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  1. You are very welcome - good luck, and don't forget to follow the build guide posted earlier... it has saved countless people hours of frustration.


    One thing to note: you will have a hard time getting it to run 4 mixed sticks like yours. These boards do not like 4 sticks at the best of times, and running non-matched sticks can be a bit of a struggle...

  2. Your PSU should easily be able to power your system - however Hiper have been known to have a few build quality issues in the past. Are you still under warranty period - or are you in the market for a new PSU? I'd personally recommend the FSP FX600/700 which i use on a 24/7 basis, and i've heard that the OCZ GXS are very good.

  3. The CMOS clear that you should be following is this one. Also, you must have all power connections plugged into the board. For details - see the following post by @Sharp.


    To be honest, i think you're attempting to plug the connections in the wrong way: The 20+4 pin connector should be joined together into the full 24-pin connector. The two plugs will slot into place together on one side, so you know it is correct. This goes into the 24-pin plug on your Mobo. There is an additional 4-pin (square) plug from your PSU that goes into the plug next to the 24-pin. You will also need a standard molex connector (4-pin, large & rectangular ) and a floppy connector (just between the CPU and grafix cards). Plug them all in then try booting again. Once you get a boot, your first port of call should be the BIOS, where you can start setting up your machine...

  4. @Fuzz - try with just one card in... do you still get the problem. If so, try only the other card.


    Also, are you MemTest stable? Have you run it overnight for 12+ hours? This is an important step that should not be skipped. Just enable it from your BIOS and allow it to run tests 5 & 8 for 10 passes each, then run all tests overnight. Post back with your results.

  5. Also, turn off automatic restart in your System Properties/Advanced/Startup nd Recovery/Automatically Restart. This will allow you to see the blue screen of death.


    Sounds like you have a power problem. Definately start by plugging that extra connector into the board - if things dont improve immediately, try to beg/borrow/steal a different PSU (from the recmomended list) to test with...

  6. @GonGoLi: Put everything back to stock. ie. Run your CPU and memory on the default 200MHz setting, default multiplier. Do you still get the problem? What if you only have one stick in (furthest orange), and minimal hardware? Unplug your extra (non-OS) drives, and all DVD/CD drives. Do you still get the problem? If not, I'd try bringing everything back to stock, on minimal hardware and then add components one at a time. What i'm thinking is that under boot, you are putting too much pressure on the rails for your ModStream and it is failing to fire up your system... Once it is up and running though, ie. on the second/third boot - then it is ok...

  7. Use the link to the recommended PSU guide. On here are a known group of PSUs which work well with these boards...


    Thing is, and this is just one mans opinion, but if you've only given it a couple of days and are already "one of the unhappy ones" - maybe, as you state, you don't want the DFI board? These boards are the definition of NOT plug-and-play. They take tweaking and alot of time to get to some of the outrageous overclocks that you'll see posted here...

  8. Go into your BIOS, genie settings and try with these for me:


    CAS Latency: 2.0

    RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD): 3

    Row Precharge (tRP): 3

    Active to Precharge Delay (tRAS): 6


    Memory voltage: 2.7 (+.03) or 2.8 volts


    Everything else on Auto.


    These should pass MemTest86+ and be stable with your Memory (3200c2pt). If they fail, or you continue to get problems, get yourself over to the Corsair Tech Support forum and get an RMA setup.

  9. Run MemTest on each stick in the topmost orange slot. Does only 1 give errors, or are they both ok? If you run the sticks with one in yellow and one in orange then you aren't running dual channel - only single.


    Again though, a PSU which is under spec can give problems just like this. What are the specs on yours, particularly the +12V rail? If you can, try and see if you can get/borrow/steal one off the recommended list to test with - i have a feeling it would definately help your cause...


    Also, remove everything that is not absolutely required in your system. 1 HDD, grafix, CPU and 1 stick. Do you still get problems?

  10. If you include a full sig, including at least the harddrives in question (SATA/IDE, raid or no, etc) and the PSU it might help people give you some meaningful advice? It might also be handy to have the BIOS version included there too...


    For starters though, are you MemTest stable? Have you run Prime95 and are stable? Take everything from your system except one HDD, grafix, i stick (furthest orange slot) and CPU. Check stability with that. If stable, then add things one at a time and recheck (I'd suggest MemTest first, then SuperPI 32M, then Prime). If not stable, you've massively narrowed down your problem, post your genie BIOS settings and we'll take a look...

  11. Actually, in that rig I have an Opteron 144 which i'm still in the process of getting up to speed. There are a bunch of dual cores that clock extremely well, amongst them the opty 165's which i've heard very good things about. The x2 4400's in particular are notoriously bad 'clockers - but there are still some good ones in the loop. Can't remember off the top of my head what i had mine running at 24/7, but i'll check for you when i get home tonight...

  12. A fresh OS install isn't actually required. At a minimum I'd suggest going to safe mode removing your current CPU driver, then installing the correct dual core driver on reboot. Then install the patches and optimizer.


    Also, don't forget that you'll have a new Memory Controller, so when you switch the CPU over you'll have to reload optimized defaults, enter your timings again and rerun MemTest & your stability tests. You may find that some secondary settings need tweaking...

  13. These are fairly standard indicators of incorrectly setup and/or bad RAM. Did you follow the build guide when you set the PC up first time? If not, have a quick read.


    Your first port of call is to MemTest that RAM. Put a single stick in the top most orange, and run 10 passes of test 5 and then 10 of test 8. If that passes try it with the other stick. If that passes put the other stick in the other orange slot. Run 10+ passes of tests 5 & then 10 of 8. If that passes leave it running all tests overnight.


    @Praz has some great information on Stability testing, have a read and follow the instructions.

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