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  1. Is it a new build? I know this is a silly question, but are you sure that your floppy cable is installed up the correct way? The cable is one of the few that can be plugged in upside down, which obviously causes problems...?
  2. Do you have temp monitoring software installed? It is possible that your temp sensors are reporting wrong - so it doesn't think it needs to have the fans working... Either you BIOS, MBM5 or similar will give you the temps you are running at, which should hopefully give you a good indication of why it is turning off...?
  3. It is a known issue that some batches of your memory did not get correctly programmed with SPD timings. There have also been quite a few reports of non-boots with this RAM - altho i think only with some of the older boards/BIOS.. That said: hopefully this wont effect their ability to run, but you will need to set your timings manually in the BIOS> (The following settings blatantly lifted from this post by zebbo over on the mushkin forum)
  4. So, just to check - you clear CMOS as suggested, single stick in orange slot furthest from CPU... and no going past the initial boot screen? Sounds like something is fairly seriously wrong to be honest... When you used the different CPU, did you just stick it in your board?, or did you switch it some other way... Also, have you tried booting each and every one of your sticks in that furthest orange?
  5. Just posted in other thread too - but from above it isn't sounding good... What was the other processor? Will this new one run all 4 of your sticks? Have you tried clearing CMOS after you changed processors over? How many volts are you trying to put through your 4400+, compared with whatever the other one is?
  6. Did you follow the build guide when you first built the system? If not, have a quick read as it contains some useful information. I'm assuming that your sets are 2 matched pairs. So, as a starting point, put one stick in the furthest orange slot from the CPU, and run MemTest from the BIOS. Repeat with each of your 4 sticks. If your settings aren't stable, then you're going to have to check the stock speed database for some settings for your RAM. If only 1 stick shows errors, then you're going to have to RMA that pair. What BIOS are you using? 704-2bt (Big Toe's modded BIOS) is usually reported as being the most memory friendly BIOS. You can get it on TMod's BIOS CD in the BIOS factory. Main problem is that you'll really need to be at least memTest stable before you try flashing..
  7. If you are not MemTest stable when you boot into windows, you will more than likely end up with a corrupt OS and need to reinstall from scratch. Your PSU is a good one, and should be fine for the system. Think you've posted the timings wrong - which may be part of your problem. Take a look at this post over on bleedinedge and try the settings...
  8. Known issue that quite a few of the DFI shipped SATA raid disks are faulty. Also, if you're running from a slipstreamed copy of XP SP2 with the F6 drivers already included this will not work. If not, download the image from RGone and i'm sure your problems will disappear. P.S. @RePhLeXX: /Create your sig as per the rules you agreed to...
  9. As asked above, please provide full Genie settings for your RAM. I'm thinking that you probably have most of them on Auto, which is where your problem is... That 280W must be a typo, surely? Would it even boot with that little juice? I doubt it... EDIT: First thing everyone is going to tell you is you need to have 28A minimum on the +12V line. Your PSU will definately be limiting your OC.
  10. There is a huge thread on this on the forum called Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB PC4000 kit gone bad (merged). If your settings were previously stable, it's possible that you have one of the bad sets and it will need to be RMA'd... MemTest each stick separately as above, if you get errors on one of the sticks then you'll have to RMA them both...
  11. I think you're basically up against it. You are only running a 7800GT, so your graphics may be pretty much as far as they'll go... Your CPU is only single core, and that is running @2.2... ...Maybe it's time to think about a conroe/crossfire setup? I'm also against using nTune to overclock. You should read the Overclocking guide mentioned above - it is a great resource for OC'ing in general, not just for the AMD platform... In addition, your PSU is junk. Seriously. You should consider getting one off the recommended list if you are looking to OC. OC'ing will push your system alot harder, so your PSU is probably holding you back...
  12. There's two things that leap out at me about this. First, your problem may be related to bad RAM. Just because it MemTests OK and even passes Prime doesn't mean it will be good forever. Maybe try swapping some out - or when you get problems immediately run MemTest from the BIOS to check it out? It could also be a failing hardware/harddrive as suggested earlier... To check, run PowerMax from the Maxtor site over the drive to verify that everything is ok.
  13. Almost certainly a PSU issue. 18A on the 12V line just isn't going to be enough when all the drives initialize, as does the graphics card, CPU and all the other gear. Even if for some reason this isn't your problem - you will be saving yourself a major headache in the future... Do yourself a favour and get yourself one off the recommended list before it takes something out with it. davidhammock200's opinion on power supplies is gospel around here - so i'd definately go with his suggestion...?
