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  1. Just one small piece of advice: you should probably memtest your RAM again - just to be sure that it's going to cooperate with your new processor. Remember, new processor=new memory controller, so some secondary settings may need to be adjusted slightly...
  2. Actually, i had a quick look at the specs of your PSU before i posted. I'm not suggesting that it cannot run your rig - just that it may have deteriorated over time... if you have another PSU you can switch in, i'd definately recommend you try it out... Also Smartguardian cannot really tell you much about your stability. You need to measure your PSU like this to be sure...
  3. You're working that PSU pretty hard with your hardware, including the 4 sticks and the 7800GTX. Maybe it is starting to fail? Do you have another one you can swap in to test with? I'd suggest you test the rails on it and probably think about getting one off the recommended list.
  4. Used drives in a 4-disk raid-0 array? ...maybe i'm just chicken - but you are far braver than me my friend! ;o)
  5. Ah, you mean stock speed database - sorry mate, my bad. Think the link that will be the most use to you is this one. Basically HG has tested a bunch of corsair DIMMS and posted settings... Is this more what you were after?
  6. Tmod's BIOS CD is here. Have a read up before you do anything - flashing the BIOS isn't something you should do unless you are really sure. RE: the SATA ports - do you have the correct ones enabled in the BIOS? If you've been resetting the CMOS you'll have to go back in and make all these changes again... RE: Your IDE drive - do you have the correct master/slave jumper set on the drive itself?
  7. check for shorts between the case and the board/components. Chances are you've probably either knocked something slightly loose (try reseating everything), or the stand-offs aren't working and it's shorting out somewhere, possibly behind the board? you tried taking it out again i assume? does it post correctly again once you do that?
  8. Did you do the 24hrs clear, or just the short clears? It can really make a difference - i've even heard of someones coming back from the dead after a 72hr clear!?
  9. Also if they're running BitTorrent or another type of P2P software and XP SP2 it can be the 4226 half-open connections issue. XP imposes a "security" limit of 10 half-open connections - which is down from 50 in SP1. You can reset it using the following utility: http://www.lvllord.de/?lang=en&url=tools
  10. Did you do a full CMOS clear? Also you should be following the build guide sticky. This guide has helped countless people get up and running - even if you've built rigs before it is a good idea to follow it...
  11. You should be following the build guide that is posted here as a sticky. Most likely, your memory timings are not correct - have you run MemTest to verify them? You should run tests 5/8 for 10+ passes and then all tests overnight. This will verify that your memory is relatively stable, and should always be done before attempting to install the OS.
  12. If it's not on the recommended list, do NOT use it. Thermaltake are fairly notorious for overstating the power/features of their PSU's. I would steer clear of them, and get either the FSP FX600/700 or the OCZ GameExtreme 600/700 (this is actually produced by FSP). All of these are great PSU's.
  13. What BIOS version are you running - I wouldn't normally recommend it, but have you tried flashing to a newer and/or different one. If you consider it, use Tmods BIOS CD (check the BIOS factory on this site). It is by far the safest way to flash a bios for these boards. If I was you, i'd use the 704-2bta (Big Toe modded BIOS) as people have reported it is very RAM friendly... If you are considering this as an option, don't forget you'll need to clear CMOS afterwards, load optimised defaults and then enter your timings again... NOTE: dont load anything from CMOS reloaded! Check that the settings are OK using MemTest again just to be sure then see if your problems are still occuring... Problem is, if it is your PSU - then none of this is going to make a scratch of difference ;o)
  14. If you are following the build guide, you should be booting with only the one stick in the furthest orange slot from the CPU (assume this is the same for the Venus - sorry, don't have the board). Also, try the full CMOS clear (linkage in sig) as this is known to fix non-boot problems like yours... try the short one first - and if no luck try the 8hrs/24hrs... Good luck ;o)
  15. Yeah RGone, my thoughts exactly - although for some strange reason mine came out in far fewer words... and also bizarrely involving less trailer trash & hooker references (i've shocked myself with that really - i must be getting old ;o) Then again - it's still morning in your neck of the woods, and i'm no morning person myself, haha Anyways, it's really easy to overload the rails if you aren't thinking about what you're doing. I mean, obviously the connectors are labelled for a reason - and it does matter. OG, try and balance your load as well as possible - and i'm sure your power related problems will just seem like a bad dream ;o)
  16. In addition to the advice already given, i'd run each stick individually in the topmost orange slot. If only one gives errors at your settings then you're up for an RMA... If they both give errors, then more likely your timings are way off. Also, you could try the 704-2bta BIOS (See Tony's BIOS CD) - which is notoriously memory friendly for these boards...
  17. Sorry @benborden, you should do the full CMOS clear (linkage in sig). You should always do this with a new board. From standby mode, i'm just wondering if the USB isn't getting enough power to notify the board. Perhaps the PS/2 would bring it out of standby instead... Just thinking out loud really though...
  18. Take a look at the recommeded PSU list. If it's not on here - then you shouldn't even be considering it... I personally like the FSP FX600/700 and the OCZ GameXtreme's (which are actually manufactured by FSP)
  19. Don't know if it's to do with PSU - but just one quick thought? ...are you both using USB keyboards? Have you tried it with a PS/2 keyboard - or a PS/2 connector for your existing one?
  20. A PSU off the recommended list is always the way forward. They are known performers with these boards. I'd personally recommend either the FSP FX600/700 or the OCZ GameXtreme 600/700. You can get either from a few places in the UK, including overclockers.co.uk
  21. Did you do the full 24hrs reset? With these new boards, it really does make a difference... some people have even had boards come back from the dead after 72 hr resets! (yep, 3 days!)...
  22. Try a full CMOS clear - follow the link in my sig exactly. If you miss a step (for example: if you don't have a ps2 keyboard) then you'll need to start again as each and every step is important... Aftrer that, i'd be thinking that your new PSU also has a problem. If you know someone that has one off the recommended list - i'd suggest you try that instead (after the CMOS clear, of course)
  23. @tasr: surely the build guide might be some better light reading for rkb442 over the next couple of days? ;o) @rkb442: Even if you've built loads of machines before - give it a read and follow it. It has saved many, many people some serious headaches in the past... Oh, and good luck ;o)
  24. @DaddyJaxx: the 165 and x2 4400 are both dual core processors - so the drivers are in fact the same... You wouldn't (well, shouldn't - it is microsoft after all... ) need to uninstall drivers, etc as you point out... Single to dual is a whole different animal... Also, as Praz pointed out - MemTest is your friend. Particularly if you're upgrading from older chips to newer ones... There's always a chance that BIOS settings can be different as you have an onboard memory controller...
  25. Yeah, i'll second that Doc... I actually had to highlight the text to even see what was in the rig!!? Please give us a break and either make it good old black-and-white, or go nuts and create an image?
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