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  1. The 20+4 just means that you can actually take the 4 pin off the main 24-pin connector, if for example you wanted to use it on an old 20pin board... So long as it has the native connector and not a 24 pin adapter (ie. where 4 of the pins are just there for looks ;o) then no worries on that score...


    That said, i hate my ModStream.. ;o) The damn thing takes up too much space in my case and sabotages my cablework and airflow... I've got an Epsilon FSP 600 that I'm waiting to stick in as soon as I'm bored of all the games i've got on it now...

  2. If you are running XP with SP2, you'll have to get the fix for half open connections. BitTorrent clients (all of them) will flood your half open connections - and in SP2 Microsoft (in their eternal wisdom...?) have limited this to 10... What this means is that your machine will be unable to create any more connections until these have timed out (usually 5 minutes) and your machine will appear to have fallen off the network..

  3. I'd steer clear of mine {OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K} as they are rubbish overclockers - approx. 230 max, although some people will tell you (and I'm sure they are right) they have gotten them to go higher... OCZ's Gold stuff is much better, but is also much more expensive...


    Have a look on http://www.overclockers.co.uk for a pretty good listing... Think you might end up spending a little more than that though... Think you might be forced into finding a model that looks promising, google-ing it and see if you can see any reviews/complaints (or find it cheaper of course!)?


    Rule no. 1 is to try and stay clear of value RAM, as the DFI's just don't like it - you'll end up spending longer messing with it than you do using it... ;o)

  4. It isn't that they are incompatible. They run like a dream, but then start to degrade rapidly and people have BSOD's and all sorts... The newer PC4000 sets may be better, although you'd probably have to RMA them to Crucial before you'd get the newer stuff...

  5. Yep, 24hrs+ MemTest (but only from a fresh cold boot) and just this morning completed 24hrs Prime stable. All 4 power connectors are in (haha - i just checked again though ;o)


    So, if people don't run these drivers - what do they run for the Serial ATA drive controller? Just a default Microsoft one (ie. whatever is installed by default) - and what is the best way to roll it back "cleanly"?




  6. Hi, I'm afraid that i'm going to have to ask what may actually be a stupid question. I still struggle with stability in this system - it is prime stable for over 24hrs... but if i leave it running something like Azureus overnight, i will wake up and sometimes find that it has crashed overnight...


    So, my question is this:


    I've heard that you shouldn't have the NVIDIA IDE drivers installed. I run XP Pro, and under the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers section I have:


    NVIDIA nForce4 Serial ATA Contoller

    Primary IDE Channel

    Seconday IDE Channel

    Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller


    Is this correct - or should i rollback the NVIDIA SATA controller and run a "default" one of some kind?




  7. Yep - definately a RAM config problem. You see loads of these issues if your RAM isn't configured correctly.. In fact, i'm suprised you've managed to install windows at all? Did you do a fresh clean install, or use on that was already on the drives?


    Your best bet, as mentioned above, is to find out exactly what RAM you have. You can then check the stock speed database to find some nice settings for it. These will be fairly loose settings usually, which can be tightened up once you have done the reading which has been suggested above...

  8. Are you just running optimised defaults? These boards take alot more config than your old Asus - that is why they are able to run so fast... You'll have to put in the correct timings for your memory (check the stock speed database) and then memTest for 8+ hrs to be sure it is ok... Then you will be good to start installing an OS, etc...

  9. Are you running P2P software (Bittorrent, eDonkey, etc) with XP SP2? You can find these programs will saturate your half open connections. These are connections which have been closed, but haven't passed the 5min timeout which allows for the network to be "cleansed" of old packets... The limit in XP SP2 has been decreased to 10 (I think) but you can update this with a few hacks (google is you friend on this one...)

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