  14. Doesn't sound like you've configured your RAM correctly. This board is definately not just plug-and-play - you'll have to spend some time setting it up correctly to run. Your first step is to read the overclocking guide, even if you aren't intending to overclock (yet!?) It will give you some good advice on the BIOS settings that you see and give you a starting point. The guys over on bleedinedge's OCZ support forum will also be able to give you some good settings for your RAM. As a starting point, here are some settings for your RAM in the Expert board but they will more than likely need some tweaking for 4 sticks... To memTest each stick you have to have it in the furthest orange slot from the CPU. Run tests 5 and then 8 for 10+ passes each on each stick. If all pass, try running on all 4 and then leave to run all tests overnight. To get all 4 sticks running you may need to back off the timings a little, probably adjust drive strength, and you will have to run 2T.
  15. Firstly, your current BIOS "should" work just fine. However, many people on here use the 704-2bta (BigToe modded BIOS) which is known to be very RAM friendly... I don't actually use it myself - but i'm sure you can't go wrong. If you are going to flash, definately use Tmod's BIOS CD in preference to any other method.
  16. Those temps are hot, but not too bad. What's your ambient? How much voltage are you pushing to your gear? Sounds like these are basically idle temps though - what do they go up to under load (dual-prime, etc)? Oh, and one other thing: there's no northbridge on an AMD board.
  17. Enable MemTest in the BIOS. reboot. Run tests 5 & 8 for 10+ passes each, then restart and allow all tests to run overnight... You should have no errors. Might be worth testing your drives using SeaTools (for the seagate) and whatever the equivalent is for the Maxtors. Lockups like these can be due to bad harddrives. Also, you should probably test your PSU rails using a DMM to be sure that your PSU is not bad.
  18. Definately use orange slots, furthest from CPU for your single stick. Is it the 2-3-2-5 variety? The 24hrs CMOS clear will hopefully sort you out... post back and let us know...
  19. What do you have your machine clocked at? I've just read that it's possible for these modules to do DDR488 (HTT [email protected]/01) from a link on the OCZ Home Page over to TechSpot. Obviously, your mileage may vary... Looks like they've only backed the timings off to [email protected] to get there, and the review seems quite complimentary... Have a read on the reviews on the OCZ home and see what i mean? Mind you, you know what these marketing boobs are like... ;o) That said, i can't help but recommend my Mushkins which are just ace. They are spec'ed to do DDR500 at stock, and are just a dream... OCZ do similar PC4000 memory too, which i've heard good things about, but haven't had a chance to use up close and personal...
  20. Firstly, try using a ps/2 keyboard to get into the BIOS. Secondly, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL is a often a RAM configuration or power related problem. Take a look at the Ballstix Gone Bad thread for some more info on your sticks... In addition, your PSU isn't up to the job. It isn't on the recommended list and is underpowered for a DFI rig. If you can get one off the list to try out, i'd stongly advise it...
  21. The GameXtreme from OCZ is actually manufactured by FSP. I'm told it has some higher quality components in it - but i'm not convinced. The FSP is actually slightly more expensive over here, so that just doesn't seem right.. They're both great PSU's and either one will do you proud ;o)
  22. @skapunk8301 - do you have the nVidia firewall installed? It is rubbish - and is known to corrupt downloads like you are seeing...? Also, are you MemTest stable at the moment? EDIT: Ah, yes - good point dr_bowtie - i should really read what's there, not what i'm thinking ;o) The ISO file is the disk image - WinRAR will associate itself with ISO files by default. You just want to burn the ISO file with Nero or something similar...
  23. new CPU = new memory controller. You'll have to MemTest your RAM all over again, as the secondary timings may have changed. I'd also probably try to put at least 1.35V through that x2 to get it stable at stock?
  24. @srocky26: This sounds like a PSU problem. If you are MemTest stable, but once the rest of your hardware fires up you have problems - PSU is suspicious. Check this post from a while ago... @Kurtz: have you run MemTest recently on your rig? Sounds like maybe your OC has started to go bad (tune it down a little) or your PSU is on the way out (change it quickly ;o) If you can beg/borrrow/steal/get your hands on another PSU to test with (from the recommended list) that would probably be a good starting point?
  25. I've had sticks before that will only show errors in MemTest86+ after 8hrs+ of normal operation... Are you Prime stable? When you start to get these problems, try hot booting back to MemTest86 (ie. Start > Shutdown > Restart) and testing your memory from there.. Might be worth doing this one stick at a time (furthest orange from CPU) also... Also, do you have another Windows XP disk to try? Possibly the install disk is damaged?
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