I found this link, http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...29entry356029 I did exactly that and it seems to be working now. But, Nvidia should update their driver so it doesn't conflict with Win XP installation. Yes and I had exact weird problem of losing floppy during installation. Just too weird!
  13. Hi all, I finally got all my parts today but having a problem installing Win XP pro (32bit w/ SP2 slipstreamed) with my Hitachi HDDs on RAID-0 setup. When I hit F6 to use the NVRaid drivers for Windows install, everything works fine. But when the actual system file copying start, it keeps on saying "Setup cannot copy the file: nvraid.sys", even though the file is on the floppy disk. I tried new installing over and over for 3 hours now but still same error. This thing is driving me nuts. I googled the problem and I found some stuffs about making a customized bootable Winxp CD but they are quite confusing and complicated for a noob like me. Will flashing the mobo to the newest bios fix this problem? :confused: HELP~!
  14. [EDIT] Sorry for reposting. I love the SEARCH function on this forum!! :shake:
  15. Thanks for your input nomad. I am leaning towards Swiftech H20-120 Revision 3a though. Can you tell me exactly what different parts you are using and explain why you chose those please? Blace Ice Xtreme2 looks great! =)
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