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  1. Yesterday night the game ran for about 3.5 hours without problems. The driver update definitely helped, but something else must still be wrong. Ill look to see if i have any other older drivers. The only other non-current driver i can think of would be the other ethernet port's drivers. Everything is the same, ill check my ps tonight. My PS is not very old though. I bought a 535w evermax to replace a 500w ultra less than six months ago.
  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok, i just had to get that out of me. The problem is back. I can play for 10-30 minutes then the game crashes. It is exactly the same as before. Weird though that i played for 3 hours yesterday without any problems, then today it starts to crashing again. At the latest crash i got a second error box that said there was a memory error and it could not read something. Would the error report be of any help to you guys? I cant understand it, but maybe one of you guys can.
  3. ok, i just logged off COV. This is the first time this summer that i have actually done that. *gives Sharp a big cookie* Thanks everyone for giving me help. Even though the ram was not the problem, the help you guys gave me has encouraged me to try to overclock my computer. I have never done it before because was afraid of all those settings. Oh, and thanks Thracian for getting me off of my lazy butt. I really needed that. edit: now that i look at the forum times, i was playing the game for three hours. I almost definitely think it is fine now.
  4. if i installed those chipset drivers can i just remove them. I dont remember if i did or not. Those drivers can really cause a problem like this? I'll run memtest tonight for 8 hours. After that ill try removing as many computer parts as possible so that i only have the barebones, then ill try cov out again to see if it makes a difference. edit: I updated my nforce drivers to 6.86, and only installed the ethernet driver and the PCI system management driver. COV loaded, and i am seeing if it still crashes 10-30 minutes into the game. Thanks for the tip Sharp.
  5. I used the above settings and ran memtest. I got no errors after 3 hours. However, i still get errors when cov loads. I also tried the reccomended settings in the overclocking guide. Even when i used settings that are supposed to increase stability, it still would crash in cov. I have everything hooked up properly. I'll try reseting the cmos again. I really think that something else must be wrong. I have tried almost everything i have came across and nothing has helped, instead the problem has gotten worse. Could one of my components be faulty? I dont have any way of testing any of my components except for in this computer. I just wish that people had told me that this motherboard was very finicky before i bought it. I can understand how many of you are frustrated when stupid people like me ask for help. However, please understand that i am trying to figure the stuff out, and i wish that i did not need to ask for help. I want to thank everyone that has helped me so far, and hopefully you guys can help me figure out what i need to do.
  6. Using these setting i got no errors after 30 minutes. Previously i would get an error after about five minutes. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...04&postcount=13 However, with cov it now crashes during the loading banner.Previously i would be able to play the game for about 10-30 minutes before it would crash. i tried to find stock settings, but this was the only thing i found. I am not very good when it comes to figuring out bios settings, so help would be really appreciated. Could it be just that both modules are defective? I seriously doubt that would happen, so i think it'll come down to the settings.
  7. My computer crashes about 10-30 minutes into a game. I play COV, COH, and AA. I have already updated my video drivers and have determined that the video card could only be causing the problem if it has actual damage to the card. When i ran memtest and i got errors. I tried running both sticks individually, and they still got errors. I saw these setting, and i am currently using them. http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showpost....143&postcount=2 the only difference is that my bios version does not let me change the CPU Voltage from what i am able to tell. Secondly, For dram drive strength i could not choose "weak 3 (level 5)" so i went with level 3. This change in the bios still gets the memtest errors. These crashes are very clean. The game will freeze up for a second or two then display an error box. Every once in awhile my system will just randomly go to a black screen, and the monitor goes into power saving mode. The second type of crash happens maybe once or twice a week and i am not nearly as concerned about those. My computer is left on 24/7 and from what ive been able to tell, the temperature never reach above 50 degrees on any sensor. GPU maxes out at 38.38 when i am gaming, and i do not know which probe number is the CPU temp.
  8. im in for one of these mousepads. I say we get the g2 since it is bigger. Also i think a nondescript logo would be best for this. I was thinking of a small black logo that says dfi-street on the bottom right or top right corner. If we are to get one design i think that that translucent would be better.
  9. Anybody? I tried using the search but couldnt find anything usefull
  10. When i go to the device manager in windows xp it shows that there is a com port and ir device. Where are these on the motherboard? I looked but i couldnt find any. Is this just an error or something with my device manager. I would like to be able to use my winamp remote over ir. Also, i have a couple of com port devices
  11. I reinstalled everything, including XP. MAybe the problem went away or something since today i didn't get any error messages at all. I have splinter cell at my regular screen rez and it hasn't errored out or anything today. NEither did my other game, Coh. Ill try disabbling CPC. When i RAn memtest originally i went aprox. 12 hours w/o any errors.
  12. Im recieving a general protection fault error when i play splinter cell. I have the seting for that game at the minimum, 640 x 480 with all options at the lowest settings, and that made no difference. When i play my other game, City of Heroes, i get an box that says the program has encountered an error. I have Coh at 1024 x 768 at maximum graphic settings, and i get much fewer errors than i do with splinter cell. I have searched and searched, but i have been unable to figure this one out. It looks like this message can be the result of many different problems. All my hardware is at stock settings. Ill get my bios setting up in a couple of minutes. Previously when i only had one ram module installed and with the original bios I didn't ever recieve this error. Here are the Genie Bios- DRam settings 200 1/01 enable 2 2 6 2 7 16 2 2 1 2 auto auto enabled auto 0 auto auto auto normal auto 256 disable 16 7 disable-4 hopefully that will help
  13. Thanks! well that really relieved me. i dont really have to worry about coh, since my internet (dsl) has been really slow lately, so i haven't been able to even connect to the sever to download the updates.
  14. This is being posted from the computer....lol I really want to run some benchmarks on this thing. I finally got the gpu to run reliably...but i dunno how stable it will be in longer periods. Earlier it had black lines running down the screen in splinter cell. It stopped doing that when i redownloaded the drivers, but it still doesn't seem to be as good as before. I also have been having random restarts when playing splinter cell. I doubt this game is nearly as graphicaly intense as city of heroes, so im a bit worried. I don't realy need any more help for now, and ill probably be able to figure out most of the other small problems by just searching around. Thanks for the help though, I always try to figue out stuff on my own, but sometimes i just can't. StephenC is my hero...j/k, but thanks for trying to help me through this.
  15. I got a ps2 keyboard and i was able to get past the screen. I have successfully got into windows after reformatting the hd and reinstalling. Thanks for all the help. Btw, dual channel works now, but i havent had a chance to run any benchmarks yet.
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