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  1. Dude, i'd love to run the stability tests - but the computer is locking up sometimes 30sec after it boots into windows... That said it will sometimes allow me to run for 5-6hrs so no real pattern there either. Nothing ever appears in the event logs - i've been checking hoping there might be something pretty obvious ;o)


    Yeah, i've tested memory with MemTest - and each time it is 100% fine, no errors as long as i leave it to run (24hrs+)... I'll give it a shot running either 3DMark, OCCT and/or Prime - but i figure it will lock up same as usual.


    I'm just going to start the CMOS reset on it and see if that makes any difference...

  2. Well, my problems with this system just keep on coming. I had a 24/7 stable system around 3 weeks ago. Then it started locking up in windows. I mean just totally freezes the screen - requiring a power of to reset it. It is still 24hrs+ MemTest stable, but freezes in windows after anywhere from 2 minutes to a few hours. Normally i come back to find that either the power save screen will not turn off, or the screen saver has frozen.. It has also locked up while browsing the web, etc though - so don't think it's related to anything specific to that...


    Things I've already tried:

    * new power supply. Originally doing it with my old ModStream so i've swapped in a FSP 600GLN... same problem.

    * fresh OS install (well, several actually)

    * Memtest - 24hrs+, no errors


    I'm afraid I'm at a bit of a loss now what I can try. I guess it could be driver related in some way or something? My nVidia drivers are 84.21 i think (sorry, going from memory here)...? or maybe my building just isn't supplying clean enough power to the PSU via the mains? As you can see, i'm open to any suggestion...

  3. Forgot to add before: don't worry - single sticks should be run in the orange slot furthest from CPU. Non-post in other slots is normal...


    The following settings are for running DDR400 - which is downclocking your RAM - but should get you stable and pass MemTest... Think these are in BIOS order - but i can't actually remember - try em out and post back:


    DRAM Freq: 200


    Tcl: 2.5

    Trcd: 3

    Tras: 8

    Trp: 3

    Trc: 7

    Trfc: 14

    Trrd: 2

    Twr: 2

    Twtr: 1

    Trwt: 2

    Tref: Auto

    Twcl: 1

    Bank Int: Enable


    DQS Skew Ctrl: Auto

    DQS Skew Value: 0

    DRAM Drive Str: Auto

    DRAM Data Drive Str: Auto

    Max Async Lat: 7.0ns (for high HTT and mem divider, set 8.0ns)

    DRAM Response Time: Normal

    Read Preamble: 5.0ns

    Idle Cycle Limit: 0

    Dynamic Counter: Enable

    R/W Queue Bypass: 16x

    Bypass Max: 7x

    32 Byte Gran: Disable (4 burst)

  4. Mushkin forums are down at the moment - but the link you are after for your memory settings is here


    I've got it printed out at home somewhere, so i'll write back with some good stock settings when i get home and check it out... Are you just running stock (ie 200Mhz) - or are you overclocked for your memory (250Mhz)?

  5. Draining the caps just involves turning your PSU off at the back, and then pushing the case on/off switch a few times to clear all the remaining power from the board (i'm a little anal so i usually push it like 20+ times ;o)... If you don't do this, there is still some power left in the caps which can cause a short when you touch anything... Couldn't really say this is your problem of course, just a thought that occurred to me when i saw your post...

  6. Did you try reseating it again in the first slot to be sure it was seated correctly?

    Did you try a bit of compressed air to clean out the first slot?

    Did you drain the caps fully before you touched the board?


    On another note: it will run just as fast in the second slot if you switch the jumpers to SLI mode (ie. at 8x which is still more bandwidth than the card can use)... So not a total disaster...

  7. If you run under ambient temps, you'd have problems with condensation etc on your parts... surely that is only logicial? My understanding is that's one of the main problems with units like the vapochill and ghetto mods using freon (sp?) and the like?


    I'm always willing to learn and be told otherwise - but i just don't understand how that could be possible...?

  8. Sorry mate, i've just done one 2 days ago as I thought the same thing. I had just installed Daemon Tools when the problem started - so i thought "why not?" and just blew that whole partition away and started again from scratch... Unfortunately, exact same problem...


    Seems weird that MemTest would pass with no errors, but windows just locks up like that virtually instantly that you get to the desktop...?

  9. OK - i'm at home and the computer has just passed 10hrs MemTest86+ with 0 errors...


    Tried to boot into windows and before I could even open explorer - the thing locked up and only the mouse would move, etc. Seems pretty crazy.


    I turned off the power and shut it down - then i noticed that with the power from the mains to the PSU but the case switch off, it is making this weird constand ticking noise... Doesn't sound good to me - and now i'm too scared to turn the b*stard back on in case it takes out something with it...


    What do you all think?

  10. Yeah, this rig used to be 100% stable before. It has been running 24/7 stable for the last couple of weeks - literally without a minute of downtime. Then just this week it has started this locking up. I've restarted running my standard series of stability testing - but i figure that something must have started to go bad...?

  11. Yeah, that's what i've started with. I've left it on all day so i'll check it when i get back... but problem is that is has always been 100% stable on these settings in MemTest. Only once i boot to the OS have i had these problems...


    I'm leaning towards the PSU having crapped out - but i'd appreciate any other thoughts people might have on where to start looking...

  12. Have been running stable with this system for several weeks/months - I leave the machine on 24/7 and no problems. In the last couple of days my OS has started locking up (WinXP Pro SP2). The whole thing just freezes (no mouse movement etc) and I have to reboot using a hard power off. You can barely have the thing on for 20min before it locks up again... There's no OC at the moment, and i've just done a full OS reinstall - sadly, exact same problems...


    This has happened several times while browsing, etc. I'm at work right now and and MemTest-ing at home since this morning - will post back with results... but any thoughts in the mean-time? Is my PSU dead?




  13. The settings in that post are known stable fairly loose settings for your RAM. Your system should be fine with either stick in the second slot. If one module gives you any sort of errors, and the other is fine - you should probably save yourself the headaches and just RMA.


    Those OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K have given me nothing but trouble in the past - my set errors after about 8hrs or so running windows. Both appear to be memtest stable and prime stable though - if you do it from cold boot. I've switched 'em out for some Mushkin XP4000 and it's been sweet ever since. I'd consider RMA-ing them, and if the next set will not run on those settings also, just sack it off send them back and get some Mushkin, G-Skill or whatever (defo not value though ;o)

  14. I'm running a set of that memory and it has been absolutely trouble free... You should clear your CMOS before you boot it the first time - and bios 623-3 or 704-2bta will both work a treat... (might need 623-2 if the memory wont fit, but i haven't tried it so can't be certain...)


    Settings to get you up and going for a variety of different clock speeds are here


    Have a look down and under the rubbish for the ASUS board is some good info for the DFI nF4 boards...


    Good Luck ;o)

  15. At the risk of hijacking this thread - i have pretty much the exact same problem. I have the same memory and my PSU is on the recommended list. Thing is, if i leave it on over night in Dual Channel mode it will have loads of errors in MemTest86+ until i power off, and totally clear the capacitors... These memory errors always appear at 984.5MB - but there are also others...


    Only difference is i'm still running 623-3 in the orange slots (when i attempt dual channel)


    Any thoughts on this one?

  16. A. Yes, you have to end MemTest manually - just press ESC and you will reboot. Of course, if you don't enter your BIOS and turn it off again, it will just restart.. usually if i can past 8+ hrs looping all tests i'd consider myself MemTest stable. Some people will tell you to also loop either test 5 or test 8 also.


    B. I'd have a think on that PSU. Did a quick search and couldn't find any specs on it - but that in itself is probably a bit of a worry..

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